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Dealing With References on Resume

By 26th April 2019

writing references on resumeIt’s not a secret that some employers request for a list of references written either in your resume or throughout the interview. Since it’s not anymore an issue to check references through the internet, revealing the truth has become more effective and much faster.

Therefore, even if your job application doesn’t request you to include any references, it would be a good idea to have them done beforehand and ask certified resume writer to organize the list.
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Book Review: Job Search & Career-building Workbook

By 24th April 2019

job search & career workbook reviewWith the development of technologies everything is fated to change: likewise, right now we’re witnessing an entire alteration of the job-search and career-building strategies. Accomplishing your goal and having an evident success in handling the 21st-century job search and career development is truly a challenge unless you’ve got an efficient plan to follow.

However, together with the Jason McDonald’s new edition of the book ‘Search & Career-building Workbook’ you’ll learn everything about the job search and career-building across the all possible social media platforms. In order to become a treasured employee, broaden your perspectives and reach out to a higher professional level in online self-marketing business!
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Clue Tips for Writing Resume Career Summary

By 12th April 2019


writing resume summaryJob search is a difficult process with lots of requirements, recommendations and tasks to be fulfilled by job-seeker. Moreover, it becomes even more complicated, when you begin to think about hiring managers and their preferences.

You need to take into consideration that these people are very busy, dealing with hundreds of candidates and their resumes every day. This fact makes their work more specific and time-limited, which has a direct impact on your behavior.
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4 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Recruiter Calls You

By 3rd April 2019

holding an interview throught the phone

So, you have everything prepared for the interview session: your resume, cover letter, and, of course, updated LinkedIn profile in case recruiters would want to stalk you on social media. Many job seekers are more concerned about their resumes than everything else. Often they edit resume online or write them on their own. Needless to say that this process may take the most of their time.

But right now, when you’re waiting for a call back from the employer to get to the next stage of your job search, there’s something else to take care of: how to handle a call from the recruiter and make the best possible impression? Read these top 4 points to help you pass the phone interview successfully!
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Good Resume or Bad Resume: Key Moments

By 2nd April 2019

resume writing rulesIt often happens that a resume doesn’t work. It leaves you in thought that something was wrong. Or maybe your resume is just under-qualified? Resume writing experts state a clear difference between good and bad resumes and add that fixing the problems is possible.

Of course, you have a good alternative option to apply for professional help and make your own evaluation of resume editing service. Online resume writing services are widely popular nowadays when the virtual world became a powerful tool for every job seeker. Resume Writing Lab is ready to edit your resume and turn it into the impressive part of your professional success!
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Crazy Ways to Get a New Job

Do you think getting a job is as simple as going through the want ads and picking the one that catches your eye? If so,
you are in for a reality check. On average, there are over 100 applicants for a job in any given field in the United States. Only about 20 percent of those applicants make it to the interview. Your odds of getting noticed are slim, especially if you have limited work history or education.
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Do You Need to Update Your Resume?

update resume fastDozens of articles on the Internet claim that updating your resume is an essential part of a job search process. It is supposed to increase resume’s efficiency, as well as, your chances of being hired. Generally, experts believe that it should be updated, according to your career changes and skills development. Therefore, changes in your resume define your self-development and, actually, should little by little turn you into a promising professional. If you stick to this point, your resume must be updated by real professionals. Thus, make professional resume editing and forget about sleepless nights!
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6 Simple Steps to Make a Resume Critique on Your Own

By 1st April 2019

free resume critique

Whenever you’re finished to write some kind of responsible document, you always have to make its full review to see if there are still some mistakes waiting to be corrected. Of course, resumes fall under this rule as well. While Resume Writing Lab has prepared for you a resume critique checklist that contains the most important steps and criteria any job seeker has to pay attention to during his resume review.

But first things first. You ought to remember that the points below have to be evaluated objectively. If you have issues with being completely honest about your resume application, this can eventually affect your review turning it from a professional resume critique to a subjective one. So, let’s move to the checklist itself!

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