How to Write a Resume Summary?

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Resume summary is a piece of the decisive information. It contains your killer skills and professional achievements that are required for the position. It’s an important piece of your resume as it grabs recruiter’s attention and makes him either keep on reading or set it aside.

If you order resume from Resume Writing Lab, our writers cope with this abstract perfectly. Still, some job seekers decide to write resumes independently. So, don’t neglect the help of the resume editors. It’s cheaper and you will still get a good resume in the result.

So, a good resume summary contains your killer skills that can be useful for the company’s success and high work productivity. Learn from the example:

IT Manager with 3+ years of experience in an IT occupation. Control and evaluate IT and electronic data operations, manage information technology and computer systems, ensure the security of data, network access, and backup systems. Responsible and detail-oriented. Have a Master of Business Administration.

This summary covers:

  • Top skills and qualifications
  • Key qualities
  • Degree
  • Experience
  • A good summary must contain at least these 4 fundamental aspects but remain brief. Such summaries are also typical for online job boards. In order to use LinkedIn service effectively, place your resume summary in the profile. And don’t forget that you always can apply to Resume Writing Lab for a quality resume.

    It’s crucial to remember that resume summary must be tailored toward the job description and the required qualifications and skills. You must present information that recruiter looks for.