7 Steps to Write Outstanding Social Work Resume

Do you think your resume can already be sent to recruiters? You have found the social worker resume template in Google and included the necessary action words. The size is two paged or even less, the tense is correct, the chronological order, too. What else should you know about a perfect social work resume?

Social worker resume skills should define your abilities, your loyalty, empathy, professionalism, and tolerance.

Our resume writer online states that you have to describe these qualities and skills in upholding strict confidential behavior codes when working with clients.

If you are a social worker, you will have to deal with various situations, that will require your skills of counseling, management, or a more senior director’s role.

For instance, if you are writing a school social worker resume, you should often facilitate and coordinate groups. So social worker resume objective is to fit the advertised position and to match your skills to a company’s needs. You can learn about this process if you read high-school resume writing tips.

Now we are going to present you an example of a social worker’s resume in a perfect format. The only thing you need to do afterward is to adjust it to your experience.

Contact Details

This part of the resume seems to be evident. But there are some issues you need to pay attention to. Write your name the way you use it every day. Do not select a format written on your birth certificate, if you use it seldom.

Write your address fully. Include a cell phone number, that you can answer promptly. The email you include should be monitored on a regular basis. Keep these small details in check so your resume won’t get you fired in the future.


social work resume education

The first should be the highest academic qualification. It is followed by the least important ones. Write down the institution, that issued it and the year when you achieved it.

Objective or Summary

social work resume profile

Not every hiring manager wants to see the part “Objectives” in a resume. If they are looking through your resume, they are already aware of your objectives.

However, objectives are an essential part of an entry-level social worker’s resume. As a rule, this position is the first one you get after college. It may not require special qualifications or a Master’s degree. You do not have a long employment sheet.

Thus, you should write more specific objectives to show how motivated you are to reveal all your talents in this particular job. This can make your social worker resume with no experience better, than the other ones.

If your service record is long, replace objectives with a  social worker resume summary. Keep in mind that the objective for social work resume is different from, let’s say, the objective for a sales resume.

The summary is 1-3 sentences at the very beginning of your resume. It depicts how useful your qualifications and skills will be for a new job. It will show a hirer whether you are a good fit for the organization or not.

It is the easiest way for a recruiter to find the necessary information instead of collecting it from a long list of professional experience and education.


It is an essential section. Your profile can paint a positive picture of why you are the best candidate for a given job.

We can call it self-advertisement. Sum up all your strengths and experiences and how useful can you be for the position. Here you can mention the Facebook work history link if the list is too long.

Professional Experience

In this part, you can highlight the skills required for your prospective job. Dot points are the best way to attract attention to the fact that your skills match the job requirements really closely.

Begin with the most recent experience. It is crucially important in a social worker’s resume, because it demonstrates, that you keep up to date.

Also, don’t forget to read a network engineer resume guide and compare the difference in style and requirements.

Activities and Associations

Include the membership of professional institutions or associations and all the voluntary activities you have made.

Key Words

Do not forget to take advantage of the keywords, that are mentioned in the job advertising and many action verbs, that are related to the given position.

If your resume includes them, it will appear in searches recruiters take advantage of to look for an ideal employer.