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How to Research If Your Salary Expectations Are Realistic

By 29th November 2019

Realistic Salary Expectations

After you determined your worth and how you can benefit the company, it’s time to check if your salary expectations for the position are actually realistic and appropriate. You might be aiming too high or too low, so you better do some research before sharing your expectations with the employer.

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Homeless Man With Resume Asks For Work Not Money

By 27th November 2019

searching for job in any circumstancesFrederic Callison has spent the last 2 years in an unexpected way. He was sitting outside a grocery shop in Sacramento, California. But, to your great amazement, he was not asking for money like all homeless people are used to. Instead, he decided to use the piece of real estate as his place for active job search. Finally, his efforts were rewarded, as one man noticed him and helped.

The man was Michael Marteen who was just shopping with his fiancé and 2 daughters. Unfortunately, it’s no wonder to see some homeless people outside different stores. However, this situation was really strange to Michael and Sandra, his fiancé. They saw the man who was not just desperately asking for money. They became witnesses to great efforts of the man who was trying to find work and change his difficult circumstances.
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Creating a Resume Outline: Everything You Need to Know

By 23rd November 2019

write resume outline

Not confident if you included the right information on your application document? If you are not sure, the best way is to start with reviewing an outline of what you want to include before you write a resume.

A resume outline or template demonstrates you all the information you will need for your application. So, the outline will save your precious time when you start crafting your resume.
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3 Ways to Save Money Ordering Resume

save money ordering resume

Job search… It is definitely not the most pleasant time in your life, calls, applications, expectation. And that feeling of uncertainty.

Though, you can feel much more confident when you have application documents written by specialists. First of all, you know that your resume/CV, cover letter, and follow-up letter are better than many others sent by applicants like you. Moreover, these documents can serve as an excellent guide for successful interview crafted especially for you.

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How to Make Your Sales Representative Resume Work for You

writing Sales Representative Resume

The difference between a good resume and the one that lands you an interview is quite significant. Understand the key differences between the two can set you apart from the pack. Don’t have a sales representative resume at a hand? No worries, though, today is the best time for writing one.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed. For that reason, our professional resume writers encourage you to learn some sales representative resume sample ideas.
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Attention! Scams on Job Search Websites

how todetect scams on employment sitesThe job search has never been an easy process. Nevertheless, together with social media, we have much more opportunities to make this challenge a lot easier. Besides, the Internet has opened various job search options none of us could think of before, such as resume and LinkedIn services, cover letter writing, etc.

No wonder that millions of Internet users prefer LinkedIn or Indeed to daily newspaper job advertisements. But here’s a thing: no one could be 100% sure whether he comes across real employers or online scammers.
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6 Things To Know About Best LinkedIn Endorsements

get LinkedIn endorsements

Several years ago, the most professionally oriented social media platform LinkedIn introduced its users to the new website’s feature of “endorsing” other profiles. Since then, there had been a lot of questions the main of which was and still remains: what is a LinkedIn endorsement anyway?

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Write Resume Profile Statement That Drives Success

writing resume profile

Every resume requires a profile. A resume profile is a statement or a set of statements providing employers with an applicant’s achievements he or she has made during the career.

A resume profile is also known as a career summary. The only thing you have to do is to summarize all the outstanding and significant events and key points of your working experience related to your dream position.

This way your potential hirer can clearly understand whether you can become a promising worker and be useful for the company.
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Your Employer is Spying on You

custom resume writing help

A great number of companies are using modern technologies for monitoring employees’ phone calls, emails, and even movements. Read about everything you might be interested in:

How can employees be tracked?

Actually, they can be tracked in many ways. If you use office computer for work, it gives your boss opportunity legally monitor company email, as well as browser history.

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Peculiarities About Recruitment in UAE

uae recruitment

Resume Writing Lab clients often order CVs, resumes and cover letters to apply for a job in UAE, that’s why we asked an industry expert to share an experience of Arabian recruitment.

The UAE has been attracting thousands of job seekers from around the world and has established itself as a globally desired destination for migration.
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