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Political Views Boost Job Search… or Kill

By 26th January 2020

political interests of a job seekerEverybody sticks to the particular opinion, political party or candidacy. Political views differ and often oppose each other. When it comes to a job search, lots of job seekers wonder – should they mention their political preferences in social media?

Obviously, social media is a multi-tasking tool that you can use not only for your job search but for keeping in touch with your friends too. Therefore, revealing your political views on Facebook or Twitter is a question that requires deep analysis, which we will provide further. When it comes to a resume, it’s important to realize that revealing your political views would be inappropriate and wrong!

Of course, reputable resume writing company should know about this issue and provide clients with flawless resumes. When you accomplish a resume independently, it’s important not to reveal your political ideas.

Recruiter’s Point of View

politics and job search troublesIt goes without saying, that recruiters, who check out profiles of their potential employees, will definitely notice this information. If your political views are opposite, it, actually, can influence his/her choice. However, it will only define his/her compulsion and a lack of competence as paying attention to your political ideas means that they ignore your professional skills and abilities.

The other issue lies in the fact that most of the employers want to know you as a person and by checking out your social media they want you to be you. Therefore, if your accounts are fake, they will feel it. Here arise the dilemma – being true or being a perfect fit.

Matt Anchin, who is a senior vice president at and has vast knowledge in working with job applicants online. He claims that recruiters usually spot the dissimulation and insincerity leaving your profile behind. He believes that in social media it’s important to mention your passions and interests without being afraid that they will prevent you from getting your dream job. Of course, keep in mind that even a perfect LinkedIn profile is not enough to land a job.

Still, he admits that being sure in potential recruiter’s attitude is wrong. You can’t be certain whether he/she has something against your political views or not. Nevertheless, don’t put any special emphasis on this fact during an interview – see how the conversation will go.

Mind Your Background

job seeker hand frameAn expert also noticed an interesting tendency – most of the fresh graduates, at the very beginning of their career, start cleaning their social media profiles deleting provoking photos from bachelor party or ridiculous posts. Unfortunately, they never quite get the real tools and strategies that would help them to boost their job search with a help of social media. Make sure that you know how to use Google+ during the job search to your benefit.

Act Reasonably

Matt Anchin presents a couple of other effective tips. He suggests not hiding your political views but supporting them with arguments. If you support particular political candidacy, specify what aspects of his/her policy you think are topical and right. Furthermore, the expert admits that it’s essential to balance this information with your professional and personal skills, employment history, impressing achievements, projects, and programs you took part in or workshops you held. In this case, even if the recruiter doesn’t support the same political candidacy or party, he/she won’t likely pay significant attention to this fact.

Stress Your Personality

If you use your social media just to have a contact with your network without having a completed profile with all necessary information, you will definitely fail. Your accounts, especially LinkedIn profile, must be completed! Furthermore, they must be active – try to join different groups from your professional field and take part in discussions, build a smarter network, participate in different meetings, events, and workshops connected to your future job and share your impressions.

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If you are not sure whether it’s okay to reveal your political views, we recommend to do it. Following particular political candidates or parties in Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, liking or reposting their posts will help you get noticed by particular people, who will share your views and help you land a job. Keep in mind, there are many people including your potential employers stick to the same political views as you do. Therefore, don’t forget to reveal your personality and be sincere!