How to Write a Resume for a Job?

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If you wonder how to write a resume step by step, then here is the basic guideline.

  • First, you should choose a proper format, either a reverse-chronological, functional or a combined one. The most traditional format remains a chronological resume because it can suit for every applicant regardless of his level of experience. While a functional one emphasizes more on the person’s abilities and skills, therefore, it works out more for people with an expert level of experience.
  • The second stage includes putting your information in a proper order. Don’t forget to write down your contacts, in the beginning, select a resume introduction (you can choose from a qualifications summary, a resume objective or professional profile). Your professional experience and education are the core of each resume, so if your main duties/achievements written for each job title and the title of your degree sounds persuasive enough to interest your HR manager, this is already a win. Other section includes your most important skills, awards, and other acquirements.
  • The last stages, but not least important ones include tailoring your application according to general formatting rules and proofreading.
Keep in mind that you don’t have to put any efforts to resume writing since there exist professional resume writers who know exactly how to write a resume for a job application without any flaw.