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5 Secrets of a Perfect Entry-Level Cover Letter

By 15th November 2018

cover letter with no experience

No one can argue that entry level cover letter is a must-have for anyone interested in a promising career and stable growth.

Those who look for an entry-level job have to compete with hundreds of other applicants. A well-composed cover letter can become your golden ticket to win the attention of the recruiter. At the same time, it can bring you down if you don’t follow certain rules.

Luckily, our professional cover letter writing service shared the key steps of entry level cover letter writing.

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5 Secrets of an Outstanding Job Application Letter

By 13th November 2018
Job Application Letter

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In the last few years, an application letter for a job has become an irreplaceable element of the employment process for most prestigious companies and organizations.

Some HR managers don’t even bother to open the candidate’s resume without one. So whether you’re an experienced professional searching for new creative opportunities, or a recent college grad trying to conquer the labor market, writing an application letter for any position is a must.

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7 Writing Tips for Outstanding Bilingual Resume


bilingual resume writing tips

Writing bilingual resume can be challenging. If you simply list out the languages without providing some credentials, it won’t sound persuasive.

So, if you consider your bilingual ability a decent skill that makes you stand out from other job candidates, you would want the recruiter to pay attention to it immediately.

Surely, it is hard to find a truly workable writing strategy that guarantees your successful approval, and if you have done a bilingual resume search already, you may have come to the same conclusion.

Nevertheless, if you follow recommendations for a bilingual resume writing, you will definitely increase chances of getting noticed!

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Effective Ways to List Your Freelance Jobs on Resume

By 12th November 2018

freelance work on resume

Active people usually get involved in different types of freelance work.

It can be any paid job, projects or other activity. In fact, these job seekers have some privilege over others, who tend to laze during unemployment gaps.

Nevertheless, the role of the freelance jobs is ambivalent due to an uncertain attitude of different employers. Side activities can be considered as a professional development or as employment gaps.

Therefore, listing such work in your resume may be a questionable decision. You may be certain about mentioning your freelance job when you can clearly answer the following questions

How to relate this experience to my professional field? or
Is this experience handy for the company I’m applying to?

In other words, your freelance experience should be relevant – only this way it can help you.
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Winner’s Way to Write Resumes for Business Analyst Jobs

By 8th November 2018

resume for Business Analyst job

Many people wonder how to present their work experience and qualifications. It is true that finding the best way to create the IT business analyst resume in order to land a well-paid job is an actual challenge.

Recruiters won’t fall for any trickery and gimmicks, so make sure you avoid them on your document. In this article, you will learn about the best secrets and tips on how to win an interview from business analyst job applications.
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How to Make Your Sales Representative Resume Work for You


writing Sales Representative Resume

The difference between a good resume and the one that lands you an interview is quite significant. Understand the key differences between the two can set yourself apart from the pack. Don’t have a sales representative resume at a hand? No worries, though, today is the best time for writing one.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed. For that reason, our professional resume writers encourage you to learn some sales representative resume sample ideas.
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4 Essential LinkedIn Background Photo Tips

By 7th November 2018

linkedin background picture

More and more people are joining and signing up to LinkedIn every day in order to start their job search. The vast majority of job hunters want to make sure their resume and profile are perfectly written by professionals, so they resort to the help of LinkedIn profile writing services.

Having a profile written by an expert in your field or industry is the same as having your resume created and fine-tuned by a qualified resume writer. However, the times change and so are the features LinkedIn offers for its users.
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Investment Banking Cover Letter Guideline

By 4th November 2018

Cover Letter for Investment Banking

It is hard to write a perfect cover letter for investment banking. This is why professional cover letter writing service is here to help you.

If you follow the steps below, we will describe you how to write a cover letter for investment banking sphere that will help you get the results depending on what career stage you are.
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5 Tips to Help You Write an Entertainment Resume

By 3rd November 2018

entrtainment resume writingIf you think that all actors, dancers, singers or any other people related to an entertainment industry, get their jobs just because some producer has somewhere seen them performing on the street, this is a great misconception.

In fact, both newcomers and professionals are always busy doing tryouts and auditions, which usually requires a vivid portfolio and a resume. Certainly,

Certainly, resumes for an entertainment industry are different from regular ones that we normally imagine.

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Get Your Dream Job with Effective CV and Catchy Cover Letter

cv writingThere are lots of articles dedicated to this topic: how to write a catchy cover letter and powerful CV that will manage to prove potential employer to hire you. Though, most of the applicants still make mistakes in their application documents. Today we are going to overview the most typical and common problems that are connected with CV and cover letter writing.

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