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Guideline for Spring Cleaning Your Career

By 29th May 2019

clean window glass lady backWrapping and putting away your warm woolen sweaters, winter jackets and boots is an obvious sign of an upcoming spring-cleaning. This is the exact time when you’d probably get a chance to spend some time alone messing with old books, photo albums or collections reminding of your interests, hobbies, and important life memories. And while somebody hates dealing with anything related to cleaning and messing with their old goods, others consider it a “new beginning” of something global and new.
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How to Remain Independent During a Job Search?

job seekers on forth of julyIt’s just several days ahead of everyone’s beloved Independence Day – the day to be spent with friends or family outside cooking grilled meat and enjoying fireworks. Of course, during this big national celebration people have no desire to think about their current job situation, especially when they’ve got some unemployment issues going on.

Nevertheless, if you’re quite serious about entering the world of the job market, Independence Day 2016 may become your best time for planning your job search strategy and certainly reflect on your current job situation. Even though your planning can take up several months before you may finally succeed, starting off on this particular day can bring you a job a lot sooner, especially if you pay attention to tips provided by Resume Writing Lab.
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Ultimate Guide to Writing College Application Resume

By 28th May 2019

A resume is necessary today not only when applying for a job. College applicants are also required to write a resume among the other documents of their application package. That is why it is recommended for them to learn important tips for creating this college application resume. And here are collected main features that must be included in your college admission CV.
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30 Words You Should Never Use at Interview

By 26th May 2019

Most job seekers get nervous when job interviews begin as they think they are judged or criticized by their potential employers. It makes them speak through their necks and, therefore, influence the outcome of the interview. So, (and everybody, actually, knows it) it is important to pull yourself together and control your speech. Our article will teach you some methodic to calm down and present the words you MUST definitely avoid in your interview. Let’s start.
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How to Write an Information Technology Cover Letter

By 21st May 2019

technical cover letter

Do you really need to write a cover letter and why is it so important? In most cases, this letter can make a huge difference between getting an interview or having your application ignored, so it makes sense to devote some time and effort to create a persuasive cover letter.

A well-written and effective cover letter that provides the recruiter with all the credentials they are looking for a perfect candidate will help you secure an interview. You can also read several IT cover letter examples in order to get the idea of what you need to include in your own document.
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Cover Letter Basics You Need to Know!

By 19th May 2019

cover letter guideIt is widely known that a cover letter is considered as one of the main parts of your successful job search.

According to recent studies conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, approximately 76% percent of HR managers would pay a great attention to cover letters. This means that in case of several cover letter errors, the whole positive impression about the applicant can be completely ruined in one single moment.

Our online resume service decided to go through some of the fundamental cover letter basics how to write your cover letter and accomplish your cover letter objectives at their best. But first…
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5 Job Search Fears to Overcome this Halloween

By 17th May 2019

Now it is a great time when children and adults together celebrate Halloween. Many people face their fears this time and try to overcome them. This is also a good time for realizing your job search fears and fighting them.
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How Good of a Job Seeker Are You?

types of job seekerJob search is a complex and often time-consuming activity. For some people, it can take years to land a job. Despite your situation, there are a few things that can boost your job search significantly. This is the reason some keen job hunters never stay without promising job offers even if they are currently employed. What is their secret? A natural charisma or maybe a resume crafted by Resume Writing Lab? These are advantages that can help you for sure. But are you doing enough to land that dream job right away? Answer this simple quiz and find out!
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8 Steps to Write Powerful Resume Objective

By 12th May 2019

Mostly, resume writing requires defining a strong objective. It should be catchy, competitive and persuading ready to convince your potential employer that you know what you want to do and fit hirer’s requirements. It should be more than ‘I am the best candidacy for this position’. Resume objective should convey your skills, goals and career directions.
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