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When writing a resume, you get many ideas from people about how yours should look like. They will advise you based on their resumes when applying for jobs and landed one successfully. The truth is, some of those people wrote theirs about 10 years ago and have not written another one since.

Industries are regularly changing, and so is how things are done. Currently, resume content and formatting are a big thing due to the systems used by recruiters to filter them. When you are skilled, it can be frustrating to miss opportunities due to a poor cv. At ResumeWritingLab, we offer professional resume consulting service for proper guidance.

Our resume consultants are reliable and not just people who put words together. They are real professionals with many years of experience in the recruiting niche. We are not only focused on having your resume written but with your strengths and weaknesses. We endeavor to know about the job you are applying for and the relevant skills for the position.

When you reach out for resume consultancy, we are happy to guide you through the steps our writers take while writing one. We also have samples to show to have an idea of what it is like to get services from us. Our team is always available via live chat, and there is no need for a booking. After reaching out, you meet friendly and patient people to answer all your questions during the consultation.

Getting Resume Consulting Services Near Me

If you don’t have a provider in mind, you can start searching online for resume consultants near me. It is a simple search that gives you so many service providers to choose from. However, not all that you get deliver great results, and you should take time to see what other people say about their services.

After filtering the results and finding a perfect resume consultant near me, here are some tips you can use to maximize your consultation time:

Prepare for a Job with Service of a Resume Consultant

Choose a Nice Environment

You see, some places are distracting. The distraction can come from people’s noise in the house, pets, and our loved ones. In such an environment, your brain is not focused, and you can miss relevant points or even forget to ask pressing questions.

Be Specific on Your Role

When working with professional resume consultants, be specific with what you are looking for. Are you transitioning from one career path to the next, or are you kick-starting? A resume for a temp job has short-term goals, while that of a permanent job has long-term ones.

Share Your Resume If You Have One

You can attach your current cv so that the resume consultant can go through it with you and see how it can be improved. It is still okay if you have none since you can use the job description and point your experience and skills learned to the consultant. It is important to be honest so that you can have the best assistance possible.

Consult With an Expert

Being specific helps with getting personalized services, should you decide to have your order written by the provider you are seeking resume consultation services from.

Resumes Consulting for All Professionals

Our resume consulting services cater to professionals from diverse sectors. We also offer resume writing services for operations and career management resume services.

Often, when seeking professional services, costing becomes the main challenge. We do not charge for consultation services since we want you to be confident about what you get from us. However, we charge $139 for writing and $79 for editing. We are also happy to write a cover letter for you for only $59 and improve your visibility on LinkedIn by polishing your profile for only $59.

At ResumeWritingLab, we believe we are the best at resume consulting because we know trends in hiring. Whether it is a construction resume writer you need or any other professional people shy looking into, we can have them done for you.

We believe in swift services, and that is why at ResumeWritingLab, you don’t have to book a call for our resume consulting services. With a live chat, you can get instant consultation so you can decide whether to proceed with getting our resume writers services or not.

After the consultation, we are glad to take your order, and we promise to start working on your resume soon. Within 3-5 business days, it should be ready and sent to your email. Our team consists of professionals, and you can request a draft from your assigned writer before getting your final copy. It becomes easier to adjust when writing is in progress rather than waiting and ask for a revision.

You probably didn’t know about the resume consultation service that you can take advantage of when outsourcing writing. Reach us and let our professionals handle your worries at your convenience. We are always online waiting for you, and we promise you will enjoy working with us.

Your career is waiting!