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Resume Writing Lab helps thousands of job seekers to improve their career, achieve professional goals and get noticed by leading employers offering qualified resume writing services. Our goal is not only to provide employees with flawless CV or LinkedIn Profile but also inspire them to find the job they could enjoy.

A career path does not start with a job search. It begins with getting a proper education. In order to encourage student think in advance about their future employment, we start a scholarship program that could give them a push to becoming a valuable employee.

Scholarship Background

A college education is expensive and is not always affordable for everyone who wants to become a student. High-school graduates often have to take loans, look for a part-time job or ask family members for financial help to cover the tuition fees.

A scholarship could cover the part of the tuition fees and make student’s life a lot easier.

Financial support is an important reason for getting a scholarship but it is not the only one. The goal of our scholarship program is to help students to get featured. Providing help with a resume, we try to show the employer that a candidate has a lot to offer. The competition on a job market is enormous. Entry level requirements presume to have a good education, at least one year of experience, certifications, and professional skills.

Recent graduates cannot always match these criteria and should choose another approach. Applying for a scholarship shows the future employer a student’s active position in life. Students do not have much of work experience but can get the attention on a job market with sports achievements, club affiliations, or getting a scholarship. A winning student will not only receive the money but a chance to get noticed.

How Could a Student Apply for a Scholarship?

In order to apply for a scholarship, a student needs to write an article on the topic "Resume With No Experience: Enter Workforce With Confidence" and place it on his/her blog with a tag Scholarship from Resume Writing Lab (linking to this page). Winners will receive $500 for covering college tuition.

We expect participants to express their personal vision of a successful transition from college to a job market. Creativity, original ideas, honesty, and encouraging tips will be appreciated.

Our scholarship is made to encourage students to learn how to present themselves in a resume. We would be happy if the statement that poorest resumes are written by recent graduates could become a myth. The articles of participants should be helpful for those who start their career path. Your piece of writing should convince young specialists that absence of experience is not an obstacle for getting hired. We would be happy to reward the writers with the brightest and the most helpful ideas.


In order to participate, a candidate should meet certain requirements.

  • It is necessary to be a US citizen who is at least 16 years old.
  • Before applying, please make sure you are a full-time college student or accepted for graduate or undergraduate program.
  • Any sort of minimum GPA is not required for participation.
  • Both domestic and international students may enter the program.
  • An article should be an original work of an applying participant and meet the deadline.

If you are eligible for a contest, please also fill out a scholarship application. We accept articles and applications written in English only. The winners will be contacted by e-mail and have to respond to it in order to accept the prize.

Application deadline: December, 31, 2018

Winner announced on: January, 14, 2019

Please, use Contact Us form for any questions regarding the scholarship.

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