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Welcome to Resume Writing Lab! Our professional resume writers keep on producing winning resumes and other application papers. Still, we are expanding the boundaries of the possible services. Only the best resume services online offer clients generous benefits in a couple of simple clicks. This is why we are launching affiliate partnership programs too! Are you intrigued? Keep on reading!

Affiliate programs are extremely popular nowadays. Companies look for the clients, who could place positive reviews, blog posts or ad banners. The principle of such a partnership is beneficial both to the company and clients.

ResumeWritingLab decided to keep up with times. We launch affiliate programs as we are sure that our clients would like to take part in them! We appreciate your positive recommendations but now we are ready to pay money for them!

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Best Affiliate Programs Online

If you agree to take part in our affiliate offer, familiarize with the following terms:

  • We provide affiliates with ad banners, career articles, and infographics;
  • Our affiliate software allows you to track your clicks, traffic, sales, and commissions;
  • Our clients have an opportunity to view reports and charts on your commissions;
  • Every client will receive instant e-mail notification of sales and commissions;
  • Many different banner ad designs and sizes available;
  • Affiliate support by our service is possible.

You can just use your existing website to get paid. Though, doesn’t support creating large mailing lists that people usually consider as a spam. Everything is easier. As a part of the most reliable performance-based marketing network, we value your trust above everything. Anyone willing to join the network can apply right now!

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Affiliate programs weren’t that popular several years ago. Such kind of partnership excited but not every customer realizes all aspects of such offers.

Every our client can become our affiliate partner. Still, every potential partner has to agree with the terms of the affiliate program and use moral marketing promoting methods. You also have to confess that promoting campaigns can’t bear offensive character.

Every client regularly gets commissions via PayPal or check. Our company uses reliable software to track the sales made after your promotion. You can also check the terms and conditions of the company to make sure you agree with the policy of ResumeWritingLab.

Our customers can also track the sales and the growing commissions. We have nothing to hide from you – everything is fair.

Benefits of Affiliate Partnership

Affiliate programs are beneficial not only to the companies, which launch them. You will also benefit from becoming our partner. Along with the commission, there are other important advantages. Firstly, you don’t need much time to place the link in your profile. You have to pick up the right text and gently mention our link.

Secondly, as it was mentioned before, you don’t need to create special platforms for promotion. You simply need your social media and a good reputation. That’s all.

Affiliate marketing from our company is simple and beneficial. That’s why we encourage our clients to become a part of affiliate programs. You can become our partner right now – just contact our service!

Apply today and make sure you can become our partner after our prelaunch stage