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5 Reasons Why Most Resumes Fail

By 20th December 2019
why my resume fails

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Just like any job hunter, you know that resume plays a crucial role in getting job interview offer.

Imagine: you have spent days and read tons of wholesome posts, trying to compose the best and the best resume just like a professional resume writer.
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Creating Resume with No Work Experience

By 21st November 2019

entry-level resume
Even if you lack any of work experience, it doesn’t mean you have no chances to get the desired job – who knows, maybe you meet all the recruiters’ expectations. For college admission resume, it’s more than essential to create a nice document, since the majority of them haven’t had an opportunity to work beforehand.
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How to Know You Were Fired Illegally

illegally dismissed workerBeing called out by your boss into his office, knowing this is the exact time when you’ll be fired, is very discouraging. Nevertheless, this feeling has nothing to do with truly unexpected news about your dismissal. We may be very angry about our boss’s decision, yet it won’t have any effect on the situation in general. To be a full-time office worker means being put under certain rights related to employment, which many of us ignore. Sadly, we never know whether you’re receiving a justified dismissal or your boss acts completely illegally.
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Top 5 Glaring Mistakes In Your Cover Letter

By 15th November 2019

cover letter writing tipsDuring job search process, when messing with our resumes, we kind of forget about the other documents. Your perfectly polished CV is wonderful, but it wouldn’t guarantee you a job if your cover letter is a total mess. In fact, cover letter writing can be as important as your resume. What if you unconsciously make several serious blunders without even knowing it?

Hence, if you’re wondering how to write a great cover letter, you must know about typical mistakes. ResumeWritingLab experts figured out which glaring mistakes are inexcusable and must be avoided in a cover letter.

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Write For Us: Contributor’s Guideline

By 14th November 2019

Reasons to Write for Us

contributor's guidelinePublicity. Resume Writing Lab blog is quickly gaining popularity on the web, as we keep on adding new useful posts.

Also, we have many visitors from the USA, Australia, Canada, German and other countries.

Once you work is published our team starts promoting it through Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Reddit and other social media sites.
Purpose. We don’t write about everything and here you will appeal straight to the target audience.
Polish. Improve your writing skills. Try to be a little better every day.
• We do like hearing from you…
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How to Write a Perfect CV for Oil & Gas Engineering Graduates?

By 29th September 2019

CV for Oil & Gas Engineering Graduates

CV plays an important role in a job seeker’s search for employment. If done right, it can get you one step closer to your dream job. However, it is also one of the most difficult documents one has to prepare on their own.

Trends are constantly changing and the evolving technology has completely changed how recruiters search for prospective candidates. Moreover, the competition has increased tremendously in the job markets across industries and the scenario isn’t any different for those looking for employment opportunities in the oil and gas sector.
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Myths about Hiring Professional Resume Writer

By 19th July 2019

hire resume writer

Today more and more HR managers claim that well-submitted resume plays a crucial role in the employment process. This document simplifies the job search and helps hiring managers to find right candidates, but for many job seekers, it is rather challenging to create a professional looking resume.

That is why resume writing companies are so popular today: applicants strive to find the best writers in order to have the best result and that becomes the occasion of disputes. Should or should not employees hire professional resume writers?
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Secrets Valentine’s Day Has For Job Seekers

By 10th February 2016

14 of february roses heartshapedValentine’s Day… Lots of sweet couples will spend their salaries to prove their love and affection by buying sweets, bouquets of roses, soft toys, and cute cards. 14th of February works wonders and the air is filled with love and passion. Basically, most job seekers tend to consider this day of love unsuitable for job interviews. However, they are wrong.

While you try to impress your partner, your potential employers remain without your attention and you lose chances to get your dream job. The whole atmosphere can affect the recruiter’s attitude and positively influence your interview. How can this happen? Get the answer right now!
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A Cheat Sheet for IT Resume

By 14th September 2015

The foundation of an exciting information technology specialist career starts with an effective resume. However, it differs from the standard resume template. Look through the following tips to find out how to write a powerful IT resume.
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