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Be Thankful During Job Search

By 31st January 2020

thanksgiving cardSpending time with family or in a company of friends on your Thanksgiving Day is priceless. And the actual thing isn’t in this large appetizing turkey, served with mashed potatoes and gravy or surprising little presents, but rather in the atmosphere of those rare and long-awaited family gatherings.

Since the tradition of celebrating American Thanksgiving Day dated back to the 15th century, it hasn’t lost its popularity. Even if we managed to make a great deal out of this day, nevertheless, it’s an important focus on everything that we’re grateful for.

Specifically, that relates to the time, when you’re in the process of job searching. Because of Thanksgiving Day, you may finally feel the appreciation of everything that you have in your life, including what has been accomplished and how close you’ve become to your final goal.

After all, specialists of Resume Writing Lab remind that it is extremely important to remember how crucial is being grateful for everything that relates to jobs and employment. It’s like autosuggestion: according to universal Law of Attraction, we attract exactly what we’re thinking about. The more you think optimistically, there’s a higher chance to attract prosperity, which is always bounded to your job opportunities. Although, if you dispose of yourself to think that the job hunt is difficult and won’t have any success, most likely you’ll just attract more rejections.

They say: “Attitude is everything”. Then make it work for your job search too!

1. Gratitude Journals

grateful journal Although it sounds quite ridiculous, many successful people, one of which was Oprah Winfrey, started out her gratitude journal to write down at least 5 things that happened to her throughout the day which she was thankful for. As we have mentioned earlier, attitude to gratitude can materialize your thoughts and save from negative, therefore starting your own journal makes sense.

2. Use Help of Thank You Letters

thank you letters

Starting your job research should have had some success, for sure. For instance, if you’ve been invited to the interview, don’t neglect writing a thank you letter afterward. It would instantly show the employer your appreciation to him, no matter which decision he would make.

Besides, don’t forget to use help with cover letter as well. It’s the first thing your HR manager sees, when you send him the application, therefore it holds a very important mission to persuade him to have a closer look at your CV, than just putting the whole application to the “no” pile. Both cover letters and thank you notes help you stand out from the crowd.

3. Admit Your Mistakes

Receiving a rejection, when applying for various jobs. Although, it’s never a reason to put your head down or get overwhelmed that you have no success with a particular job. Whichever reason conduced to your rejection (gaps in the resume, mistakes in your text or just you wasn’t applicable enough), take it as another user experience. Being able to stay grateful and acknowledging that it wasn’t just the best job choice for you is much better, rather than surrounding yourself with negative emotions out of every receiving rejection. It just wasn’t the best job for you – eventually, you’ll find anything later.

4. Think of Wealth

It’s quite normal to always keep thinking of prosperity and richness. According to Jack Canfields, the co-author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”, focusing on your inner emotions, voice and vision can be way more effective than noises from the outside.

5. Be a Visualizerjob search success

Visualizing your dreams and desires is a common physiological technique. First, close your eyes and concentrate on some things you want (if you’re a job hunter, then prime goal can be obtaining a worthy job position) and then move on to what you’re thankful for. If doing such exercises every morning, it would literally bring your thoughts closer to reality and help to reach goals faster.

Frank Clark once said: “If a fellow isn’t thankful for what he’s got, he isn’t likely to be thankful for what he’s going to get.” As soon as you start using the Law of Attraction and learn how to be grateful for any of your failures, you wouldn’t only obtain your dream job, but in general, make huge successes in life besides your career. Happy Thanksgiving!