Is Resume Template a Job Search Killer?

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Are you still wondering why employers don’t call you up for an interview? The reason can be simple – you have written your resume according to a template.

HR managers, recruiters, and employers are spending too much time reading standard resumes based on a template, so they will quickly understand that your resume is not a unique one, and they will lose any interest in further reading.

In order to attract hiring manager’s attention, you need to write a resume that is original and will make your candidacy more attractive to be invited for an interview.

If you have never written such resumes, you can use Resume Writing Lab to get the best resume or Curriculum Vitae, as this service is specialized on professional assistance at any types of writing.

Moreover, you will definitely get a resume that has nothing in common with a template. But, if you are still not sure about a bad impact of resume templates, you should learn the following information.

It’s All the Same

For professional HR managers, it is not difficult to understand how you have written your resume. If you just fill in a template, this will not bring a desirable result. Let’s be honest, you spend a little time and no efforts to write such a resume.

To an employer, this can mean that you will always look for quick ways of solving any problem and that you are not serious enough. It can sound a little bit radical, but for people who get hundreds of such resumes, there is no other way to choose more appropriate candidacies.

creative resume template

Poor Design and Style

In spite of the popular belief that all the templates are written by specialists, nobody really knows how these writings appeared on the Internet.

Moreover, if you spend more time and examine them thoroughly, you will simply understand that all the templates are monotonous, have a simple design and in reality do not correspond to most requirements. Just imagine how many similar resumes are sent with the help of job search apps daily.

Bad Self-Presentation

Everyone understands that job seekers write resumes to make a self-presentation. When you rely on a resume template, you are selling yourself and not at a good price.

Instead of creating another one copied resume, you can use all your skills and writing talents to create a unique product that will characterize your personality and will help you throughout your further career.

It is about making one stunning resume that you can update, when it is necessary, or change a style according to a position you apply for.

How to Create Your Own Resume?

Here is a simple advice that will helpersonal resume writingp you to make a unique writing. At first, you need to read up to ten resumes including template ones and publicly posted personal resumes.

After this, you will understand the main idea you need to express and learn appropriate words you should and also should not use.

Also pay attention to style and design of each resume, as these are important factors of such writing.

Then you can close all the resumes and use this inspiration to write your own.

This will also help you to avoid coping ideas from the others, but you will be able to think about your own qualities and talents to describe.

Make sure you write only necessary information and try to be laconic. Also spend time on writing a good beginning, as it has to grab people’s attention and make them read until the end.

Do not forget that you are selling yourself, so this must be a type of advertisement. Emphasize your achievements and plans for future to make an HR manager believe that you are the most appropriate candidate.


When you use a template, do not be surprised that you get no invitations from employers. Such approach to job search can show your laziness and absence of dedication, and these features are not the ones that employers are looking for.

So you should make a good impression from the first time let HR manager remember you, and the only possible way to accomplish this is to make a great resume that is not based on a template but shows your creativity and responsible attitude to work