Are Resume Pages Numbered?

There are definite resume writing standards and most professional resume writers know them. While some job seekers are too cautious and don’t know whether resume writing services are worth applying for, the answer related to summary page numbering is topical.

So, How Should It Be Done?

So, if the resume is beyond one page, the pages must be numbered. Usually, the number of the page and the name of the applicant are placed at the top of each page. The page number and the name are enough as more information would seem confusing.

Some job seekers prefer to stick to a little bit outdated “golden rule” that a perfect resume must contain only one page. Nowadays opportunities allow us to enhance the professional experience, so, usually, one page isn’t enough. Unfortunately, there are people, who are afraid to break the rule, and sometimes it plays against them.

Still, it’s crucial to remember that a resume must contain the information, which is required and can influence the decision of the potential recruiter.

Therefore, if you can’t fit these peculiarities, it’s better to apply for custom resume writing help. Obviously, not every resume writing service provides quality help. So, it’s crucial to conduct research and check out the quality of the potential summary writing.

That’s why, if your resume represents only one page, there is no need to number it but if it contains two or three, you should number it the way that was mentioned above.