Cover Letter Writing

  • mistakes in cover letter greeting

    What can be easier than writing a general cover letter greeting? Is it even possible to do it wrong? What is the difference anyway?

    We often underestimate the importance of this short line that makes the first impression and sets the tone of the whole letter. An experienced cover letter helper knows how to make a cover letter greeting to an unknown person look respectful, appealing and formal.

    If you are about to write a cover letter greeting, consider checking this article to make it perfect. It will give you some good cover letter greeting examples and teach you how to make cover letter greeting without name seem more personal.

  • internship cover letter

    Most of the internships require a cover letter as a part of the application. It may seem intimidating at the first time however it is easier than it sounds. Nowadays a cover letter isn’t considered to be an essential element.

    Unlike a resume, it gets much less attention than it deserves. Still, a good cover letter can become a convincing finishing touch to the application. Not everyone writes a cover letter for internship position. Thus, it will impress a recruiter, if you do.

    Although, keep in mind that writing an online cover letter is not as easy as it seems.


  • cover letter guideIt is widely known that a cover letter is considered as one of the main parts of your successful job search.

    According to recent studies conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, approximately 76% percent of HR managers would pay a great attention to cover letters. This means that in case of several cover letter errors, the whole positive impression about the applicant can be completely ruined in one single moment.

    Our online resume service decided to go through some of the fundamental cover letter basics how to write your cover letter and accomplish your cover letter objectives at their best. But first…

  • cover letter writing tipsDuring job search process, when messing with our resumes, we kind of forget about the other documents. Your perfectly polished CV is wonderful, but it wouldn’t guarantee you a job if your cover letter is a total mess. In fact, cover letter writing can be as important as your resume. What if you unconsciously make several serious blunders without even knowing it?

    Hence, if you’re wondering how to write a great cover letter, you must know about typical mistakes. ResumeWritingLab experts figured out which glaring mistakes are inexcusable and must be avoided in a cover letter.


  • cv writingThere are lots of articles dedicated to this topic: how to write catchy cover letter and powerful CV that will manage to prove potential employer to hire you. Though, most of applicants still make mistakes in their application documents. Today we are going to overview the most typical and common problems that are connected with CV and cover letter writing. Also don’t forget to check our previous article to get to know where to find promising jobs in 2016!


  • cover letter writing tipsDestroying your well-written resume with a terrible cover letter makes your candidacy very doubtful to the employer. Even though many of HR managers neglect reading cover letters of their candidates, some of them do; so if you didn’t do a great job with writing a good letter, your whole job application could easily get into a trash bin.