Facebook Resume “Work History” Feature Is Available

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Facebook has already made the first step into the online labor market allowing its users searching for the jobs basing on two criteria: location and keyword.

The job ads allow Facebook users looking for the jobs just the way they look for the goods on this social media. Recently, a Facebook representative confirmed information about launching a new option – placing so-called resumes in your profile.

Many hunches and inaccuracies are building up around this news. Still, the Resume Writing Lab managed to gather the most important data.

Facebook Work History Advantages

The new feature allows users adding their extended education and work experience in resume format on their pages. Information will be available in “Work and Education” section.

It will be possible to add dates, place information in chronological order, mention the periods during which a user has worked on a certain position. Every job seeker will get an opportunity to fill in ‘I currently work here’ section.

This section won’t be available for everyone. Now Facebook users can open “Work and Education” section to either everyone or to friends only after they decide to share it. Thus make sure you know how to list your skills there, especially if it resembles something as unique as massage therapy resume.

In a while, job seekers will have an opportunity to open information as a part of job application to recruiters and job seekers only. This feature works in a test mode. Some of the American users have already gained an access to it.

New Feature for New Possibilities

The main goal and importance of the new feature are facilitating a job search process and breaking up the borders between finding a job and applying for it via Facebook.

Detailed “Education and Work” section makes it faster to find the job as it gives an overall picture of the job seeker to recruiters.

Recently, LinkedIn presented a renovation according to which its users receive the opportunity to use their profiles as resume proxies to apply for the job via the app. Facebook has a wider function. So, there is no need to think about this extra feature now.

A new feature a big step that helps Facebook move from the social interaction service to the powerful job search platform.

Facebook occupies stable positions in the world of the labor market by connecting users in mentorships. It helps to create a real career advancement on the social media.

The choice of the jobs is also being extended by cooperating with ZipRecruiter – a service that places job ads and online job boards on the Facebook.

The recruitment efforts also show that the service tries to cover different types of jobs starting with designers, teacher, medical workers and ending with housekeepers, bus drivers, etc.

Also, if you are interested in customer service jobs, be sure to check customer service cover letter writing tips!

Perfect Match: Facebook and LinkedIn

Facebook was already spotted in collaboration with LinkedIn. LinkedIn service took a cue from Facebook to facilitate the work on the website and make it suitable for social interaction. You can look at the best LinkedIn profiles and learn their way too.

Its users appreciated this change and responded with high activity and positive feedback. Facebook reconsidered its conception and mission and launched an unexpected option.

It shows how far this big social media platform is ready to go to grow in different spheres. Of course, as well as other testing features, it’s impossible to find out exact details about the operation. Still, The Next Web managed to get the comments of the Facebook representative:

We’re currently testing a work histories feature to continue to help people find and businesses hire for jobs on Facebook”.

It’s only a matter of time before Facebook implements “Work History” for everyone. Let’s wait and see whether this new feature will make an impact on the job search in general.