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Vik Vein is a job search enthusiast who collects effective career tips, test drives and shares them. Resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile... It's not the complete toolkit a modern job seeker needs. So, it's an evergreen topic.
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Be the Olympian! 6 Champion Tips for a Job Search

job seekers and olympic successThe 2016 Summer Olympics Games in Rio de Janeiro are coming this August which is an incredible and long-expected event. You can’t help admiring the athletes who have dedicated their lives to sports, constantly striving for victory in spite of all the obstacles on their way.

Treat the Olympic athletes’ commitment to winning as a role model to follow in your job search. These brave, devoted, persistent people can teach job seekers how to be the best and move to the highest level in their career. Use these champion tips in your job search!
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Breaking Myths about Resume Templates

resume templates tipsAs soon as you officially announce about the beginning of your job search, there should be several things to take care of initially. Surely, the resume is one of those prime things. It doesn’t matter if you are going to write a brand-new resume or give the old one much of an update.

However, be aware that each job hunter dreams of having a winning, good-looking and accurate document that doesn’t look like anyone else’s.

So, from here people may have different thoughts about what to do next. Should you turn to Microsoft Word? Maybe try using a resume template? Or have the resume ordered from professional writing services?
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5 Secrets of a Perfect Entry-Level Cover Letter

cover letter with no experience

No one can argue that entry level cover letter is a must-have for anyone interested in a promising career and stable growth.

Those who look for an entry-level job have to compete with hundreds of other applicants. A well-composed cover letter can become your golden ticket to win the attention of the recruiter. At the same time, it can bring you down if you don’t follow certain rules.

Luckily, our professional cover letter writing service shared the key steps of entry level cover letter writing.

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Top 22 Job Search Blogs: Full-Fledged Collection

job searching blogs

Familiarize with amazing and quality job search experience blogs that are written by the career insiders and reputable employers!

Your resume helpers collected top 22 career blogs that will help you to succeed in the interview, find a trustworthy resume writer, or find out about irreplaceable resources.

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Power of Professional Resume

Is professional resume writing worth it? It totally depends on your goals. If you feel that it is time for changes in your life or you need a new job, it is the best time to apply for help of a specialist.

Of course, you can write resume yourself, but just guess who has more chances to be invited to the job interview: a seeker whose application documents were prepared by a competent resume writer with great experience, or another one, for whom it is nearly the first time. So, if you need more facts, here is information about the magic of professionally written resume.
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10 Best American Companies to Work for in 2016

job search and american companiesDuring any job search, people try to do everything to ultimately end up in the dream position in the target company. Certainly, by ordering a professionally written resume from ResumeWritingLab, making frequent calls to companies, arranging thousands of interviews you can increase your chances significantly. And what could be better than reaching this goal and starting to get a big paycheck for doing what you’re actually passionate about?

At the end of April 2016, an American news website Business Insider together with PayScale company has made a research on 50 most dream-job companies with the best working conditions for employees.
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How to Apply for a Job in Dubai

dubai job opportunitiesIf you have ever thought about an oversea job in Dubai, you must have heard about the appropriate time for making your application. This is true because most job hunters, who want to stay in Dubai, always look for the right time.

It also can be proven by the online business magazine of the Middle East known as the Kipp Report. According to the latest survey, Dubai has become the most attractive place for the overseas talents.

You can be sure that UAE holds competitions and presents lots of job opportunities in Dubai. In reality, the labor market with the highest employee turnover is more developed that in other countries in the world.
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Effective Ways to List Your Freelance Jobs on Resume

freelance work on resume

Active people usually get involved in different types of freelance work.

It can be any paid job, projects or other activity. In fact, these job seekers have some privilege over others, who tend to laze during unemployment gaps.

Nevertheless, the role of freelance jobs is ambivalent due to an uncertain attitude of different employers. Side activities can be considered as professional development or as employment gaps.

Therefore, listing such work in your resume may be a questionable decision. You may be certain about mentioning your freelance job when you can clearly answer the following questions

How to relate this experience to my professional field? or
Is this experience handy for the company I’m applying to?

In other words, your freelance experience should be relevant – only this way it can help you.
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Grab Attention With Effective Headline for Resume

writing headline for resumeWhen an author wants to catch the reader’s attention on his own magazine or newspaper article, the first thing he’s got to do is thinking of a catchy headline or, in other words, a title. In fact, your resume headline performs similar functions. One of its main purposes is making a quick positive impression on the hiring manager and assuring him that you’re this very perfect candidate the company was so looking for.
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The Most Appropriate Resume Fonts to Use

resume and cv font choiceDo you know what the best font for the outstanding resume is and what fonts drive the employers crazy? Fortunately, resume editors know everything about the most suitable format and know you have a chance to get the secret of the killer summary!

The importance of the suitable typeface is obvious – it creates a readable document and shows that you are familiarized with the tiniest peculiarities of the job search process. In this article, you will find everything about winning and the worst variants for your resume!
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