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Successful Obama’s Policy Against The Nation’s Unemployment Rate

By 10th August 2015

president employment

July jobs report showed that the nation’s unemployment level has promptly decreased and totally recovered from George W. Bush’s Great Recession. It signifies a complete triumph for President Obama.

Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, Jason Furman, claims that unrounded data shows the moving of the unemployment rate’s headline below its pre-recession average. It happened for the first time in the recovery.

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Lie On CV And Lose Chances to Get Job

By 7th August 2015

lies on cv

A desperate search for the job of your dreams can end up in writing a very remarkable and strong resume, which, in most cases, contains more untrue information about your qualifications and past job experiences.

Unfortunately, according to current surveys and researchers, we found out that more than a third of job seekers, primarily college graduates, aren’t fully honest in their CVs.
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7 Reasons Why You Don’t Get Calls From Recruiters

By 3rd August 2015

why you don't get calls from recruiters
Probably we all heard of such perfect scenario when a gainfully busy professional is fulfilling his or her daily duties and suddenly gets the call from a prospective employer, who is offering new excellent opportunities. Sometimes people are really hired like this without tedious job search and great efforts.

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Phrases That Poison Resume

By 31st July 2015

phrases to omit in resume
We can’t even imagine the exact amount of resumes, received to hiring managers when they require new employees. Respectively, it’s tough for them to attentively process every single resume. Therefore, in order to ease their job, they are forced to quickly sort resumes according to their content and structure.

If you wish to get into a pile of approved resumes, it’s necessary to create a customized document, which contains strong and concrete facts about your past accomplishments and job experiences, avoiding odd and personal information.
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Creating Resume with No Work Experience

By 23rd July 2015

entry-level resume
Even if you lack any of work experience, it doesn’t mean you have no chances to get the desired job – who knows, maybe you meet all the recruiters’ expectations. For college admission resume, it’s more than essential to create a nice document, since the majority of them haven’t had an opportunity to work beforehand.
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Produce Ideas Not Gossips At Your Workplace

By 20th July 2015

gossips in the office
It’s essential when employees walk around their workplaces, get acquainted with the life of the company or keep track of all possible urgent issues and so forth.

As a good and professional worker, you always need to walk around in order to learn, listen and make conversations with your colleagues – these are the best way to stay informed. Spotted problems or any misunderstandings are better to be solved right away.
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Increasing a Salary Threshold for White Collar Overtime Exemptions

By 14th July 2015

salary news
On June 30, 2015, the United States Department of Labor (DOL) has proposed to review the rule of overtime exemptions for office workers and make it, as a federal law. The federal Fair Labor Standards Act usually requires that “white-collars” get an overtime pay of 1 or 1.5 times of their regular pay rate for more than 40 hours of work per week.

Nevertheless, there can be several exclusions. Due to FLSA regulations, for those employees, who earn approximately $455 or more per week (at least in 23.660 per year) and manage to handle a so-called duties test, which lies in performing certain executive, professional or administrative duties and do not get the overtime pay, despite having a quality professional resume. For highly compensated employees, who earn more than $ 100.000 per year, can do a relaxed duties test.

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Five Things to Edit in Your CV

By 10th July 2015

things to edit in CV

The purpose of CVs is to help job searchers get an interview. Considering the fact that an average HR manager spends approximately 30 seconds to scan CV for the first time, it is important to mention that one has to make a positive impression and sell oneself.

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Your Employer is Spying on You

By 6th July 2015

custom resume writing help

A great number of companies are using modern technologies for monitoring employees’ phone calls, emails, and even movements. Read about everything you might be interested in:

How can employees be tracked?

Actually, they can be tracked in many ways. If you use office computer for work, it gives your boss opportunity legally monitor company email, as well as browser history.

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Top 5 Rules to Follow When Editing Resume

By 3rd July 2015

rules of resume editing

Editing a resume on your own can be quite a challenge. In order to receive an objective resume that won’t contain any odd and unnecessary information, you have to take this job seriously, even if it requires taking on the employer’s mindset, for example. The last one is actually a very useful idea: think of what would be interesting for the recruiter to know about his applicant and what things wouldn’t.
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