Is Monster Resume Writing Service Worth It?

monster employment job search reviewThe Internet offers you great opportunities to boost your job search several times, so you can make it through much faster.

Not only could you read about useful job search tips and strategies, register on LinkedIn and network with potential employers, but also you could even have your CV/resume written at the professional best resume writing service.

Among the largest job search sites, we want to draw our attention to is

The website itself is considered a huge hub of career-related tools and resources to help you land a great position regardless of your working industry.

Moreover, this site hosts thousands of job listings and offers every user to post a resume on Monster and ultimately make it searchable for employers! For more details on the Monster review, keep reading.

Many Americans rely on one of the largest job search engines in the world that so far holds more than a million of job postings. Probably, everyone tried monster resume search. And at this point, it’s a super convenient vast network of recruiters you can directly connect with through the website. Plus, the site is easy to navigate.

For years, their services were quite good because of the company’s partnership with a popular resume service that has been in resume writing for almost 40 years already.

If you read the Monster resume writing services review, there were almost no complaints on the contractor who has been working with until January 2015, when it switched to another company (Monster is working with at the moment). Now that there are thousands of complaints and negative reviews, more and more people get disappointed with the company’s quality of resumes.

The final verdict: be careful with it and check the latest monster resume service reviews. And be aware of job search engines scams.

Monster: Main Features

On the website, you can find numerous articles with recommendations and tips about resume writing, career building and job search in general.

If you still have no target employers and wouldn’t want to spend hours sorting the necessary job listings from the others, then Monster search tools would come right in handy.

features of monster websiteBy using an advanced search, you should specify the city, type of the desirable job, skills, the job title, posting date and perhaps by using some keywords, you will end up with the most suitable options.

One of the best features presented on the website, however, is the chance to upload a resume to Monster and make it public for Monster resume search, which is, by the way, commonly used by thousands of employers every single day.

For each particular job position, there are Monster resume samples available on the website for absolutely no charge. This is an actual chance to learn how to write a resume to the job description.

Registered users, based on the searching criteria, could even receive notifications of newly posted job listings that might be of their interest.

There is also free access to a handy salary calculator that helps you compare salaries on different job listings and a personal salary report tool that helps to negotiate salary.

You can sign up for the InterviewSmart program to teach you how to prepare for the interview and pass it successfully enough to receive a follow-up call afterward. Be sure to read things you shouldn’t say when a recruiter calls you beforehand!

At last, if your Monster upload resume lacks some skills and training, you can complete some of the online degree programs in order to make a crucial update of your application.

While it’s nice to use large websites to boost your job search, pay attention to Virginia job search tips too!

Available Mobile & Facebook App

review of facebook monster applicationCheck out the Monster’s mobile app to stay aware of your updates or new job listings 24/7 wherever you take your electronic gadget with.

You can use this app for posting a resume on Monster. It’s available for every IOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows user.

A recently launched Facebook app BeKnown was created by mainly to develop the user’s professional network among friends and other FB contacts.

Surely, this doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to their tools only. Brien Posey, a selling, freelance technology author, lists five resume apps that can help you get noticed by employers faster.

Convenient Customer Support

Facing any issues with the website’s performance? Can’t post a resume on monster or download resume samples? Just contact the website’s customer support by filling in the online contact form and or visiting the help center to read more about the most common problems users may encounter while browsing through

Monster is indeed one of the few websites offering most of their services for free and providing valuable materials and tools related to job search.

Besides, this is a huge educational center visited daily not only by job seekers but influential employers. If you don’t visit Monster at least once, then you will miss out a lot. Overall, posting your resume on Monster.

Besides, this is a huge educational center visited daily not only by job seekers but influential employers. If you don’t visit Monster at least once, then you will miss out a lot.

Overall, posting your resume on Monster is a decent way to get more attention from employers!