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How to Remain Independent During a Job Search?

By 29th May 2019

job seekers on forth of julyIt’s just several days ahead of everyone’s beloved Independence Day – the day to be spent with friends or family outside cooking grilled meat and enjoying fireworks. Of course, during this big national celebration people have no desire to think about their current job situation, especially when they’ve got some unemployment issues going on.

Nevertheless, if you’re quite serious about entering the world of the job market, Independence Day 2016 may become your best time for planning your job search strategy and certainly reflect on your current job situation. Even though your planning can take up several months before you may finally succeed, starting off on this particular day can bring you a job a lot sooner, especially if you pay attention to tips provided by Resume Writing Lab.

Could you imagine that some of your job search failures can be the consequence of the lack of your control? The reasons can be difficult: whether you’re frustrated with your current boss or dissatisfied with your paycheck, or maybe you were wrongfully dismissed? In fact, to make sure you’d be able to get rid of that oppressive feeling of helplessness, there should be a clear plan to help you move toward your dream at least for a little each day. Gaining “independence” of your current situation is possible through making a job search plan. And that’s what we’re up to do now.

Preparation Steps

  • landing a job on fourth of julyFirst, based on your skills, career plans, and previous experience, figure out which job would
    become your target goal. Also, make sure your resume is targeted. Thus, if you are applying for a military position, you should be aware of military resume writing secrets etc.
  • Define the companies and employers to whom you’d likely apply. Now, research a lot about them to increase your chances of being employed.
  • Distribute time on different processes of your job search, including self-marketing, researching, doing follow-up calls etc. Stay flexible, though: the process of self-marketing or researching does usually take much more time than any other ones. See for yourself: if you’re going to market yourself to a potential employer, there’re tons of things to think about, namely how your current skills, training, and educational experience match to the job advertisement.

You might as well pass a job search QUIZ to make sure your strategy is good enough to land a job!

Top Essentials to Include in Your Plan

Spend time to update your resume and tailor it affording to each job offer specifying your qualifications to each particular position and not just making it vivid. Herewith, make sure your LinkedIn profile is flawless. If necessary, turn to LinkedIn professional writing service.

If you’ve got a large gap since the end of your last employment or you’re not practicing skills at your current job, think of some ways to cover it up by taking a professional course or participating in a volunteer or a non-profit project. If there’s a new skill you’d want to acquire right before taking up a new job, enroll in courses offered by many community colleges, either in-class or online. Have no time to complete the long-lasting course? Again, focus on more volunteering and possibly becoming an intern.

Independence Day is a perfect occasion for nurturing your network. An extra day off would give you an opportunity to get together with your former college peers, visit a big barbecue party and have some useful independance holiday for job seekers acquaintance along.

Prioritize right things. If you’re not motivated to keep going with your job search after first possible failures, then here could be 2 reasons: either you’re not willing to climb your career ladder or you haven’t prioritized right. Justin Reynolds, a successful writer and editor, encourages employees to find something that will motivate them. What are you’re striving for: money, promotion, work-life balance or maybe for a personal professional development? Re-evaluate your priority and get motivated.

Other Hints/Tips

  • Stay positive, but remain realistic: obviously, the more efforts you’re putting to your current job search, the faster you’ll progress. Herewith, don’t get upset about your first try. Everyone may have rainy days, but it’s all about how you fight them back.
  • Concentrate on such job search elements that you can have a total control over – otherwise, you’ll end up spending many efforts on things you can’t affect.
  • Don’t hesitate to make a plan before you start off the research. You’ll do things more effectively.
  • Know places where to look for jobs and know people who can help you reach the target. Thus, research a lot and don’t forget about networking!
  • Stick to your plan, even if it’s slowly turning your days into a day-to-day routine.

And most importantly: don’t forget to enjoy yourself on the 4th of July. Happy Independence Day, Everyone!