7 Reasons Why You Don’t Get Calls From Recruiters

why you don't get calls from recruiters
Probably we all heard of such a perfect scenario when a gainfully busy professional is fulfilling his or her daily duties and suddenly gets the call from a prospective employer, who is offering new excellent opportunities. Sometimes people are really hired like this without tedious job search and great effort.

But, has such an amazing story happened to you? Do you get numerous calls from recruiters? In fact, most job seekers work hard to attract attention to their personalities. Research of the labor market, outstanding resume, personal development, great desire… but still no calls, here are seven possible reasons for this to happen:

You Are Unseen Online

So many hirers are searching for candidates using social media, especially LinkedIn. Recruiters of leading companies share the method they try to get the information about applicants: they enter the keywords related to the demanded skills and targeted position.

Do you have a professionally written LinkedIn Profile that describes your talents and goals properly and vividly? Don’t think that a well-written resume and cover letter will give you a 100% result just because you can send them to some companies.

You Are Supine Online

Recruiters usually want to get more information about the candidates than mentioned in application documents, that’s why they spend time analyzing social media activity. When they open a LinkedIn profile, for example, and see an empty page with only one contact, it may lead them to the conclusion that this user will not likely contact him back soon because of his rare presence.

Online inactivity can also become a sign for the employers that you are not up to date regarding both social media and general activities and words “initiative and enterprising” can seem pale in your resume.

You Fail to Use Keywords

It is the truth that some candidates could be easier found by recruiters and stay quite passive but still get a response. Usage of the right keywords is an art that can be mastered only after making a thorough research.

First of all, the targeted position should be named clearly and the set of skills mentioned should answer the requests. Fulfilling any form, applicants have to give the generic title (e.g., Marketing Manager) and obligatory include specific, additional words in characteristic (online/digital, customer segmentation, direct mail). In such a way job hunters become searchable.

Your Current Company Isn’t Branded

Another important search item is the company name. If you are working for a leading organization, you will be more likely to be found by the recruiters in the process of search.

In case you cannot boast such a trendy employer, think about your previous experience or connections that could be mentioned and remove all distracting phrases from a resume. It proves again that a properly fulfilled profile is crucial in the job search.

Your Name Is Absent In Public Domainresume and cover letter writing

Social media is not the only resource that gives recruiters more information about the applicants. They definitely search more broadly, looking through the lists of conferences, professional associations, and trade publications.

Is your name among the participants? If you are an active member of your professional groups, post opinion letters or guest posts for your industry rag, your name is apparently to surface in the websites recruiters often research.

You Aren’t Recommended

The most effective source of candidate search for recruiters remains word-of-mouth. Make your name memorable for your network. The way to gain such results is to get acquainted with enough people and be professional.

In addition, you have to keep in touch with everyone, who can have a positive influence and recommend you.

You Don’t Respond

Probably you are perfectly managing your online profiles, your network, and your public persona…but you fail to respond. Have you set your LinkedIn Profile to receive and deliver messages? Have you mentioned the actual email addresses on social profiles? Even if you are really busy, missing the call can cost you a great opportunity.

Have you managed to find the mistake you are guilty of?