A Designer Creates a Mini-Figure of Himself to Get the Job

lego cv to find a job

A creative artist decided to look at the job-search world from a creative angle and designed a mini-figure of himself as his CV. This extraordinary CV has already gotten plenty of attention from both employees and potential employers. A CV writing company investigates how a simple Lego toy can get you a job.

So, What’s the Story?

Andy Morris, 34 years old, has recently graduated from the University of South Wales. He has revolutionized the sphere of composing resumes when he presented a Lego figure of himself with a printed resume in his hand. He has been working with Lego figures before and has already got custom-made Lego figures in his portfolio.

The Andy Morris Lego character has a flat cap and a red bomber jacket on. He carries his artisan’s tool, the laptop, in one hand, and a miniature resume in the other.

lego resume result

The backside of the Lego figure package contains a toy description where Andy whimsically demonstrates his skills, expertise, and professional background.

Andy Morris has been working on his Lego models for two months now. He is now ready to address his CV figures to every company of his interest. Even though all of the Lego figures being sent out to employers are the same, they will surely enjoy receiving those and “unwrapping their newest employee”, as the label on the box says.

The Andy Morris story has already made some great publicity. Millions of job seekers alike have visited Andy’s website for inspiration and even wrote testimonials motivating headhunters to score his great talent. In addition to feedback from job applicants, Andy has already got an interview offer from Cardiff-based ad agency S3.

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In a world, where “normal is boring” and “standing out is a must” Andy encourages people not to simply think out of the box but bring a dose of lightheartedness into everyday life with their unique talent.