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Don’t Allow Snow Storm To Prevent Your Job Search

By 25th January 2016

job search during stormsDid you wake up and understand that you couldn’t leave the house because of the snowdrift covering your path? Winter is the time for such surprises. While the city is at a standstill, you are not required to stop your activity, especially your job search process.

Of course, you can take your time and relax drinking hot chocolate and reading books. Beloved winter’s movies are also due to be watched. But, if you feel a little bit bored with all this holiday’s laziness, you still can develop your job search process. So, here are useful career tips for you being stuck at home.

Improve Your Resume

As you have much free time, you can revise your resume and make it perfect. In case you have some problems or misunderstandings you can also use professional help from Resume Writing Lab. Make sure you have listed all important facts about your career experience and skills. Also, you should update your resume to correspond to the latest resume searching programs. In case you have any changes in your personal info, make them in the electronic version of your resume.

Review the Companies You Are Still Waiting for an Interview With

Check all the companies you have contacted and sent your resume within the three month. If you get no response, you should be active and contact them by yourself. The best idea is to send an email asking for information about your interview status. Also, you should remind the employment managers about your unique personal qualities and experience.

Write Thank-You Letters

Whether you got an interview or wasn’t invited, choose the best networking contacts and write follow-up and thank you letters to them. It’s better to make a hand-written letter, instead of a template e-mail. It’s just about 5 people you dealt with and whose help you appreciate. Tell these people that their professionalism has a good impact on your job search and personal experience. Also, make them understand that you are always ready to provide your support and encouragement in response.

Follow the Job-Related Blogs

Social activity is quite important today, so don’t neglect its’ usefulness. Now you have much free time to read all interesting blogs and comment some posts. There you will find new information about the latest techniques and professional improvements. You can also promote yourself with such an easy step.

Moreover, you can learn how to use Google+ for job search. New opportunities are appearing all the time, so you just need to notice and use them.

Revise Your Career Planjod search during snow storms

Actually, this is a regular task. You should check your career plan to make sure you follow it and achieve the goals you have planned. If there any changes in your plans, spend some time to reassign your tasks and goals. Think about your ambitious for this year and plan your career achievements. Set small goals this winter to achieve great one in future.

Reward Yourself for Your Achievements

Make a list with facts and fulfilled goals that you are proud of. Also, pay attention to things and situations you are thankful for. You had bright moments, whether your job search was successful or not. Recognize that you are doing well and focus on these positive achievements.

The listed career steps are not complicated, so you can do them being at a snow standstill. Use your time clever and you will not lose anything during this forced vacation. Moreover, you can rest enough before you enter into a new position.