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Great LinkedIn Profiles You Should Look Up To

By 13th June 2019

best linkedin profile

There are so many significant aspects of your LinkedIn profile that make it look professional and distinctive out of millions of other users. If you learn how to apply all of them in your profile and make them compliment each other, it will help you gain credibility among recruiters.
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4 Tricks to Write a Scholarships CV and Resume

write resume and cv for scholarshipApplying for grants, scholarships or fellowships gives you a chance to either receive a funding for your college tuition or take part in interesting projects and get funded by the hosting organization. At this point, you’ll have a lot of competition going on.

Most grant and scholarship organizations demand participants to provide their CVs or resumes along with the basic application and a motivation letter. The purpose of the first two is presenting information about your current experience, education, skills, and your academic achievements. The thing is that students can’t usually boast with a broad experience. Thus, they might spend days in order to keep the content of their CV or resume for scholarships relevant and polished.
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Why We Need CV

cv for job application

A curriculum vitae, most known as CV, is an overview of an individual’s experience and employment history. This document helps recruiters find the best candidates among a very large number of applicants for the position. CVs are crucial indeed and one should have well-submitted document within reach. It is necessary to note that some companies ask job hunters to send curriculum vitae as this is good opportunity to check applicant’s intelligence and attentive behavior.
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Mobile Apps Help to Find a Job

apps for job search

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Time is going on and technologies modify our life. With a help of various online services, computer software, and mobile apps people buy tickets, products, clothes and other stuff, order college papers and even look for a job.

Of course, searching for a job on the Internet is faster and more conveniently as it saves precious time. Moreover, job hunters manage to get resume online, apply for more jobs and check out more opportunities.
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Resume Vs. Cover Letter. What is The Difference?

By 12th June 2019

difference between resume and cover letter

A cover letter and resume is a united set of documents necessary for any job seeker. Although they go as a pair and complement each other, these papers have important distinctions.

Both resume and a cover letter give a job hunter a possibility to market his skills to the employer. However, they have different purpose, format, and writing style. The mistakes in writing these documents could show that a candidate is not aware of business etiquette. How to avoid it?

Luckily, the best resume and cover letter writing service are ready to explain the main differences between a resume and a cover letter.
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CIO Resume: 5 Ways to Win the Job Search Game

Resume for CIO

The position of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) is now widely accepted as one of the key C-suite roles. The survey results show that 95% of CIOs expect their jobs to change or be remixed due to digitalization.

So, designing a high-impact executive CIO resume can be the difference that can get you in the door. Luckily, it professional resume writers are ready to share CIO resume writing ins and outs.
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What Should You Know about the Holiday Hiring Myth

holiday job searchWho feels like working in December, when everyone is so excited about celebrating Christmas holidays with his or her families and not care about job duties? Therefore, most of us consider that applying for the job in December is a ridiculous idea, since HR Managers tend to do a little hiring at this time. Nevertheless, Resume Writing Lab assures: it’s just another myth and sometimes there’re more chances of having yourself hired in December than in other months of the year.

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How To Write A Great Ecommerce Resume: Your Complete Guide

Ecommerce Resume

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Writing a resume can be a daunting task. Whether it’s your first time or you’re looking for ways to punch up an old draft, there are so many things to consider: What is the employer looking for? Where should I start? What should I include?

Your resume is your first impression, so even if you’re the perfect fit for the job, your resume is your ticket into that interview room where you can prove it.

While there is no such thing as a perfect resume, there are a number of best practices that can drastically improve your success rate and help you start getting interviews lined up.
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Resume Friendly Name: What to Name Your Resume?

what resume friendly name

Not every job applicant gives resume a title, which will be convenient for an employer. It will be handy for him to use the name containing the applicant’s full name and the position he applies for.

A recruiting manager usually stores every resume on his computer after reading it. He daily receives hundreds of faceless resumes, like Resume.rtf, Resume.doc, My resume.doc, Resume with the Photo Attached.doc.

Now imagine how the manager renames it dozen times a day… Really, no matter how kind and sympathetic this person is – they will start to hate every faceless resume. And if you give your resume file an appropriate name, he will be grateful for it.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn several tips on how to give the resume friendly name listed by top resume writing service.
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Salary Expectations: How to Answer the Interview Question

By 7th June 2019

salary expectation

You have probably done your best and worked hard to make your application perfect and effective. You think your battle has finished once you’ve successfully landed the job interview.

However, it’s certainly not the end of your battle, as there are many tricky interview questions you need to be prepared to answer in order to get noticed and win the recruiter’s trust.

It’s equally significant to prepare yourself for behavioral and skill-related questions, as well as a question about the desired salary which the HR manager is inevitably going to ask.
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