3 Risks Jobseekers Need to Take


job seeking risk

Looking for the perfect job is a daunting task we have to face. It takes a lot of time and effort to get hired by the company you want to work for. Our friends over at findmyworkspace.com share the 3 risks you need to take if you want to find the best job for you.

We all know that finding and applying for a job is hard especially if you are still a fresh graduate. But even if you are not job seeking could still be tedious especially because you have to compete with a whole bunch of other job seekers who might be armed with better resumes and wider work experiences than you.

However, that’s no reason to be disheartened. If you let competition and fear get ahead of you, you will definitely miss out on a dream job and other opportunities that would’ve been a great stepping stone towards the career you always wanted. That’s why when it comes to job seeking, it is important to take risks, and you need to show your potential employers that you have the right attitude.

1. Accepting a role that’s ‘beneath’ you

Sometimes, it is hard to find a job opening that truly matches your educational background, skills, and experience. Searching and patiently waiting for the perfect job match is a luxury that most of us cannot afford. And that’s the time when you should take this risk – applying for a job position that is a step lower from your actual qualifications.

This works well especially if you want to break into an industry that you always wanted to work for – just think of it as your stepping stone. In due time, you might get considered for a higher position inside the company once a new opening needs to be filled in.

Another dilemma that you could face might not be about the actual job role, but the stability of it. This could either be because the company is only offering the position on a temporary/contractual or part-time basis. If that is the case, what should you do? Again, even if the circumstances are not exactly how you want it to be, it is still best to take that opportunity while it is available. What is more, a temporary position can benefit your resume too.

Temporary or part-time, it could still be a stepping stone towards the career you want. Either way, you still gain new skills, experiences, and forge professional relationships in the process. How you maximize that window of opportunity is all up to you.

2. Jumping into a different field

job seeking risk
People jump from one job to the other all the time, but going into a different industry is not a common route to take. It may be because some are already contented with their current field, while some are afraid to do the ‘jump’ because it is harder for them to compete with all the other applicants who are already experienced in the field.

Yet if you really need a change of working environment and line of work, then you must at least try to take that ‘jump.’ You have to be honest about it though – you must show your potential employer that even though your background is different, you are willing to adapt and learn new things about the industry. It’s not always about the skill, but it is the attitude that can successfully draw you out from all the other applicants.

3. Considering a smaller salary

Different companies have different rates, and if you came from a big-time industry, it might be hard for you to accept job offers that have a lower salary range from your previous position. Make sure to properly state your salary requirements, however, if it is your passion that drives you to take that job, then it would be prudent to consider that pay cut. This might apply if you are doing that ‘jump’ towards a different field.

Like they say, there are no shortcuts to success. You have to take risks and compromise whenever possible if you are aiming to be a competitive applicant in today’s job market. Just remember that a job position is your ladder towards bigger and better things.

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