Top Resume Writing Services in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, or the so-called Sin City, is a beautiful place teeming with tourists and who love to gamble, party, and spend their time in lush casinos. Due to recent events, the parties were put on hold, and we are all wondering when will concerts resume in Las Vegas? That being said, this is so much more than a tourist attraction, it is a city that offers a lot of career choices and opportunities to develop your expertise.

Las Vegas has an extremely competitive job market, and you will need to go above and beyond to impress potential employers. In other words, just putting together and submitting your CV won’t cut it, and you will likely have to hire professional Las Vegas resume writers. Here we will go over the 10 best US resume writing services providers, and hopefully, help you decide who you should hire to handle this task.

Top Resume Services Las Vegas

Service Prices Turnaround Time Rating
Resume Writing Lab $199 1-7 Business Days 5.0
Craft Resumes $229-$499 24 hours 4.8
Zip Job $0-$299 24 hours 5.0
Find My Profession $395 – $1295 48 hours 4.8
ResumeSpice $129-$689 24 hours 4.5
Top Resume $149-$349 24 hours 4.5
Ward Resumes $150 – $1200 5-7 business days 4.8
Resume Folks $65 – $175 2-7 business days 4.0
A Better Way Resume $95 48 hours 4.8
Vegas Employment $150 48 hours 4.8

When ranking these resume writing services Las Vegas has to offer we have taken into account the following things:

  • Cost
  • Turnaround time
  • Reviews
  • Customer service responsiveness
  • Web design
  • Design or aesthetics
  • Guarantees

So, let’s go over these resume writers’ Las Vegas services and see what they are all about. Also, these providers aren’t necessarily based in Las Vegas, but their services are available online to users all over the US.

Resume Writing Lab

We have been in this business since 2014, and in that short time frame, we’ve made quite a name for ourselves. Thanks to our top-tier resume writers Las Vegas job seekers had nothing but praise for our product. We will arrange, format, and edit the content you provide to make it unique, personalized, and most importantly very persuasive for potential employers.

We can help you with your CV, resume, cover letter, and with your LinkedIn profile, by either creating it from scratch or simply fine-tuning it to better reflect your capabilities and values.

Reviews: Trustpilot 4.5/Sitejabber 5.0/EduReviewer 5.0

Website: Easy to navigate and clear

Design: Neatly organized, easy to read, and to the point

Customer support: Very responsive 24/7 live chat support

Turnaround: 1-7 Business Days

Cost: $199 

Guarantee: Yes

Craft Resume

A relatively young resume writing Las Vegas service, but just as competitive as some of the veterans in this business. The fact that they are starting out is only an advantage in this case as their prices are lower compared to some other providers on this list.

They also go above and beyond when it comes to ongoing support, as users can have unlimited revisions and get a career coach who can help them find viable jobs. They do CV writing and editing, career coaching, LinkedIn profiles, and cover letters.

Reviews; 4.8 on EduReviewer

Website: Stylish, easy to navigate, and looks good

Design: Solid work

Customer support: Fast and responsive

Turnaround: You can get your first draft within 24 hours

Cost: $229-$499 depending on the package you select

Guarantee: Yes

Zip Job

Zip Job has an extensive network of professional resume writers that already helped thousands of job seekers all over the US. They also guarantee that their resumes will get you 2 or even 3 times more job interviews, and they even do free reviews of your CV.

Zip Job offers 3 packages and regardless of which one you pick, you get to collaborate closely with the assigned writer. They even offer a partial payment plan but there are neither partial nor full refunds available.

Reviews; 5.0 on EduReviewer

Website: Professional and user-friendly design, with a very helpful blog section.

Design: Great, most of their clients are really satisfied with the quality of their resumes. Examples are available on their site.

Customer support:  They have live chat but it is only available during working hours 5 days a week.

Turnaround: The first draft is available within a day

Cost: Between $139 and $299

Guarantee: Yes – 60 days

Find My Profession

Find My Profession team consists of some of the best professional resume writers Las Vegas has to offer. They have over 200 professional writers and have helped hundreds of people land jobs at some of the most prestigious companies like Apple, Amazon, EA, and Facebook. The company has been in this business since 2015, they have offices all over the US, and have managed to make quite a name for themselves.

However, their prices are higher compared to some of our other entries. They work closely with their clients and vouch for their work. The available services are career coaching, resume and cover letter writing, career finder, and LinkedIn makeover.

Reviews; 5.0 on Google/ 4.8 on EduReviewer/ 5.0 on BBB/ 4.9 on Sitejabber/ 4.8 Trustpilot

Website: User-friendly and professional, visitors can easily find all of their services

Design: Unique and personalized. Lots of satisfied customers

Customer support: Decent

Turnaround: 48 hours

Cost: $395 – $1295

Guarantee: 60-Day Interview Guarantee


ResumeSpice will give you the most overpriced resume writer Las Vegas has to offer. That being said they generally do a great job on your resume, and more team members are actually working with a single client. They do have some limitations when it comes to the industries, as they don’t work on CVs for medical professionals.

Moreover, you cannot pay using PayPal and Payoneer. The services they offer are career coaching, career services, and career assessment. The resume writing for entry and executive-level jobs just comes as a part of those packages.

Reviews; 4.9 on Google/ 4.2 on EduReviewer/ 4.9 on Trustpilot

Website: Professional and easy to navigate.

Design: Excellent

Customer support: Polite and responsive, available via phone, chat, and email 

Turnaround: 24 hours

Cost: $129-$689

Guarantee: 60-Day Interview Guarantee

Top Resume

A solid team that outperforms many Las Vegas writers, and the end result is truly an outstanding resume.  They will check your resume for free and even offer you a solid payment plan that won’t burden your budget. That being said their prices are somewhat higher, but according to their user reviews they Top Resume are worth it. There are over a thousand Top Resume writers and they cover over 60 industries.

They claim to have a good matching system that helps customers get an adequate writer, but it’s hard to test this claim unless you hire them multiple times and see for yourself. You also need to select a package you wish and as a part of the package you get a brand new CV, and Linkedin makeover, along with a cover letter.

Reviews; 4.5 on EduReviewer/4.45 on Sitejabber/4.3 on Trustpilot

Website: Great design, allows you to submit your current resume and get a free review immediately.

Design: High quality

Customer support:  Quick response time

Turnaround: 24 hours

Cost: $149-$349

Guarantee: 60-day interview guarantee

Ward Resumes

Most of the professional resume writing services Las Vegas have big teams but Ward Resumes is run by Christopher and Ava Ward. They have offices in San Diego, Las Vegas, and San Francisco. Their services include resume writing for entry and executive jobs, CV and cover letter writing, and Linkedin makeover.

They also do resume analysis and editing, as well as interview coaching. Customers have a phone call with one of the writers and they will receive the final product after a few days.

Reviews; 5.0 on Google/4.8 on Yelp

Website: Looks decent, it’s more of a digital business card than a website with useful features for job seekers.

Design: Good writing and design skills, the final product looks really professional.

Customer support:  You can reach them via phone or email, there is no information available on the writers that are working on resumes

Turnaround: 5-7 business days

Cost: $150 – $1200

Guarantee: No

Resume Folks

This is one of the cheapest resume writing services you can find online. They have a few decent-looking templates, but this only means you won’t get a personalized resume or CV like you would with other providers mentioned here. It’s hard to say how long they have been in business or to get accurate feedback on how good they are. In other words, be very cautious or at least manage your expectations when it comes to using these services.

They do offer pretty much similar things as other providers mentioned here, cover letter, resume, and CV writing as well as LinkedIn profile makeover.  Also, it will take at least 48 hours to get your first draft.

Reviews; 5.0 on Google, no other reviews are available

Website: Looks amateurish and doesn’t inspire trust. It’s not difficult to navigate but it’s not well designed. 

Design: Templates that look decent, and there are video testimonies of customers who were satisfied with the service.

Customer support: Available via phone and email

Turnaround: 2-7 business days

Cost: $65 – $175

Guarantee: No

A Better Way Resume

The man behind A Better Way Resume is called Steve Miller and he is actually a certified professional when it comes to resume writing. It’s one of the more reputable services in Las Vegas, and Steve writes more than just resumes and CVs. He edits documents, can help you with speeches, and even tweak your screenplay.

All of the services available on the site are done by Steve himself who has decades of experience. That being said you will notice that details like service packages are not available here, so it really stands out from the rest. Finally, you will get a great product for a really cheap price.

Reviews; 5.0 on Yelp/ 5.0 on Angie’s List/ 4.8 on Google

Website: It looks like someone did a bare minimum 

Design: Customers were satisfied with the quality and the design of their resume

Customer support:  You can contact Steve on his phone or via email, he will respond in a timely manner

Turnaround: around 2 days

Cost: $95

Guarantee: No

Vegas Employment

Vegas Employment resume writing service is called Advantage Resume, and if you were to judge them based on their website, you wouldn’t be impressed, to say the least. Luckily, their site is not an accurate reflection of their product quality, and you can get great resumes using their service. They are really popular in Vegas, and they’ve been in business for over 4 decades. The only problem is that no samples are available on this platform.

Reviews; 5.0 on Superpages/ 5.0 on Facebook/ 4.8 on Yellow Pages/ 4.8 on Google/ 4.8 on MerchantCircle/ 4.5 on Yelp

Website: Poorly designed but serves its purpose

Design: Solid quality according to user feedback

Customer support: Via phone and email

Turnaround:  48 hours

Cost: $150

Guarantee: No


What should I avoid putting in a resume?

Avoid putting the information that is not requested, or that you would put on your colleague application, like test score. Focus on your relevant work experience and expertise. Employers want to see how you can bring value to their team, and what you manage to achieve so far career-wise.

How can I make my resume stand out in 2021?

Don’t use resume templates that the majority of applicants are using. Make sure that your resume showcases all of the relevant things about you. You can hire professional resume writers to help you put together an impressive resume. This document needs to tell your work history and what you are capable of, in other words, present your value to the team.


To sum up, there are lots of options out there but if you want to play it safe you should opt for the Resume Writing Lab, Craft Resume, or Zip Job. These are currently some of the top providers with really proficient team members.

Also, you will be charged fairly and receive the support and guarantee until you land your job.

Hopefully, you found these reviews useful, and they will help you choose your provider. Remember to be patient and to focus on the positive sides, you will land a gig sooner or later. Best of luck on the job-seeking market.