Case Competition on a Resume: Best Ways to Put It

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Students can participate in various activities while studying, and the years spent in school and college can bring them a unique set of skills, but not just that. Depending on the event they partake in, the students can get valuable experience they can later include into their resumes. One of such events is a case competition.

In the case of competitions, a specific issue is presented, and the participants develop a solution that will help a particular business deal with problems. The team that comes up with the best solution is the one that wins.

Participating in such an event gives the student a unique type of experience. A great resume will help you land an interview much faster if you are looking for a job.

With that said, you could be wondering if a case competition resume is a good idea. With help of the Resume Writing Lab team of experts, you will find all the answers below.

Should I Put Case Competition on My Resume

Case competitions are unique as they bring a completely different experience than other activities and events in school or college. They help students show their talents, ingenuity, and problem-solving capabilities. The students must possess various skills. In addition, they must be able to work under pressure and be team players.

All these points can play a significant role when looking for a job or seeking a promotion. They can help you get noticed by the potential employer and stand out from the rest of the applicants.

The winning team is the one that gets a certificate of achievement. The certificate also goes to the second and the third team. So, if you have been in one of the top three teams, especially the winning one, including case competition on your resume, it is something you should go for.

Keep in mind that your resume should include all the points that show off your unique skills and experience that will make you stand out. You can add certain things that show off your hard work and dedication.

Remember that certain things should not have their place in your resume. As an example, many students wonder, “can you put future jobs on your resume?”.

When it comes to future jobs or internships that have not started yet, do not add them to the resume. You can mention them in the cover letter instead. Unlike future jobs, case competition should be noted, especially if you won the certificate with your teammates.

How to Put Case Competition on a Resume

Now that you know that putting the case competition on a resume is a good idea, the next question is how and where to put it. Not every place could be suitable.

The best place to add case competition is in the awards or certificate part of your resume. The story about it should not be too long. Make it brief and on point instead. The main idea here is to stand out but don’t dedicate too much space to it.

Some students may have only a tiny part of practical experience. Still, it can be valuable. If you are in this group of students, it would be best to mention the case competition is the experience part of the resume, instead of in the awards or certificate section.

How to Put Case Competition in the Award/Certificate Part of the Resume

If you have more practical experience with case competition, placing it into the award or certificate area in the resume would be best. Here is how that should look like:


  • Harvard Global Case Competition 2022 – Winner
  • Google AdWords Search Advanced Certificate

If you have something unique to add to the case competition section, you can add the additional part. It may look like the following:


  • Harvard Global Case Competition 2022 – Winner

I have worked as a team leader to deliver a top-notch business solution by providing various networking opportunities to help aspirant analysts connect with leading firms on the market.

  • Google AdWords Search Advanced Certificate.

As you can see, the case competition can be part of the awards section, but it can also find its position in the certificate or the achievements part.

How to Put Case Competition in the Experience Part of the Resume

If you have only a bit of practical experience, you can still add the competition to the resume, and if you wonder where the experience part would be ideal. You can list the case competition there, along with skills you needed when you worked on a case or skills you acquired, thanks to the experience.

Here is an example:

Harvard Global Case Competition 2022

  • Achieved first place
  • Worked in a team to deliver a top-notch business solution by providing various networking opportunities to help aspirant analysts connect with leading firms on the market.
  • Collected required data, creating charts and tables.

Here is another example:

Harvard Global Case Competition 2022

  • Achieved second place
  • Worked with other team members to create a high-quality business solution that would help analysts connect with top-notch firms on the market.
  • Acquired skills in data collection and analysis charting methods

You can add other skills, such as problem-solving, data compiling, meeting deadlines, data logging, team-building, and more.

When Should You Not Include a Case Competition on a Resume?

Case competitions are a fantastic way to gain experience and knowledge, but should you always include them in the resume? The answer is no. Case competitions should not be part of your resume if they are not important.

When creating a resume, it is essential to know the answer to all your questions. For example, you need to know how to put sorority on your resume, but you also need to know when to remove it.

Every little thing you add can make a significant difference and help you land an interview and a job.

Examples of When You Should Not Include a Case Competition

There is no need to add competitions to your resume if they are not significant, especially if the competition does not have any relevant connections with the job you are applying to.

As an example, you may participate in Harvard Global Case Competition 2022, but your team was at the bottom of the list. It is not something you should add to the resume.

Case competition experience should not be added to a resume if you are applying for a position out of the business or marketing field.

Once you land the interview and get a job, it means you will gain professional experience. When that happens, it is time to remove case competition from the resume.

The same goes for the students wondering about the SAT score on resumes. You should put them if you do not have any professional experience. When you gain it, remove the SAT score, the same as you are about to do with the case competitions.

Key Takeaways

Case competitions are significant events students can participate in and gain unique experience and skills.

Thus, they should be added to the resume, but here are some key points to remember:

  • Add the case competitions if they are relevant (if you won or were in the team that was second or third)
  • You can add the case competition into the award/certification/achievement part of the resume
  • Make the part about it brief and on point
  • Do not add the case competitions if you are applying for a job that is not in the marketing or business field
  • When you get a job and gain professional experience, it is time to remove case competitions from your resume.

Remember these key takeaways and consider adding case competitions if they match the above-mentioned points.