Things to Remove From Your Resume Immediately

resume mistakes

Your resume is full of so many interesting points. Those are used to attract your employees, and add some more meaning to your working characteristic. You are not the only one who is there for the post. There are so many people, who are fighting for the same.

So, it is mandatory for you to make your resume as simple yet effective, as possible, if you want to score some high marks. And it is during such instances when you need to discard some negative points from the resume.

Your resume is used for helping you land your dream job, and you need to work on it. So, make sure to catch up on the right points, which are to be discarded from your resume, to make it look more meaningful and proper.

Mentioning Anything Not Related to Job

As you are applying for a particular niche of a job, therefore; do not add anything which will not go with the job profile. Those are considered fluff and are enough to damage the mood of your interviewer.

It acts like too much of a show-off, which makes your profile looks confident. So, try to avoid those unwanted points, and that will make your resume look perfectly clean and simple. Make sure to mention only those points, which are related to the job profile you are applying.

Adding Too Much of Experience

resume experience

HR manager does not have much time to go through your resume. They will look for the recent job profiles you are associated with if you are experienced candidates.

So, even if you have experience of more than ten years, you do not have to mention each in detail. Just highlight the last few ones you were associated with, and that’s enough to impress the HR management department.

Avoid Mentioning the Objective

As you are looking for a job, you should write a great resume objective. That objective is to excel in the position you are going to be associated with. So, you do not have to mention that separately, as that takes your confidence level down.

However, in case you get associated with any unique situation, as changing the current industry completely, then you might want to and an objective on that. Otherwise, it is not that necessary to mention that point in your resume.

Personal Details

Every company needs to know a basic of your personality, such as the name, current address, phone number, sex, email ID, and marital status. Other personal information is nothing but irreverent, and they are not looking for that.

So, try to keep the personal box as limited as possible, and avoid flourishing it with details others don’t want to know. It is only the basic points they are eyeing, and they are not interested in what your life is revolving around. So, make sure to keep that in mind, as well.

Awards and Accomplishments

Those awards or accomplishments, which you have won during your school days, are not going to work as a plus point in your resume. That debate competition you won or the dance selection is entirely out of context of what you are up to now.

So, adding those awards as your big time accomplishment is nothing but a foolish idea from your side. That’s why try to avoid those accomplishments and awards and look for something more relevant. It is going to act in your favor, as well.

Adding Visuals or Images

resume visuals

In case, you are looking for digital resumes, then avoid adding images or visuals. Go straight for the resume, which will attract the corporate world.

Do not forget that you are looking for a job interview, and not for any matrimonial services. So, try to avoid visuals and images as much as you can, as this is often the reason why resumes fail.

Phone Numbers

Do not try to add more than one phone number to your resume. That is seriously confusing, and people are not willing to look for that. If you are selected, they will contact you through your original number, which is currently active and you are using it.

So, without fail, make sure to catch up with the authentic phone you are currently using, and avoid providing too many of phone numbers.

Vague Phrases

You might think of yourself to be a team player or a result-driven personality, but that’s only what you think. For others, you have to prove it.

So, avoid using these vague phrases in your resume. Because, if you fail to work on those points, then you can consider yourself out from the company before you know it.

Try to avoid using these points in your kitty, and you are good to go. Bagging your dream job seems to be a much easier note, right now.

Author: Pallavi is a Hiring Director of Alliance InternationalIT Recruitment Agency. Helping international recruiting, staffing, HR services, and placement service provider for overseas and international businesses.