Top Resume Writing Services in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus in Ohio is part of the Three C’s with Cleveland and Cincinnati. Famous for its sausage patty and the sandwich Polish Boy, this is the city of the Clippers and of the German Village, a neighborhood with brick brownstones and breweries. Indeed, a place to party. But this is also a town to work and study. It’s the largest city in Ohio and the average yearly income is $69,315.

In Columbus, 18% of people employed work in professional and business services, while 16% work in health and education. The leisure and hospitality industry is also strong, with 10% of citizens employed in this sector.  So, there is a future here.

With the right resume writing services in Columbus, Ohio, you can have the best shot at your career. Searching for the right services and professionals isn’t easy like your job search might not be. But don’t get discouraged. Thanks to our list, you will have a wide selection.

The Best Resume Services in Columbus, Ohio

Name and website Prices Turnaround Time Rating
Resume Writing Lab From $199 1-7 business days 5 stars
Find My Profession From $395 3-5 business days 4.8 stars
Zip Job From $139 3-5 business days 5 stars
Career Addict From $125 Not found 4.4 stars

Pro tip: the first three resume services don’t have physical offices in Columbus, but you can chat online with their experts to get a quote and answers to your doubts.

Resume Writing Lab

This is our own service, designed for students and young job seekers like you. We offer different packages, specifically for resume and CV writing. These are:

  • Basic, which also includes a cover letter. With a one-time fee of $179.99, you will get unlimited revisions, a stylish format, and a dedicated writer, also for your cover letter.
  • The Optimal Package for a cost of $229.99. It features the Basic’s characteristics, a Linkedin profile makeover, and distribution. This is our most popular service for job seekers.
  • The All-In-One for $399.99, which includes the Optimal package plus more dedicated services, like 24/7 career coaching (also for interviews) and a thank you letter.

The turnaround time for all our services is 1-7 business days. So, is our platform for you?

Quality: Clients rev about our resume writers (not to brag) as our 5 stars prove. People entering the workforce have loved our dedicated writers that ensure a 100% customized resume.

Website usability: our interface is intuitive with a “free CV review” button. Who doesn’t love free?

Customer service: You can call us at: 1-888-385-3312. Don’t have time for that? Fill out our online form.

Now, to the guarantees: 100% percent satisfaction guarantee and 90-day interview guarantee.

Pros: different packages to begin. You can choose the right one for you and then upgrade in the future. Thanks to our user-friendly interface, you can start quickly with your resume writing. Plus, we guarantee 100% confidentiality.

Cons: sure, it can take us up to one week to send you the CV. But that’s because we like details.

Find My Profession

One of the best resume writing services for Columbus, Ohio, it offers six types of services. Entry-level professionals have three packages:

  • Entry-Level Resume Package at $395 with fully customizable Word and PDF versions.
  • Premium Package, which also features a cover letter at $495.
  • The VIP Gold Package at $695. Everything from the Premium plus the SEO-optimization of your Linkedin profile.

All include:

  • 3-5 days of turnaround
  • 1 week of unlimited reviews
  • 60-Day Interview Guarantee

Quality: 4.8 stars from the customers.

Website usability: the interface can be a bit messy, with specifics difficult to find.

Customer service: there is no live chat, but you can email ([email protected]) or call (+18318880967).

Pros: quick turnaround and the 60-day interview guarantee.

Cons: obviously, the cost, not accessible for everyone.

Zip Job

With a proven success record, this service offers three packages:

  • Launch at $139, which includes direct messaging.
  • Fast Track at $189, with cover letter and 60-day interview guarantee.
  • Premium at $299 with a Linkedin profile update.

Quality: five stars, with customers liking the turnaround of 3-5 days.

Website usability: easy interface to get started, with the possibility of clicking the button “free resume review.”

Customer service: you chat, call or send a message. No email.

Pros: starting package at an affordable price and user-friendly website. Plus you can pay in monthly installments.

Cons: there is no guarantee and the customer service isn’t 24/7.

Career Addict

These resume writers in Columbus, Ohio, have different packages depending on the level of experience. First-timers have only one package option, which only includes the CV writing. This package starts from $125, no guarantees.

Quality: 4.4 stars, with users loving the quick communication.

Website usability: very user-friendly, you can find everything on the homepage.

Customer service: there is no 24/7 support, but you can fill out the contact form.

Pros: budget-friendly.

Cons: there are no guarantees and the customer service isn’t 24/7. Plus, there isn’t a wide variety of packages for new graduates or people just entering the workforce.

CareerPro Plus

These professional resume writers in Columbus, Ohio, focus on specific industries:

  • Federal
  • Military
  • Corporate

So, if your career path doesn’t match any of these categories, this company isn’t for you. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t offer any details on its packages or turnaround time, but it is easy to contact at: 1-800-471-9201.

Quality: 99.6% Customer Satisfaction Rate.

Website usability: everything you need to get started is in the interface.

Customer Service: the best way to connect is via phone, at the number above.

Pros: professional and tailored services, if you work in the industries above.

Cons: limited industries, no information given unless you contact them, and difficult to contact.

John Hancock Resumes

Ideal if you are looking for a physical office for resume writers in Columbus Ohio, instead of online consultation. Here are a few things to consider:

  • In-depth interview
  • Both Microsoft Word and PDF files
  • SEO-optimization

In this case, we don’t have any details on turnaround time, but this is the choice for corporate professionals.

Quality: five stars from its customers, who appreciate the company’s receptiveness of feedback and the personable writers.

Website usability: the interface is intuitive and it encourages you to contact them.

Customer service: so, how do you contact them? Via email at: [email protected]. Or via phone: (859) 940-2013.

Pros: for professionals by professionals.

Cons: might be best for mid-career levels and seniors.


This is not a company per sè. It’s a platform where you can find a list of all the resume services in Columbus, Ohio. You only have to include four pieces of information:

  • Zipcode
  • Level of the target job
  • Target industry
  • Additional needs such as a cover letter

Easy to use, this platform includes a cost guide with graphics and you can compare prices.

Quality: generally, Thumbtack has a satisfaction rate of 4.4, with users appreciating the quick response time from the professionals on the platform.

Website usability: easy to use and to make your choice.

Customer service: the only way to contact Thumbtack is via online form.

Pros: many options to choose the best price and resume writer.

Cons: difficult to contact the website and it’s a list of independent writers, not agencies.

Buckeye Resumes

Right in Columbus, Ohio, this resume services company focuses on professionalism and experience. While there are no details on packages, you can get started by asking for a quote. So, we don’t have any details on turnaround time or guarantees.

Quality: 4.8 stars from the clients who love the attention to detail.

Website usability: not much useful information, so it’s easier to contact them.

Customer service: contact the company at: 614.882.7945 or [email protected].

Pros: a team of professionals will assist you.

Cons: you can’t get any detailed information via the website.

Nolan Branding

Looking for resume writers in Columbus, Ohio? There’s Nolan Branding. There is no fixed package because every offer is tailored to your needs. You only have to contact them to get a quote.

Quality: five stars.

Website usability: user-friendly and with useful statistics.

Customer service: contact the writers at: +1 (614) 570-3442 or via [email protected].

Pros: different services that you can combine to customize your job search, over 20 years of experience.

Cons: if you want information, you have to call.

Worthington Career Services

In the heart of the city, this team of resume writers in Columbus, Ohio, is made of professionals. They target your resume to your aspirations. Once again, there are no packages, but the cost depends on the job.

Still, the price range is $595 – $995.

Quality: five stars from its customers, Worthington Career Services is famous for its personalization for you – and you only.

Website usability: might be a bit crowded, so we suggest you call them instead.

Customer service: contact the writers at: 614) 890-1645 or via [email protected].

Pros: customizable services and you can see samples from the website, so you know what to expect.

Cons: any addition to resume writing (such as the cover letter) comes at an extra cost.


The best resume writing services in Columbus, Ohio, are our own packages at Resume Writing Lab. You can also take a look at Find My Profession and Zip Job. Regardless of the platform you choose, there are services for you, to make sure you fulfill your ambitions. Start your career with the right foot and resume.


  • Are there any cheap resume writing services in Columbus, Ohio?

Yes, you can compare prices online or with a consultation.

  • How much should I pay for a professional resume in Ohio?

Prices range, depending on the extras you add or on the company you choose.