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Computer Science Resume: Tips to Be Hired

By 16th August 2019

From game developer to manager of IT and communications, a range of opportunities is open to you as a computer science specialist. This exciting, challenging and growing industry has no boundaries. If you’re a computer science graduate, it’s time to find a job that really lights your fire. So, if you want a career with a solid future and high earnings, revamp your computer science resume with the tips below.

‘Relevant experience is key, and a resume should make this evident’, says Patricia Bryner, manager director at Reyna ITS.  As the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics claims, the computer science industry is projected to grow much faster than other industries over the next ten years. So, even if you are just starting out your career path in computer science, learn how to spot a stellar computer science resume a mile away.

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Salary Negotiation Tips: How to Ask For More?

Salary Negotiation Tips


I’ve worked with several women on salary negotiations during the last year and I noticed that many make a big mistake: they name their desired salary way too early in the process and they don’t gamble. They name the amount they want to have straight away. Now there are several problems with this.

You limit your possibilities for negotiation if you tell them how much you really want too early. I know, it’s easy to get pressured into naming a concrete amount by HR or your boss but remember: once you’ve said the amount, you can’t go back anymore.

Consider that: if you tell them the minimum salary that would be ok for you and they offer you less, won’t you be unsatisfied with the outcome? And what if they accept the amount too readily? Won’t it make you feel like you asked for too little? Won’t you doubt if more would have been possible? Won’t you be unsatisfied as well? read more…

CIO Resume: 5 Ways to Win the Job Search Game

Resume for CIO

The position of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) is now widely accepted as one of the key C-suite roles. The survey results show that 95% of CIOs expect their jobs to change or be remixed due to digitalization.

So, designing a high-impact executive CIO resume can be the difference that can get you in the door. Luckily, it professional resume writers are ready to share CIO resume writing ins and outs.
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How to Tailor a Resume to the Job Description

how to tailor resume cv titleDid you ever wish you could just get inside the recruiter’s head to learn what exactly they’re looking for? Needless to say, you’re not the only job seeker out there who struggles to predict and address the expectations of recruiters.

Well, I’m going to let you in on a secret: what all recruiters are looking for are relevant skills and achievements. By incorporating them into your resume and cover letter, you’ll deliver an application that perfectly matches the job posting and instantly grabs recruiters’ attention.

Here are four tips to help you learn how to write a resume that is perfectly tailored to a job posting.
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Homeless Man With Resume Asks For Work Not Money

searching for job in any circumstancesFrederic Callison has spent the last 2 years in an unexpected way. He was sitting outside a grocery shop in Sacramento, California. But, to your great amazement, he was not asking for money like all homeless people are used to. Instead, he decided to use the piece of real estate as his place for active job search. Finally, his efforts were rewarded, as one man noticed him and helped.

The man was Michael Marteen who was just shopping with his fiancé and 2 daughters. Unfortunately, it’s no wonder to see some homeless people outside different stores. However, this situation was really strange to Michael and Sandra, his fiancé. They saw the man who was not just desperately asking for money. They became witnesses to great efforts of the man who was trying to find work and change his difficult circumstances.
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7 Writing Tips for Outstanding Bilingual Resume

bilingual resume writing tips

Writing bilingual resume can be challenging. If you simply list out the languages without providing some credentials, it won’t sound persuasive.

So, if you consider your bilingual ability a decent skill that makes you stand out from other job candidates, you would want the recruiter to pay attention to it immediately.

Surely, it is hard to find a truly workable writing strategy that guarantees your successful approval, and if you have done a bilingual resume search already, you may have come to the same conclusion.

Nevertheless, if you follow recommendations for a bilingual resume writing, you will definitely increase chances of getting noticed!

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Salary Expectations: How to Answer the Interview Question

salary expectation

You have probably done your best and worked hard to make your application perfect and effective. You think your battle has finished once you’ve successfully landed the job interview.

However, it’s certainly not the end of your battle, as there are many tricky interview questions you need to be prepared to answer in order to get noticed and win the recruiter’s trust.

It’s equally significant to prepare yourself for behavioral and skill-related questions, as well as a question about the desired salary which the HR manager is inevitably going to ask.
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Successful Letter of Recommendation for Employment

By 15th August 2019
recommendation letter for job


Reference is another challenge, whilst considering a new position. You need to find a person to submit a letter of recommendation for a job. Make sure everything is going according to plan.

Moreover, big organizations usually require more than one paper submitted. Sometimes they request LinkedIn recommendations to understand a candidate’s perspectives outside the current specialty.

On the contrary, the manager’s or department supervisor’s pay grade includes signing a recommendation letter for a job as well. You need to evaluate the workers from the very beginning, to develop their talents and to spot their weaknesses. The attention is a key point to write an honest document and help someone get a dream job.

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Essential Tips on How to Address a Cover Letter

cover letter solutation

Even the easiest thing in a cover letter, such as greeting your employer, can become the first challenge to stand in your way. How to address the cover letter if you are not sure who is about to read it?

At this starting point, many job applicants already manage to make their first and biggest mistake – they do not research. At times when you are opened to so many resources, finding such information is the easiest thing to do.
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How To Write Your Resume If You Are Changing Career

resume for career change

Creating a catchy resume might be challenging. Not to mention that experienced employees often try to look for the same career opportunities. However, when it comes to career switcher, the challenge doubles in times.

Unfortunately, HR managers wouldn’t be able to estimate your huge passion and desire to work in the new area from your application. At the same time, they wouldn’t want to. Most of the things depend on the way how you demonstrate your skills and previous experience even if it wasn’t relevant to the applying job position.

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