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Do you feel paralyzed by the fear of rejection every time you send your resume and cover letter to a recruiter? Does your ego take a knock when you get a “No”? You even created a LinkedIn profile, but almost nobody views it. Neither does it draw any offers. Resume Writing Lab is here to help you!

Our name states it plainly. We are a modern writing lab that will synthesize only the finest quality resume writing services online to help you either kick-start your career or advance it to the next level.

How better to do this than call on our experienced and certified staff for your professional resume writing?

Below are our services that will help you get hired faster. You save lots of time, as our online helpers are ready to help you succeed with an awesome application document. A simple click gets you ahead of all other applicants!

Our Services

Resume Writing

This online resume service will write and format your resume for optimal appearance and content. Our professional resume writers know what your future employer will want to read.

CV Writing

If you seek a position in academia, a grant, or a proposal – use our CV writing services. One of our writers will paint a specific description of your academic credentials and accomplishments.

LinkedIn Profile Writing

Increasingly, hiring managers and recruiters are turning to LinkedIn to find new employees. A thorough profile will significantly boost your chances of a job finding you instead of the other way around.

Resume Editing

Are you satisfied with the basic content of your resume and just want it more readable or perhaps better formatted? Our resume editors know how to do it. Let's polish your professional resume.

CV Editing

Most documents, including a well-written CV, have room for improvement. Our writers can edit the format and description of your credentials to make them stand out against your competitors.

Cover Letter Writing

Our online resume writers can create excellent cover letters using your information to target the specific job you seek with text and format to convince any employer that you are the best fit for the position.


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  1. Submit your order

    Tell us exactly what you want. Resume, CV, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile, or all of the above.

  2. Fill in the questionnaire

    Our form helps to learn about your career and goals for telling your story in a way that will appeal to your ideal employee.

  3. Your writer makes magic

    The new professionally polished documents will land you that new job.

  4. Get your resume via email

    The final result will be mailed immediately upon its timely completion.

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Professional Writers

Our certified writers with years of experience will work directly with you to meet the highest demands.

On-time Delivery

You get your perfectly written document in 3-5 business days, though we always try to deliver even faster than that.

ATS Friendly Resumes

We use special templates, keywords, and formats to please the Applicant Tracking System.


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Resume Writing Services that Land a New Job

Competition for the most desirable jobs is getting fiercer by the day. A hiring manager really needs something about you that stands out to want to give you that second look. That is why they read cover letters first. Many applicants make the mistake of not writing one at all. Writing your own cover letter may put you ahead of some candidates, but one that professionally writes will be very likely actually to land you the interview.

With over 90 percent of employers now hiring at least some of their employees after browsing LinkedIn, this is yet another important avenue to consider in landing that dream job. The same goes for resumes, CVs, and cover letters. Our online resume writers can craft your profile and do a free resume review so that employers will also come looking for you as you are seeking them out.

What does a resume consist of?

The first thing everybody who’s getting to writing a professional resume asks is, ‘what are the main components of a resume?’ This is a great question if you want your CV to get noticed by the sources. The answer to it lies in the idea of this document itself: it should show the seeker that your candidacy is a good fit for the position they offer in terms of your educational background, skillset, experience, and personal qualities. However, it’s not the whole list, and there are many things that people do write in the resume that they better not do. Let’s start with what to mention in this document.

What does a resume include?

  • A resume summary. This is the first information the HR managers see when they open the file. Usually, it is the key information about the applicant (experience in the field, foreign language proficiency, contact information, skills, qualities that makes you different from any other candidate);
  • Work experience. List all the relevant previous companies you worked in reverse chronological order (the last/current one should be placed on top of the list). This part includes the duration, location, name of the organization, and the responsibilities you had;
  • Educational background. You should enumerate all the educational institutions you’ve attended and the degree you’ve obtained, including the college name, duration, and majors.
  • Trainings, workshops, etc. If you’ve attended any additional seminars or lectures connected to your professional interests, they should be in the document, so the recruiter sees you strive to update your knowledge;
  • Personal qualities, interests, etc., this block is for any additional information you want the people to read and know before the in-person meeting.

What should not be included in a resume?

  1. Anything unrelated to the professional career/ job position you’re applying for;
  2. Cover letters, references, copies of documents;
  3. Sensitive information (either personal or financial).

How to Write an Effective Resume?

Now, as you know what information to include and what to refrain from, the natural question is how to write effective resumes when you need them? The tricky part here is that there is no unanimous answer to this as its efficacy depends on many factors:

  • The requirements concerning the CV mentioned in the job posting;
  • The sphere are you applying for (resume for creatives might differ from those who work in Technology or Medicine);
  • Its proficiency and correctness;
  • The person who reads it.

Even though the above-mentioned factors can influence the outcome, there are some tips for writing an effective resume that applies to any scenario and any person.

  1. Keep it well-structured. Nothing makes a recruiter want to skip reading the CV more than one being written as a solid text. Dividing your resume into sections with headings will simplify the recruiter’s job significantly as they won’t crack their heads looking for your previous jobs or skills.
  2. Use the keywords related to your position. If you know that the accounting field needs the knowledge of QuickBooks, Xero, or other programs and you know them, by all means, mention them in your resume to increase chances to be noticed by ATSs the HR people use.
  3. Keep it short and concise. The recruiters don’t have all the time in the world, and you need to respect it—squiz as much data about yourself as you can in as few words as it can be.
  4. Show results. Don’t describe.

What are the common mistakes of a resume?

  • Writing adjectives without mentioning the results. “Performance-driven” is perceived differently from “increased the clients’ database up to 5% within 3 months”;
  • Writing full long sentences. Leave that for your cover letter;
  • Lying about skills.

What resume format do employers prefer?

There are two major types of resumes: chronological and functional. The first one will fit those who have an extensive work experience history (i.e., been places, done things) while functional can help out those who have particular skills, don’t have a lot of experience, changed too many jobs, or want to switch to a new sphere.

But back to answering your question: they prefer a resume that tells about one’s fitness into the environment within 1-2 pages and few questions left to be asked.

Who does resumes?

When you need your resume done, you can either start writing one yourself or email the resume consulting services to get it written for you without your active participation. There is nothing wrong with making one by yourself if you can say you are a resume specialist, know the most recent trends in CV writing, and get a professional resume done without spending too much time on it.

If none of that applies, or if your work experience doesn’t have a resume writing job title, you better contact companies that help with resumes. Why would you want to do it?

The short answer is that you put your future workplace and career opportunity at stake. You may not know a lot of intricacies of CV composition that the resume preparers deal with daily, so they can come up with the best solution and provide the needed resume preparation services for you to get in touch with the recruiters.

Another answer is that a resume builder company can advertise your skills better than yourself because they don’t have the natural shyness humans have when talking about themselves in the best possible way. But who is the best resume writing service, and why it can’t be done by just anybody who can write?

Who does resumes?

While it’s hard to find a sole resume writing definition, it would be fair to suggest our own to illustrate why it is a different writing style and why the writing techniques should also be different. So, resume writing is a writing style used for resume development to inform others of the most important professional and personal characteristics one has to be considered for a particular position. When it comes to writing style, CV writing has the following distinctive characteristics:

  • Rare use of full sentences. What you need to provide in the resume is a lot of data in the most condensed form. Hence – the use of elliptical sentences or even phrases that contain the information, numbers, data, etc.;
  • It is effectively structured and divided into blocks. It may even resemble the shopping lists for different purposes as you need to mention where you worked previously, what your responsibilities were, your professional achievements, educational establishments, and other relevant information;
  • It should have a lot of professional vocabulary, abbreviations, etc. Most of those abbreviations aren’t explained as there is no need to do it: those who are looking for the person with particular knowledge and skills are well-aware of them;
  • It has a lot of calendar data. Numbers and data are important as they give the recruiters understanding about the professional compatibility and whether you will need any additional training or you can jump into work right away;
  • It uses functional, active, meaningful words. There is no space for filler words, archaisms, slang, colloquial language, etc. Tip: if you remove the word and it doesn’t change the meaning of the sentence/phrase, you don’t need it.

What are the best resume writing services?

The best resume writing services are hard to find as there are many of them on the web and offline. The question here is, what do you consider as an agency that does the best job. At Resume Writing Lab, we have our own standards of what is the best resume service, and we’re happy to live by those standards.

  1. It has a positive reputation and feedback from real customers. Reviews, references, and testimonials from those who have used the services speak louder than any advertising, so you definitely should pay attention if your chosen agency has anything to brag about.
  2. It has samples and templates available for review before placing the order. You need to know what you are buying, and by looking through the available samples, you can easily understand whether they will do the work you need.
  3. They do ALL kinds of professional writing. Chances are, CV is not the only document you need to attach when responding to a job ad, and usually, the HR managers specify that you need to include the cover letter with your resume. The agency specializing in professional writing can do a great job as they already know your background and can make one person write the CV and cover letter. Resume Writing Lab went even further as we have experience writing LinkedIn profiles, editing resumes and cover letters, and writing them from scratch.
  4. They always ask for your professional information. Knowing your goals, experience, and needs will help professional writers develop the best solution to reveal your potential as a prospective employee.
  5. They guarantee confidentiality. Your privacy should be a priority, and we are proud to set our values right with your confidentiality placed on top. All information you provide remains between us only, and its use is defined by our Privacy policy and Terms of Use. We welcome you to read them before placing the order.

How much do resume writing services cost?

The market for resume writing services is huge these days, and you can find some very cheap solutions alongside some costly ones. We guarantee that our prices are affordable and comparable to our competitors – rather low for the scope of work that we provide. However, there are a few things that can determine the cost of resume writing:

  • Writing from scratch or editing. An originally written resume costs more than its editing as, naturally, the writers use more time, resources, and knowledge to come up with the best variant;
  • Writing in different formats. There is a difference between writing the chronological and functional resume, so in case you want to have them both, the price will be higher;
  • Having enough information provided. If you order a resume without mentioning any details, so the writers need to figure that out themselves, you might be given a slightly higher sum in the check.

At Resume Writing Lab, we have fair pricing policies that reflect our no-hidden-fees strategy. You know what you pay for before ordering from us.

How are many online resume writing services in the USA?

It’s difficult to say the exact or approximate number as this niche constantly changes with new players entering the game and some companies closing. After all, it’s not about how many agencies can write you the resume to bring you to the desired job. It’s about how qualified their federal resume writers are, how professional their approach is, and if they have testimonials credible enough for you to place the order on their website.

We encourage you to do your small research before choosing the agency to get the desired result. From our side, we assure you that we are 100% ready to help you make the best resume to connect you with the right company and help your professional career skyrocket. How ready are you?