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Hope and Change: Chronic Unemployment in the U.S.

By 7th February 2020

usa unemployment

Bonita Guesman, 59, who has occupied several jobs, now starts all over again at the Goodwill Industries classrooms in the South Side on Monday, July 20, 2015. She is going to complete her GED program after she had got laid off.

She had been looking for a job for five months until she realized that every potential employer wants to see a high school diploma beside professionally written CV and other documents. Bonita has been working her entire life to support herself and her family. A woman used to work mostly in the legal and banking. She had worked for 8 years at Bank of New York Mellon and when she got laid off she faced some difficulties in the labour market.


Tired of always being refused, Bonita decided to completely change the situation. A woman applied to high school to get her GED.

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Letter of Introduction: Overview and Useful Tips

By 29th January 2020
Letter of Introduction


What is a letter of introduction? And how can a letter of introduction sample help you land your dream job? This is a piece of correspondence that is sent via email and introduces a specialist to another colleague or a person to a friend.

There are various reasons when you may need to know how to write a letter of introduction. You may write it to introduce one coworker to another, introduce new team members, new customers, and clients, a freelancer or a contractor as well as introduce yourself as a candidate for a certain position. read more…

Careers Of The Future: Choosing A Career That Promises Job Security

By 27th January 2020
Job Security Career


Choosing a career can be quite overwhelming, especially when considering that only specific fields can provide both job security as well as high-paying annual salaries.

In addition to this, selecting the right career for you as an individual is crucial for personal growth. Making the wrong decision would not only leave you incredibly miserable each day at work, but your personal life will take a toll as well.

Beyond the perks of a nice paycheck, one of the most significant factors to consider when selecting a career is job security. Having to make a career change later in life because there is no longer a demand for professionals with your skillset can be understandably daunting.

To help narrow your selection of choices, these top-rated careers of the future can provide both job security as well as an impressive annual salary.

Medical Careers

Selecting a career in the medical field is a fantastic decision that would undoubtedly be able to promise your job security. What’s more, striving towards becoming a qualified doctor is not the only option in this industry as registered nurse anesthetists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants are high in-demand professions to consider.

While the average nurse practitioner takes home roughly $85,000 per year, the job description consists of treating illnesses and prescribing medicine. If you are an individual with a passion for helping others, you should consider a career in the medical field.

Medical Careers


Technology Industry

There’s no denying that technology is taking over virtually every industry out there, which is why a career as a software architect, software engineer, or IT analyst would be a wise decision. IT is a leading career if you are focused on industry growth, and the salary expectancy is quite incredible too.

If you are considering a career in this field, you will need to further your education. Students, who have no acquired formal qualifications such as their A levels, should obtain access to a higher education diploma, which would allow them to further their education and land a job in the ever-growing technology industry.

Technology Industry


Education Sector

Realistically, there will always be an incredibly high demand for professionals in the education sector as society cares deeply about education. Whether you opt for a career as a primary school teacher or a university professor, you will likely never experience the turmoil of battling to find employment.

Furthermore, teachers are among the select few who can enjoy an incredibly alluring work-life balance which means that you would have absolutely no difficulty furthering your own education and spending quality time with your family.

Education Sector


Financial Services

If you have a mathematical mind, you may want to consider the attractive annual salaries and career security that working in financial services can provide. From accountants to financial advisors, financial services can be a gratifying field for those who simply love numbers. Job growth in this industry is expected to rise a staggering 41% over the next 10 years; therefore, you will be able to enjoy job security for years to come.

Financial Services


What Donald Trump Says about the Future of Job Market

By 21st January 2020

donald trump and job searchResume Writing Lab is glad to congratulate Donald Trump on the election victory! The interest in this controversial person has rapidly increased. Obviously, Americans want to know who is going to lead their powerful country.

The outstanding story of his life, full of rises and falls, is known. The program of his political activity is learned.

However, there is one extremely actual issue of his policy, which still piques the interest of the masses. The 45th president of the USA raised a question of unemployment and the labor market.

No matter how controversial the quotes of the businessman-turned-politician might seem, the best online resume service is ready to deliver you a brief overview of his views on the labor market.
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The Jobs Freelance Bloggers Do

By 15th January 2020

Jobs Freelance Bloggers Do

Everyone is always looking to make an extra buck. From students to workers and stay at moms alike. And it is always better when that extra income can be gotten from remote work. Getting work done from the comfort of your home or around your daily schedules is very appealing to the majority.

While the idea of working from home or remotely is appealing, there are only a few skill sets that could be applied to becoming a freelancer. For instance, working as a graphics designer, a voice-over artist, as a translator, and as a freelance blogger are some of the most common remote jobs, you can do in your PJs.

In today’s post, we will focus on freelance bloggers. At the end of this article, you should understand what other jobs you can so as a freelance blogger and take advantage of every opportunity.

Who is a Blogger? 
A self-employed writer for a personally owned website or a blogger hired to write regularly and remotely for another website or blog.

What are Blogs?
Blogs are simply online journals or an information-filled website which varies in topics of interest.

Who can be a Freelance Blogger?
Whether you are a doctor, student, or stay at home mom, you can still be a  blogger. Heck! Even a social worker or the bored guy next door could be a blogger. The point is that there are no rules or restrictions as to who can blog, except, of course, the one tiny detail of being able to put words together coherently.

Reasons to Become a Freelance Blogger?

blogger jobs

  • Easy to Start. You do not need any capital or a million-dollar idea to start blogging. Plus, there are a ton of useful tips and free webinars on how to start and manage a blog online. All you need is a laptop, phone, or tablet and access to the internet.
  • No Special Skills Required. This is one of the major perks of owning a blog or starting one. You do not need a college degree or technical skills to get on the blogging wagon. All you need is the ability to string words together and keep your readers coming back for more.
  • Use Your Free Time. Most freelance bloggers do this as a side gig, a second job, or a fall back job. This allows them to navigate their time throughout the day or week, and still manage to multitask on daily chores. The fact that you choose the hours to work on your own is one of the most appealing things about blogging.
  • Write Remotely. This means that you are either working from your home or doubling up on work at your office. Notwithstanding, writing or blogging doesn’t care where you are and does not affect productivity.
  • You are Self-employed. As a freelance blogger, you are basically a business owner. Apart from calling the shots on how to spend your time, it also allows room for things you enjoy doing, which a 9 to 5 job would restrict you.
  • Can Become a Full-Time Job. At some point, you will have to start paying your bills. Lots of freelance bloggers have turned their side hobby of writing into a means for living. Bloggers earn up to thousands of dollars from just creating content for fun.
  • Helps you Build a New Skill. When you start blogging, you will discover new ways to keep yourself motivated, write, and even learn the technical jargon of blogging. Those skills come in handy when you start searching for outside paid jobs.
  • Limitless Earning Power. Bloggers are some of the highest-paid content creators today. However, you should understand that there is a considerable difference between freelance writing and blogging features.

Freelance writing is where you take an order for work, deliver it, and get paid. With blogging, however, you need to write and update your content consistently. This way, money can come from various sources even though it may take some time to accumulate.

Freelance Bloggers

What Jobs Do Freelance Bloggers Do?

Freelance bloggers WRITE! So why not get paid doing what you love? Some jobs for freelance bloggers include:

Jobs Freelance Bloggers Do
Sometimes, it’s not enough to be a self-blogging geek. It’s fun to write in your spare time and put out content that feels personal, but you have to stop selling yourself short.

Writing in a professional capacity will not only bring you more money but will give you opportunities to explore unfamiliar niche terrains, challenging you to become a better writer.

Jobs Freelance Bloggers Do

Not all blogs have just one content creator. This would give you a chance to manage other content creators remotely without the need to leave your couch.

There are lots of blogs in need of daily engagement on their sites, which can become very overwhelming for the owners to manage on their own. And this is where your content management skills come in handy as you already have mastered the art of managing the flow of content and an insider’s knowledge of the readers’ expectations.

Jobs Freelance Bloggers Do

Another job that a freelance blogger can do is offering social media services to those who need help understanding the algorithms of SM. The whole idea of social networks, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and many others, is giving priority to the best content in terms of how engaging they are to the target audience.

Believe it or not, but getting your brand to a point where you don’t need ads to boost your social media pages is not as easy as it seems. Since you have experience with creating cool and exciting content for your blog, you can offer this as a service to brands in need of this skill.

Jobs Freelance Bloggers Do

As a blogger, you can turn your interest in a particular niche into something bigger. Become innovative and partner with big names in your niche. For instance, if you are interested in fashion, you can then create a fashion line or a makeup line for your readers and followers. You can even write an eBook or start a course on your niche.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, helping another company sell its products by marketing it on your blog is another way to get revenue. However, make sure that you have a reliable number of daily viewers and visitors to your blog as this would greatly depend on the response to those products or services. Your blog basically gets a commission off every sale.

Jobs Freelance Bloggers Do

Search Engine Optimization is not an easy skill to acquire, so if you know your way around keywords and quality content creation, then put that skill to use by offering it to other websites still struggling at it. These days, every website wants to ensure their site is search engine friendly, so this would be the best time to apply for such jobs.

Where to Get Freelance Jobs for Bloggers

Different websites provide freelancers a market to advertise their skills to a target audience. You can join one or more of these sites, post samples of your work, and pitch your skills.

Jobs for Bloggers

Some freelance sites include:

  • Upwork
  • Flexjobs
  • MediaBistro
  • Behance Jobs
  • LinkedIn


Freelance blogging is a great gig for anyone who can string together words coherently, aligning them chronologically. Blogging can boost your current career or you can find freelance blogging jobs and become more than just a regular blogger. There is no limit to how much can be earned from it and requires no unique talent or skill to start, except write!

Successful Obama’s Policy Against The Nation’s Unemployment Rate

By 8th January 2020

president employment

July jobs report showed that the nation’s unemployment level has promptly decreased and totally recovered from George W. Bush’s Great Recession. It signifies a complete triumph for President Obama.

Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, Jason Furman, claims that unrounded data shows the moving of the unemployment rate’s headline below its pre-recession average. It happened for the first time in the recovery.

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3 Secrets of Salary Rates in Dubai

By 7th January 2020

job search UAE salaryDepending on your skills in negotiation and the level of your qualification, you may get quite a different salary in Dubai. There is no minimum wage rate and standardized salary level, but salaries are often higher than in western nations. Salary will also depend on your nationality, qualification, experience, and history of your employment, as well as on other different factors.

Surprisingly, you may negotiate a better salary, even if you apply for a standard job position. Thus, workers of the same level in the same company may have a different salary. That is why it is really important to choose the best way for introducing yourself. To increase your chances, you should obviously create a professional CV. Mind that not only your professional features matter. Your negotiation skills also have a great impact on the result of your interview.
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10 Best American Companies to Work At

By 1st January 2020

job search and american companiesDuring any job search, people try to do everything to ultimately end up in the dream position in the target company. Certainly, by ordering a professionally written resume from ResumeWritingLab, making frequent calls to companies, arranging thousands of interviews you can increase your chances significantly. And what could be better than reaching this goal and starting to get a big paycheck for doing what you’re actually passionate about?

At the end of April 2016, an American news website Business Insider together with PayScale company has made a research on the 50 most dream-job companies with the best working conditions for employees.
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How to Research If Your Salary Expectations Are Realistic

By 29th November 2019

Realistic Salary Expectations

After you determined your worth and how you can benefit the company, it’s time to check if your salary expectations for the position are actually realistic and appropriate. You might be aiming too high or too low, so you better do some research before sharing your expectations with the employer.

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Homeless Man With Resume Asks For Work Not Money

By 27th November 2019

searching for job in any circumstancesFrederic Callison has spent the last 2 years in an unexpected way. He was sitting outside a grocery shop in Sacramento, California. But, to your great amazement, he was not asking for money like all homeless people are used to. Instead, he decided to use the piece of real estate as his place for active job search. Finally, his efforts were rewarded, as one man noticed him and helped.

The man was Michael Marteen who was just shopping with his fiancé and 2 daughters. Unfortunately, it’s no wonder to see some homeless people outside different stores. However, this situation was really strange to Michael and Sandra, his fiancé. They saw the man who was not just desperately asking for money. They became witnesses to great efforts of the man who was trying to find work and change his difficult circumstances.
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