Best Minneapolis Resume Writing Services

Are you looking for a Minneapolis resume writing service? Or a great CV writer in Minneapolis? The job market in the Twin Cities is on the up and up, and writing services are becoming increasingly popular throughout MN and beyond. There are professional CV writers in MN and tons more who will work with clients in MN remotely.

Professional CV writing services (MN-based or otherwise) are a great way to save time, put your best foot forward as a job hunter, and ultimately secure your dream position. A professional resume will get you noticed, as a good resume writer “knows all the tips and tricks” across industries.

CV and Linkedin writing services in Minneapolis offer all sorts of packages, and there are many affordable options. You can also find plenty of excellent out-of-state resume writers who can work with you in MN. Whether you’re looking for help writing your first CV, thinking about a career change, or have simply been out of the job-seeking game and need a resume refresh, a professional writing service is just what you need!

Of course, you’ll still have to handle the job interview yourself. But to start with, here are the top resume writing services, Minneapolis based or accessible from Minneapolis.

1. Resume Writing Lab

Resume Writing Lab is one of the US’s top CV and resume writing services. We cover the whole country, including Minneapolis and the twin cities.

You can talk to a writer directly once you order a service from us, with completely personalized work guaranteed. This is true whether your resume writer is in Minneapolis, Kansas, or New York City. We are happy to work on first CVs, professional resumes, student resumes, and much more. They combine the newest tech with the personal touch to deliver a product that is perfectly fit for your skills and the kind of job you’re looking for.

Writing Lab also offers CV Writing, Cover Letter Writing, and LinkedIn profile writing. Our professional resume writers (in Minneapolis and other places) have experience across dozens of industries, from the arts to the sciences to business. They have landed clients jobs at some of the best companies in the USA, including Google, Amazon, Tesla, and CVS. All services are delivered in excellent time, to an incredibly high standard. Minneapolis resume services don’t get any better.

Pros: One of the country’s best writing and editing services. A quick turnaround time, great value, and a skilled writing team.

Cons: Not specifically MN or Minnesota-based. Our writers are, however, available to chat any time.

Prices & packages: Our packages cover Entry, Professional, Federal, and Executive writing. We also offer CV writing, CV editing, resume editing, and LinkedIn profile writing.

Turnaround time: Projects are turned around by the Resume Writing lab in 1-7 days, with premium prices for speed.

Quality: CVs and resumes from the Resume Writing Lab are of great quality. Customers report multiple job offers within as little as 30 days.

Website Usability: The website is sleek, modern, and usable.

Customer Service/Support: You can chat with a writer immediately and even get a free application analysis.

Guarantees: Resume Writing Lab offers a 90-day interview guarantee, along with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Findmyprofession isn’t just an MN resume writing service. In fact, they’re a worldwide company with years of experience perfecting applications and finding positions for their clients. Everything written is Applicant Tracking System (ATS) ready, and they’re personalized for the needs of every user.

You can talk one-to-one with a writer within the USA, with who you will be matched depending on your needs. They also offer job search help and career coaching, all with real people in real-time. If you’re looking for a resume for the C-suite position, you can also get help from the experts at Findmyprofession.

Pros: Findmyprofession is a fantastic US resume writing service. They are professional, quick, and deliver an excellent product.

Cons: A little more expensive than some other options, and their website is somewhat old-fashioned.

Prices & packages: It has to be said that Findmyprofession isn’t the cheapest writing service out there. Packages for entry-level resumes start at $395, and they top out for C-suite resumes at over $1000.

Turnaround time: Turnaround is 3-5 business days.

Quality: The work delivered is of excellent quality. If you need proof, check their website.

Website Usability: The website isn’t the best. It’s a little clunky and old-fashioned. If this matters to you, perhaps look elsewhere. But if you don’t mind, Findmyprofession might be for you and your writing needs.

Customer Service/Support: Support is good and even includes a follow-up phone call with your writer.

Guarantees: There’s a 60-day interview guarantee when you get writing help from Findmyprofession.

3.   ZipJob

ZipJob is another CV writing company spanning MN and beyond. They work nationally, using both professional writers with expertise in a huge variety of fields and industry-standard HR tech. This means your resume passes the first tests it is subjected to and reads well too.

Research suggests that ZipJobs users get around 200% more interviews than people who write their own application materials, which should tell you a lot!

Pros: This is a really modern company with a strong understanding of the current needs of the workforce and the realities of modern job hunting.

Cons: ZipJobs don’t offer as many premium features as some of its competitors.

Prices & packages: This is a really good-value service, with prices starting under $150. However, there aren’t super quick or genuinely premium packages.

Turnaround time: Turnaround with ZipJobs is 3-5 days.

Quality: Zipjobs produces high quality writing. You can check out samples yourself on their site/

Website Usability: The website is clean, modern, and usable.

Customer Service/Support: You can speak directly to a writer with higher-priced packages, and chat, call or message customer service at ZipJob any time.

Guarantees: A 60-day interview guarantee is offered for higher-priced packages.


Monster is a giant in the job-seeking world, and now they offer resume writing services in Minneapolis and beyond.

You can get writing help for a bargain-basement price, with additional options for a resume and cover letter or a premium package that includes a LinkedIn profile update.

The website is perhaps a little sparse, which may be because Monster is a big company with its focus elsewhere. That being said, the power of a big company is probably a good thing. They can hire the best writers around, after all! It’s really a choice of whether you want a bespoke, personal service or to go with the most recognizable name.

Pros: Monster is very professional, with years of experience providing resume services to MN and beyond.

Cons: They may think of this kind of writing as something of a sideline to the rest of their services.

Prices & packages: Monster’s prices are great! They range from $129 to around $300. Packages, though, are a little limited.

Turnaround time: Turnaround time is usually 5 business days, with expedited delivery possible in 2.

Guarantees: Monster offers a 60-day money-back guarantee – your money is returned if you aren’t totally satisfied.

Website usability: The website is very usable but quite sparse. It is a subpage of the main Monster site and can feel a little abandoned at times.

Other Minneapolis-based Resume Writing Services:

While the top resume writing services in MN are listed above, there are a few more to consider.

Simply Great Resumes

This Minneapolis-based service offers in-person writing and coaching with a certified career coach.

Prices: $150-$1749

Packages: Everything from interview coaching to full executive career packages.

Turnaround Time: Min 48 hours

Satisfaction Guarantee: No

The Muse Coaching

The Muse offers not just writing services, but full online career coaching. Here are the basics:

Prices: Extremely wide-ranging, with various options for both packages and coach

Packages: Networking strategy, interview coaching, ‘stuck in a rut’ packages

Turnaround Time: From 48-hour rush to multiple-month coaching

Satisfaction Guarantee: No

Resumes Minneapolis

As implied by the name, this is another MN service. Their website isn’t amazing, but they offer everything you could want for career assistance.

Prices: Packages are worked out on a client-by-client basis

Packages: As above

Turnaround Time: There are no fixed packages

Satisfaction Guarantee: No

Hired Resume

Personalized packages are offered on a one-on-one basis. Reasonable prices at all times.

Prices: $299-$990

Packages: Entry, professional, and exec level packages, Linkedin packages, career coaching

Turnaround Time: Minimum 72 hours

Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes

Razor Resume

Specialists in targeted, keyword-optimized application materials, this company is great for modern and confidential job searches if you’re on a budget.

Prices: $50-$200

Packages: Linkedin, writing, and job coaching packages

Turnaround Time: From 72 hours

Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes


So, there are the best places to get a resume written or reviewed. But what about common resume questions? If you’re looking for resume help Minneapolis-wide, then you’ll probably want to be aware of what other people are asking. Here are a few FAQs from people looking for resume help:

How far back should a resume go?

As a rule, a resume should not normally be more than two pages long. It should also cover at least three years, possibly five. To make this happen, it is fine to leave off irrelevant or less important positions to highlight what is most meaningful to your career.

Where can I get help with my resume?

You can turn to any of the services listed for editing and writing help. You can also ask any particularly successful or knowledgeable friends to look over a final resume. Remember, though, it is best to use experts if possible. You may find resume help MN-based or find it online.

Should I use a resume writing service in MN?

You can use a local MN or Minnesota resume writing service. This might be limiting, though. With modern technology, you can easily connect to resume experts throughout the US and even beyond. A resume writing service in MN is a possibility, but not the only one.

Resume Writing Service Tips

It is important to make the right decision when choosing a professional resume writer in MN. Maybe you think you need a resume writer in Minneapolis when, in fact, remote communication works just as well? In many cases, it’s easier. You can stay inside in the warm!

Also, think about the guarantees that would make you comfortable. Do you need Resume Writing Lab’s 100% satisfaction guarantee? Or are you happy with Monster’s 60-day interview guarantee? Only you can answer that question!

You also need to balance the resume writing and editing services you need with what you can afford. Zipjob offers a fantastic value service, for example, but there are fewer bells and whistles to their packages. Of course, the ideal would be professional resume writing services in Minneapolis proper with optional online contact. But there’s no magic ticket.

Your resume is your best chance to sell yourself as a job candidate. Don’t rush the process! And good luck with your search.