Boost Your Job Search This New Year

new year job searchJust imagine – 31,890,000 people or approximately 10% of Americans – are these numbers substantial for you? Namely, this number of Americans adds to their plans to find a new job in the new year. Are you among them?

If you aren’t, review your plans for the following year again, as a new year is like a new chapter of your life. Starting significant changes from the beginning is always a good idea as people tend to consider themselves entirely new personalities after the clock’ strikes. Is it true or not? We don’t know for sure.

Where to Start Job Search?

Often job seekers get confused at the very beginning. They simply have no idea where to look for a job. You can be an experienced and skilled professional, but without job searching knowledge it will be hard to meet the necessary people and get recruiters` attention and become demanded employee.

There are several methods smart job seekers use. First of all, don’t ever underestimate networking. Since the majority of good jobs are never advertised, you need to build connections to learn about upcoming opportunities.

Network online or socialize with people in the real world. Start seeking a job online. Do everything to be there and learn about new opportunities.

What is more, try job boards, career websites, job fairs, and internships. If you have a professionally crafted resume, it will be piece of cake to get plenty of positive attention during any event.

The only thing we can assure you – starting your job search in January is good as this time you are full of energy and enthusiasm, and you are ready to act after the long holidays. But if you have been already looking for a job, it is tough to unlock your energy and move on.

Look through the following essential tips that will help you to make everything right.

Review Your Resume

A powerful resume is a key to success. A practical paper doesn’t guarantee you are getting your dream job. Though, it increases the chances of being hired.

Suppose your old resume didn’t work. It’s time to edit it or write a new one. Writing a new resume would be the best idea (you are starting everything from scratch if you forgot). If your writing isn’t developed enough, we recommend you apply to a resume writing service.

Nowadays, finding a reputable service is challenging. So, if you trust our choice (positive feedback talks louder than our words), use the free resume review from Resume Writing Lab experts who have vast knowledge in this field.

Think About Strategy

Holiday hiring myths claim that starting a job search in January is the worst idea ever, BUT it is a blatant lie, especially when you created a clear and robust strategy. What is strategy? It is a clear set of steps from tiny to global ones. What is it for? Strategy is essential for job seekers as it makes their job search powerful and fruitful. Life is much easier when you know where you are going and what you have to do.

Therefore, take your time and a notebook to write down the following things:

  • You can set all the possible deadlines now.
  • List all resources (job sites, newspapers, job boards, friends, and family) you can only use to find a job.
  • Documents you have to gather and papers you already have.

Think about every step you have to make and write down the critical points of your job search.

Become a Volunteer

get hired in a new yearSuppose you have a part-time job or are jobless. In that case, volunteering is an excellent way to fulfill your employment gaps (even your current occupation doesn’t refer to your professional competency).

Pros of volunteering:

  • Experience – every experience is priceless.
  • Connections – meeting new people will help you to extend your network and probably find a job.
  • Joy – most people consider such events to be an absolute pleasure. We hope you think too.

Apply to Experts

If you still think you do something wrong, apply to your mentor, former colleagues, friends, and family, who will provide you with the necessary help. A natural expert doesn’t an experienced person: it doesn’t matter when you get helpful adDon’tand priceless directions.

Don’t You Need Professional Development?

Review your year from the promotional side. Be objective. Don’t you think you need to develop your skills? If you realize you have, attend courses on professional development that will hone your skills.

If you still think a new year is not a proper time for starting a job search, consider that every start is difficult. There is no good or bad time. There is whether you want to get a dream job or you don’t. If you want, make your first step. Be the first successful job seeker!