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Keys to Professional Dance Resume Writing

By 30th December 2019
dance teacher resume

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A dance resume is needed to apply for a job in dance schools and studios, at dance castings, programs, courses, competitions and so on. It includes information about your dance skills and qualifications, work experience and accomplishments. A dance resume is required to evaluate a dancer’s suitability for a dance job.

In this article, we are going to discuss the details of how to format and structure your dance resume. It may differ a little from a standard professional resume, so let’s get started.

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Top 9 Best Websites to Find a Job

online job resume writingAre you looking for the best websites to find a job to take care of your bills and lead a comfortable life? If so, you have landed at the right place. Since finding an appropriate job is pretty difficult these days, we present you the finest sources in the list below so that you can pick your ideal job comfortably without facing any hurdles.
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Priceless Career Tips from Favorite Xmas Movies

By 28th December 2019

Christmas is coming and in the run-up to this holiday, most employees tend to stay at home, watching Xmas movies and drinking milk with cookies. Such a cozy atmosphere doesn’t favor the working process. Fortunately, Resume Writing Lab figured out how to combine the useful with the pleasant. We decided to watch your favorite Xmas movies again and find career lessons that are given there.

Read our holiday article devoted to the top 8 mistakes that are, mostly, made by you.
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Now You Need Resume to Receive Jobless Benefits in Illinois

By 27th December 2019

resume for unemployment benefitsIn order to solve the critical problem of unemployment in Illinois, the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) changes the terms of receiving the jobless benefits. July 16, 2016, is the last day when Illinois jobless citizens are allowed to apply for jobless benefits without a registration for employment services. Since July 17, 2016, every jobless dweller has to post at least one resume on the official Illinois job search website and create the appearance of the active job search. Those, who were registered for benefits before, don’t need to apply for them one more time. The rule refers to the novices.

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4 Ways to Focus Your Administrator Job Search

administrative job search

Have you ever visited a corporate office, business office, or an industrial premise where an office located at just an entry point? You may have encountered a human face apart from a security guard and it is an administrative professional.

You may be warmly greeted by the smiling face of a receptionist and pushed ahead to a soft-spoken manager or executive to address your queries or requests.

In sum, these all are administrative roles aimed at running the business, corporation, or industry smoothly like a well-oiled machine!
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Winner’s Way to Write Resumes for Business Analyst Jobs

resume for Business Analyst job

Many people wonder how to present their work experience and qualifications. Indeed, finding the best way to create the IT business analyst resume to land a well-paid job is an actual challenge.

Recruiters won’t fall for any trickery and gimmicks, so make sure you avoid them on your document. In this article, you will learn about the best secrets and tips on how to win an interview from business analyst job applications.
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How to Write Objective for Sales Resume?

tips to write sales resumeEverybody knows the advantages of a good sales objective resume. The question is how great should it be? And are there any essential particularities when it comes to the sale management?

To understand it clearer one could get acquainted with the hiring process. Lately, recruiters hold the cards in their hands. There are more qualified specialists than available jobs, so the employers get to choose.

Usually, one job ad leads to hundreds of applications just in two weeks. Traditionally the process divides into such stages: resume examination, phone interviews, actual interviews and then the job is taken. There also can be a few steps for each stage.
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Resume vs. CV: Can You Tell Them Apart?

By 26th December 2019

CV vs. resume

Both a resume and a Curriculum Vitae (CV) are very well-known terms for people familiar with job or internship application process. Often your CV is an obligatory document for students applying for scholarships or grants.

However, even if people do know about the existence of these documents, they rarely understand the difference. The thing is, most of the times our mind perceives two of those terms as one whole. Some people do even consider a CV and resume as synonyms.

So, what is the difference between resume and CV, if there is any? Is it related to the regional peculiarities or the document’s purpose?
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3 Risks Jobseekers Need to Take

By 24th December 2019


job seeking risk

Looking for the perfect job is a daunting task we have to face. It takes a lot of time and effort to get hired by the company you want to work for. Our friends over at share the 3 risks you need to take if you want to find the best job for you.

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How to Create an Impressive Accounting Resume to Be Noticed


Accounting resume tipsBeing an accountant you know how attention to detail and being straight to the point is important for this profession. You can’t just use one of those online resume templates to craft your application document. Your perfect accounting resume needs to be exact and should contain necessary keywords without using any flashy templates.

After all, you only have about 6 seconds to make a great first impression so make sure you don’t lose your chance. Here are professional accounting resume examples and tips for you to keep in mind to land the job of your dreams. read more…