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Five Things to Edit in Your CV

By 11th January 2019

things to edit in CV

The purpose of CVs is to help job searchers get an interview. Considering the fact that an average HR manager spends approximately 30 seconds to scan CV for the first time, it is important to mention that one has to make a positive impression and sell oneself.

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What Are Your Career Goals? Find the Answer

career goals and objectives

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Still in doubt? Learn how to define your career goals and objectives, and help the hiring manager learn your vision for yourself.

What did you want to be as a child? Astronaut? Cowboy? Actress? Still, taking into account that you are not dancing on Broadway or playing shortstop for the Yankees, the good news is that you are not alone. Indeed, as you grow up, you do begin to realize you may not necessarily be the next Justin Bieber or Angelina Jolie and began focusing to more realistic career goals.

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Myths about Hiring Professional Resume Writer

hire resume writer

Today more and more HR managers claim that well-submitted resume plays a crucial role in the employment process. This document simplifies the job search and helps hiring managers to find right candidates, but for many job seekers, it is rather challenging to create a professional looking resume.

That is why resume writing companies are so popular today: applicants strive to find the best writers in order to have the best result and that becomes the occasion of disputes. Should or should not employees hire professional resume writers?
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Clue Tips for Writing Resume Career Summary

By 10th January 2019


writing resume summaryJob search is a difficult process with lots of requirements, recommendations and tasks to be fulfilled by job-seeker. Moreover, it becomes even more complicated, when you begin to think about hiring managers and their preferences.

You need to take into consideration that these people are very busy, dealing with hundreds of candidates and their resumes every day. This fact makes their work more specific and time-limited, that has a direct impact on your behavior.
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Applicant Tracking System: How Can Resume Beat the Check?

By 7th January 2019

please ATS

The situation when a perfect candidate sends a resume and gets rejected is very unfair and also common during the job search. This is the reason job seekers might get discouraged by Applicant Tracking System.

Are you sure you know whom you are trying to impress? While most candidates think their resumes have a few seconds to grab manager’s attention, in fact, they have none.

If a company has more than fifty workers, a resume is very likely to be screened by ATS resume checker. Luckily, resume specialists know exactly how to create an ATS-friendly resume that can survive the robots’ estimation.

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Get Your Dream Job with Effective CV and Catchy Cover Letter

By 5th January 2019

best Cover LetterThere are lots of articles dedicated to this topic: how to write a catchy cover letter and powerful CV that will manage to prove potential employer to hire you. Though, most of the applicants still make mistakes in their application documents. Today we are going to overview the most typical and common problems that are connected with CV and cover letter writing.

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Resume Vs. Cover Letter. What is The Difference?

By 4th January 2019

difference between resume and cover letter

A cover letter and resume is a united set of documents necessary for any job seeker. Although they go as a pair and complement each other, these papers have important distinctions.

Both resume and a cover letter give a job hunter a possibility to market his skills to the employer. However, they have different purpose, format, and writing style. The mistakes in writing these documents could show that a candidate is not aware of business etiquette. How to avoid it?

Luckily, the best resume and cover letter writing service are ready to explain the main differences between a resume and a cover letter.
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8 Tips to Write a Perfect Office Manager Resume

By 2nd January 2019

how to land office managed positionIf you know how to write a great office manager resume you can be called a clever job applicant.

Creating your best resume may take some time, so the following tips will be very useful.

If you are worried about having no experience in writing application documents but want your resume to sound professional, don’t hesitate to get office manager resume.

The highly trained writers know how to create an attractive and job-winning resume.

You don’t need to have office manager resume skills to have a perfectly written one. Put your trust in professionals.
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Resume vs. CV: Can You Tell Them Apart?

By 30th December 2018

CV vs. resume

Both a resume and a Curriculum Vitae (CV) are very well-known terms for people familiar with job or internship application process. Often your CV is an obligatory document for students applying for scholarships or grants.

However, even if people do know about the existence of these documents, they rarely understand the difference. The thing is, most of the times our mind perceives two of those terms as one whole. Some people do even consider a CV and resume as synonyms.

So, what is the difference between resume and CV, if there is any? Is it related to the regional peculiarities or the document’s purpose?
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Guide on Writing a Career Mission Statement to Set Your Goals

By 24th December 2018

career mission statement writing

A question about how to write a mission statement is important in developing one’s career. It is better to start thinking on how to write a mission and vision statement as early as possible.

Here we are going to talk about what a career mission statement is and how to write a good mission statement.

What Is a Career Mission Statement?

A career mission statement is a statement of what you are going to achieve in your career. The career statement includes details about you and your career as well as the dreamed position you would like to occupy. The purpose of the career vision statement is aimed at helping you in focusing and staying motivated on your career path.

If you decide to write a career mission statement, you will find that you will be more focused on your tasks and goals. And will be able to achieve them much more quickly.

Decide What You Want out of Your Career

The first tip on how to write a great mission statement is to determine what you want to achieve in your life and career. Some people get into a field that they choose simply by mistake or unconsciously. In this case, the tip on how to write a mission statement for yourself is first to change your specialty.

Stop pursuing those career goals you had before and start thinking about a new profession. However, if you feel that the field you chose fits you the best, determine exactly what job in your profession you would like to do.

Also, think carefully if your dreamed job is in demand if it is perspective and well-paid.

A tip on how to write a good mission statement is to ponder about the reasons for getting into the chosen field.

Imagine the perfect job and position you would like to have in detail. Then, start writing down your ideas on the subject.

Identify Your Past Successes

You might be wondering how to write a vision and mission statement if you have no clue what to start with. Start with focusing on the early stages of your career. Before you start picturing where you will be in 10 years, recall where you were 10 years ago. achievements for career mission statement

A tip on how to write a company mission statement is to identify your past personal successes and contributions in recent years. These successes could be achieved when you worked for some successful company, in your community, at home, etc.

Write all this information down. The successes and skills you earned in past might be crucial for your future development.

Another trick on how to write a mission statement for business is to identify your attributes and values.

How to start a job search process? Find 5 smart tips from experts here.

For an employer, it is important to see what your priorities are and if they match the philosophy of the company you would like to work for. The list of your attributes and values can be as long as you want. After you complete the list, try to cut it down to 5-6 of the most important values and attributes. Also, identify which value is the most important to you.

Set Your Outcome Goals

One more tip on how to develop a mission statement is by writing a list of your career goals. If  you are enjoying working within your field, you can develop different skills including:

  • working with others
  • becoming a manager
  • learning how to speak in public
  • writing articles
  • serving on board or committee
  • creating advertisements
  • dealing with corporate finances
  • working as a director in the sales department
  • creating websites and other.

Your career goals should include specifics. They can be a job title, company for which you would like to work, pay level, certifications, specific industry and profession. Being specific is highly important in achieving goals, so be sure to include deadlines for each goal.

A tip on how to write a business mission statement is not to make it as complete as possible. It should not be like a career plan that includes all the crucial details for achieving your goals but include at least all the goals.

career statement goalsDefining performance goals and the ways of achieving them has a great influence on how to write a mission statement for a business.

What you need to do is to simply list the skills and experience you will need to achieve your goals. For instance, if you are dreaming about the football club director career, you will need to be an experienced footballer. If you want to occupy a position of the HR director, you need to attend specific workshops and seminars.

Check out these powerful LinkedIn headline examples for job seekers and boost your career hunting efforts.

To achieve your career goals, you might also need to enroll in some college courses or earn one more degree. A tip on how to write a mission statement for a non-profit organization is to improve your stature within your field. In past, you might work for non-profit organizations and associations, serve in the community, etc. When writing down your goals, make a list of your short-term and long-term ones.

Calculate Your Financial Needs

Another tip on how to write a nonprofit mission statement is to define what your possible expenses are. Calculate how much money you approximately need on a daily basis.

It might seem unimportant but the truth is the more precisely you can estimate your financial needs, the closer you are to your goals.

To find out how to write a mission statement for a nonprofit, create a comprehensive financial plan. Determine which type of job and pay level suit best for you. When calculating your financial needs, ask your financial adviser to help you. If you are doing calculations on your own, take into consideration some factors. They are your salary, savings, debts, health and life insurance, and other sources of income.

Write Your Mission Statement

Finally, a tip on how to write a personal mission statement is to simply start writing it. If you are wondering how to write a non-profit mission statement so that it could satisfy the curiosity of the employer, make it as descriptive as possible. Of course, you can limit your mission to a few sentences but this is not an impression you want to make on your hiring manager.

You can even write a one-sentence mission statement, for instance: “My career mission statement is to become a leading designer in the U.S.” However, the advice here on how to write a mission statement for non-profit organization or company is to describe everything in detail.

Since a mission statement is a document aimed at helping in building a career, it can be changed as many times as needed. If you are going to pursue your studies, a tip on how to write a mission statement for a school would be to make it tailored to the specific profession. Write about your profession and the way it could be changed according to the present day society needs. A tip on how to write a mission statement for school is to alter your mission statement whenever you change your career goals and vision of your future.

You may also use your mission statement when developing your hobbies. So, a tip on how to write a mission statement for a club, course, training is to write about your specific hobbies, interests, and skills you would like to gain.

Write also about the treats you would like to improve in your personality.
A tip on how to create a mission statement to make it as precise as possible is to work on it every day. Read it and think carefully about what you would like to add or alter. If you are not sure about your career path, write down your fears and doubts. Later, when you gained an insight into your future, read your mission again and alter it.


Hope you find useful tips on how to write a mission statement nonprofit organization or company. If you would like to share your ideas, contact us or write them in comments below.