8 Steps to Write Powerful Resume Objective

Mostly, resume writing requires defining a strong objective. It should be catchy, competitive, and persuading ready to convince your potential employer that you know what you want to do and fit the hirer’s requirements.

It should be more than ‘I am the best candidacy for this position’. The resume objective should convey your skills, goals, and career directions.

Unfortunately, most job seekers tend not to pay particular attention to this step. Therefore, their resume objective turns out to be weak and unpersuasive.

In this case, it would be a good idea to use the help of a resume writing service like Resume Writing Lab. Such services help applicants with professional resume preparation and provide them with flawless documents.

If you decided to write your resume independently, take into account the following tips.

So, What is the Objective of a Resume?

effective resume objective

A resume objective is a brief focused statement that lays the state of mind for who you are and your qualifications. It turns you into the most promising and suitable candidate for a particular position.

It is the best option to tell your interviewer that you are an outstanding applicant and you perfectly fit the job. Some people consider the objectives of a resume to be unprofessional and amateurish.

Some of them seem to be so (‘Hi, I am the perfect candidate and others aren’t’ obviously, it is a bad objective statement). However, a good resume objective can save an applicant.

Let’s consider some basic resume objective rules: 

Create a 100% Unique Objective Statement


Using the same objective statement in every resume is the worst idea ever. When it comes to resume writing, every applicant has to be aware of the requirements and preferences of the hirer.

As you have familiarized yourself with them, fulfill your resume objective with skills and qualities fitting THIS position.

For instance, if you are applying for an IT job, your outstanding cooking skills and sports achievements won’t make sense. Also, remember these principles while writing references on a resume.

Provide Guarantees

Some job seekers tend to focus their resume objective on the things they expect from working in a particular company (for example, I want to earn lots of money, I need comfortable conditions such as personal office corner, café, and air conditioning).

Conversely, let your potential recruiter know what HE or SHE will get after hiring you (for example: ‘I want to get this position as I have a vast experience in the IT developing field, I can increase the level of sales within one month’).

Don’t Be too Vague

Before starting to write your resume objective, clearly define things that make you outstanding and valuable. Ambiguous objective statements don’t make any sense and tell nothing about the applicant.

Here is an example of a fuzzy resume objective: ‘I am looking for a full-time job-ready to fit my skills and vast working experience’.

Instead of this, it’s better to write: ‘I am a promising applicant going to occupy a full-time position in the IT field, possessing a vast experience in computer science and IT developing’.

Be Clear

Remember that a good objective for a resume is a one-two sentence brief and catchy statement ready to catch the hirer’s attention and make them arrange an interview.

Therefore, everything that is longer than two sentences is irrelevant. You will have a chance to tell more about yourself in the interview.

Be Substantialwriting objective on resume

The main goal of the resume objective is to highlight the value of your candidacy for the company. It is so substantial to know that the number one element that can alter your life here is words. The words you choose will determine if your application gets looked over.

Thus, your resume objective doesn’t have to be the one that fills space but doesn’t tell the hiring manager anything about the value of the company.

So, a resume objective is a brief statement that can be ignored by most job hunters but will be noticed by a hirer.

Therefore, take into account the aforementioned tips and create a powerful and catchy statement!