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Increasing a Salary Threshold for White Collar Overtime Exemptions

By 5th July 2019

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On June 30, 2015, the United States Department of Labor (DOL) has proposed to review the rule of overtime exemptions for office workers and make it, as a federal law. The federal Fair Labor Standards Act usually requires that “white-collars” get an overtime pay of 1 or 1.5 times of their regular pay rate for more than 40 hours of work per week.

Nevertheless, there can be several exclusions. Due to FLSA regulations, for those employees, who earn approximately $455 or more per week (at least in 23.660 per year) and manage to handle a so-called duties test, which lies in performing certain executive, professional or administrative duties and do not get the overtime pay, despite having a quality professional resume. For highly compensated employees, who earn more than $ 100.000 per year, can do a relaxed duties test.

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How to Put Temporary Position On Resume

mentioning temporary position on resumeYou might be asking yourself “should I put temporary jobs on my resume”. Some people think that this will just damage their resumes showing that they are irresponsible or unconfident.

However, most professional experts claim that you need to put temporary employment on a resume.

If you have problems creating your resume or don’t understand how to improve the general effectiveness of your application, you can use a simple

If you have problems creating your resume or don’t understand how to improve the general effectiveness of your application, you can use a simple way to edit your resume. Online company of professional writers will help you with the best writing or editing service.
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Phrases That Poison Resume

By 3rd July 2019

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We can’t even imagine the exact amount of resumes, received to hiring managers when they require new employees. Respectively, it’s tough for them to attentively process every single resume. Therefore, in order to ease their job, they are forced to quickly sort resumes according to their content and structure.

If you wish to get into a pile of approved resumes, it’s necessary to create a customized document, which contains strong and concrete facts about your past accomplishments and job experiences, avoiding odd and personal information.
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Responsibilities and Achievements in Your CV

cv writing servicePeople have quite a different attitude to fulfill job responsibilities. Somebody sees these requirements just like suggestions. So, as a result, they exaggerate the done work and wait for a great reward. Such an attitude is quite strange because these basic job necessities must be filled out as a part of the routine.
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Do Women Get Paid Less than Men and Why?

By 2nd July 2019

Today we present a post written by our guest writer. This author has prepared a series of articles about getting a salary depending on gender. Are you ready to get a raise? Pay attention to each of these articles. Step-by-step you will move to higher career levels. Let’s start.

Women Get Paid Less

Not without reason, Iceland passed a law in 2018 which forces companies to prove that they pay men and women equally. The reasons for the pay gap are multiple and numerous studies have been performed on this topic.

Comparing Apples With Oranges

It’s really difficult to establish how big the pay gap really is because we often compare apples with oranges. We need to consider for example that in many countries, many women work in part-time jobs as they also need to take care of kids.

There are not so many chances for promotions and career development in part-time jobs and that is one part of the problem because pay raises usually go hand in hand with promotions. So the overall career development for women in part-time jobs will be slower than for men in full-time jobs.

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There might also be the aspect of security: a woman who is taking care of her kids might not want to exchange the safe current workplace against another one where she might need to have less flexibility, more work, more overtime, etc. So, she probably won’t apply for a better-paid job in a different company out of fear that it won’t be compatible with her current lifestyle.

I experienced this several times as a team manager. I wanted to promote a woman working part-time, give her more responsibility and exposure, but she didn’t want to out of fear that she would have to do longer hours, lose the flexibility to take care of her kids when they need it and generally be more stressed.

Furthermore, we also need to consider that women and men often choose different careers. There are male-dominated, well-paying industries which can be considered as unsuitable careers for women. Jobs in IT, for example, pay really well, yet there are quite a few female software developers, IT project managers, system administrators, etc. Then there are typically female-dominated industries that don’t pay as well.

Lower Starting Salaries

As a team and hiring manager, I also identified another reason for the pay gap: women ask for much lower starting salaries than men. I experienced this so many times amongst male and female applicants of the same age group and for the same position.

My personal experience with my team members, clients, and friends is mainly covering office-related jobs, e.g. in Customer Service, Sales, Project Management, Communications/PR and similar positions, where men and women are usually equally represented. I haven’t really had clients in typically male or typically female-dominated industries, so I wouldn’t be able to say if there is a difference there.

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I know from my personal experience as a team manager and as a coach for job applications that salary negotiations are a difficult topic for most women. I understand that. Salary negotiations are uncomfortable. You don’t want to create conflict, especially when starting out in a new job – and salary negotiations can feel just like that.

You might also be at a loss how to argue your case, so it’s easier to settle with what they recommend. Or you might not feel confident enough that you really are worth more, you might feel like an imposter and therefore just go with whatever you are offered.

Here’s the good news: I have a whole lot of advice on how you can improve your salary negotiations and I’ll do this in a miniseries over the next few days. So stay tuned for the next posts, covering topics like how to determine your worth, how to prepare your salary negotiations, how to better negotiate and how to build your case for a pay raise.

Most Frequent Questions about Job Search

By 18th June 2019

job search faq and professional helpThere are plenty of questions that refer to the job search from students, graduates, single mothers, and inveterate job hunters. Today’s article is dedicated to the most frequent questions about the job hunt! Does the power of LinkedIn profile writing manage to influence the result of the job hunt? What’s the best time to look for a new position? All this and much more you will find out right here!
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Guideline for Spring Cleaning Your Career

By 29th May 2019

clean window glass lady backWrapping and putting away your warm woolen sweaters, winter jackets and boots is an obvious sign of an upcoming spring-cleaning. This is the exact time when you’d probably get a chance to spend some time alone messing with old books, photo albums or collections reminding of your interests, hobbies, and important life memories. And while somebody hates dealing with anything related to cleaning and messing with their old goods, others consider it a “new beginning” of something global and new.
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How to Remain Independent During a Job Search?

job seekers on forth of julyIt’s just several days ahead of everyone’s beloved Independence Day – the day to be spent with friends or family outside cooking grilled meat and enjoying fireworks. Of course, during this big national celebration people have no desire to think about their current job situation, especially when they’ve got some unemployment issues going on.

Nevertheless, if you’re quite serious about entering the world of the job market, Independence Day 2016 may become your best time for planning your job search strategy and certainly reflect on your current job situation. Even though your planning can take up several months before you may finally succeed, starting off on this particular day can bring you a job a lot sooner, especially if you pay attention to tips provided by Resume Writing Lab.
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Ultimate Guide to Writing College Application Resume

By 28th May 2019

A resume is necessary today not only when applying for a job. College applicants are also required to write a resume among the other documents of their application package. That is why it is recommended for them to learn important tips for creating this college application resume. And here are collected main features that must be included in your college admission CV.
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30 Words You Should Never Use at Interview

By 26th May 2019

Most job seekers get nervous when job interviews begin as they think they are judged or criticized by their potential employers. It makes them speak through their necks and, therefore, influence the outcome of the interview. So, (and everybody, actually, knows it) it is important to pull yourself together and control your speech. Our article will teach you some methodic to calm down and present the words you MUST definitely avoid in your interview. Let’s start.
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