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Most Frequent Questions about Job Search

By 18th June 2019

job search faq and professional helpThere are plenty of questions that refer to the job search from students, graduates, single mothers, and inveterate job hunters. Today’s article is dedicated to the most frequent questions about the job hunt! Does the power of LinkedIn profile writing manage to influence the result of the job hunt? What’s the best time to look for a new position? All this and much more you will find out right here!

When to Start Job Search?

It’s impossible to answer this question certainly due to the set of factors that influence the beginning of your job search. Starting with students, we need to say that creating a foundation for the future job search is crucial. When you are relocating, it’s important to start looking for a job beforehand as well. Other kinds of job seekers must keep in mind that autumn is the best time for applying for a job while summer is the worst period for the permanent job search. You can read summer job search tips to learn more!

answers about job search in the united statesWhich Is the Best Job Search Site in the USA?

Obviously, every job seeker chooses his/her own number one job website, which meets his/her needs and requirements. Nevertheless, is the #1 choice among American job seekers. This website has millions of offers from different websites, job boards, newspapers, and other resources. The most reliable source of job ads in the USA has plenty of additional functions and offers.

What Are Job Search Strategies?

Top job search strategies include writing a killer resume/CV and cover letter, creating a powerful LinkedIn profile, monitoring job websites and boards, setting special alerts for notifications, networking, shaping your professional skills, getting ready to interview, familiarizing with the industry, and the company you are going to work, and many other. Our blog contains dozens of effective articles with an advanced overview of the job search strategies. You can start by reading things unemployed people should do to boost their job search.

What Job Search Costs Are Tax Deductible?

You can deduct employment and outplacement agency fees later if your employer decides to pay them for you. If you don’t change the professional field, you can use your resume if it still is topical. If the interview requires trips and flights (as well as meals and accommodation), you can deduct such expenses too. Phone calls, by the way, are also deductible.

how to deal with slow job searchWhat to Do When Job Search Stalls?

Diane Hendricks has once said: “You don’t have to change your goal. Change your path, be willing to, and don’t see that as a failure. That’s just life”. We consider this quote to be the golden rule of the job search. If you fail while looking for a job, consider your strategies and find the weak link. Don’t be afraid to look for a mentor, who will show you the right direction.

When to Give up Job Search?

Obviously, giving up after the first setback is ridiculous. The final point that shows that continuing the job search in the same direction is senseless is your deliberate realization that you don’t want to build your career in the particular field. In fact, there are no unsuccessful job searches, there are bad strategies and wrong approaches, which can be fixed with a help of professionals.

How to Search for Jobs?

In this article by, you can find the most popular careers. While the list may give you an idea or two, keep in mind that the competition is rough!

Why Use LinkedIn for Job Search?

Using LinkedIn effectively is crucial for your job search as every second employer uses this service for searching for new employees and more than 90% of the users managed to find the job with a help of this tool. LinkedIn is a well-developed job search platform, which really works. It has plenty of additional options, besides the main one – turning you into a promising candidacy and helping to stand out of the crowd.

Be sure to check the Job Search & career-building review if you want to improve your use of social media for career purposes!

time and job search questionsWhy Is My Job Search Taking so Long?

As it was said before, the main problem of hundreds of job seekers is choosing the wrong approach and ineffective strategies. The best and the fastest variant would be to find a professional and experienced mentor, who would show your mistakes and help to overcome your tough period.

How to Job Search When You Are Employed?

If you are employed and want to find another position, make sure you don’t include your working contacts (email, phone, address) in your resume/application form. Don’t job search from your working computer and ensure that nobody from your colleagues knows about it.
Do you have other questions about job search? Or probably, you have different answers… Please share your thoughts in the comments.