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The Easiest Way to Write LinkedIn Summary for Students

[caption id="attachment_3705" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Photo Credit: Pixaby[/caption] Every wise student knows that LinkedIn summary for students is one of the key steps to kickstart your career. At first, it may seem complicated to describe yourself in 2000 characters. But it will get much easier if you read a guide on how to write a good LinkedIn summary for students. Even if your writing skills are not that strong, professiona

6 Skills to List on LinkedIn Right Now

One of the main parts of every LinkedIn profile is “Featured Skills & Endorsements” section. You can create a LinkedIn skills list that can be endorsed by other users. Why is LinkedIn skill list so important for your profile? Firstly, it demonstrates your qualifications to recruiters and employers. Secondly, the more skills your list contains, the higher your chances of being contacted by HR managers. Keep in mind that professional

Easiest Way to Write and Request LinkedIn Recommendations

Writing and receiving recommendations became a huge part of finding and applying for a job. This is the reason everyone in the LinkedIn community should consider recommendations too. LinkedIn recommendations are short letters written for and by co-workers, employees, clients, and others. Basically, they serve as “social proof” for customers to help them make a choice. (more…)

This Feature of LinkedIn Will Become Your New Favourite Tool

You are going to be surprised that LinkedIn has recently revealed a huge upgrade to its newsfeed which was often calumniated. This new feature will most probably become a game-changer for this social network and one of your favorite tools. Let’s have a closer look at this feature. When you look at the LinkedIn newsfeed you will notice a new box there that states “What people are talking about” together with some breaking news and trending

Best LinkedIn Profiles 2017 You Should Look Up To

There are so many significant aspects of your LinkedIn profile that make it look professional and distinctive out of millions of other users. If you learn how to apply all of them in your profile and make them compliment each other, it will help you gain credibility among recruiters. (more…)

4 Essential Steps to Set a LinkedIn Background Photo

More and more people are joining and signing up to LinkedIn every day in order to start their job search. The vast majority of job hunters want to make sure their resume and profile are perfectly written by professionals, so they resort to the help of LinkedIn profile writing services. Having a profile written by an expert in your field or industry is the same as having your resume created and fine-tuned by a qualified resume writer. Howev

How to Format LinkedIn Profile Like a Pro

Employers and hiring managers tend to spend less than ten seconds looking at applications. Reviewing your LinkedIn profile is not much of a difference. Regardless of how much time a decision-maker will look through it, the point of your profile is to make a good first impression. Don’t worry if you feel unconfident or aren’t sure how to create a brilliant profile that will highlight your skills and qualifications. Luckily for you, our Link

How to Write a LinkedIn Summary in 3 Easy Steps

Now that most recruiters have gone digital when it comes to selecting their job candidates, no matter how strange it may sound, it’s just significant to market yourself online. One of the starting points of their research is usually people’s LinkedIn profiles, which means, you have to build up your LinkedIn profile in the first place. One of the key elements here is your summary placing quite a visible position in your profile. If you take

6 Things To Know About Best LinkedIn Endorsements

Several years ago, the most professionally oriented social media platform LinkedIn introduced its users to the new website’s feature of “endorsing” other profiles. Since then, there had been a lot of questions the main of which was and still remains: what is a LinkedIn endorsement anyway? (more…)

4 Winning Ways to Optimize LinkedIn Profile for Recruiters

Are you sure that your LinkedIn page works and doesn’t require optimizing? Unfortunately, if you are still looking for a job, your LinkedIn page, more likely, doesn’t cope with its responsibilities. The main goal of the social media for the job search lies in the attracting recruiters and, thereby, increasing the chances of being hired. If you haven't achieved this goal yet, you should learn how to get your LinkedIn profile noticed by recr