The Easiest Way to Write LinkedIn Summary for Students

linkedin summary for college students
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Every wise student knows that LinkedIn summary for students is one of the key steps to kickstart your career.

At first, it may seem complicated to describe yourself in 2000 characters. But it will get much easier if you read a guide on how to write a good LinkedIn summary for students.

Even if your writing skills are not that strong, professional LinkedIn profile writers are ready to share several vital tips to write a perfect LinkedIn summary.

The First Impression Counts

Most of the time students do not have a lot of experience to display. In this case, your well-written LinkedIn summary is a good way to attract the attention of your prospective employer and encourage him to read your profile.

The first paragraph may describe your personality and potential. A good LinkedIn student summary may comprise an anecdote mixed with the character traits like a patient learner, good listener, problem solver and so on. Here is the example from the LinkedIn summary for college students:

A college fest is one of the chaotic events to organize. I know this, while I was the team leader during the annual fest of my college. The unabridged anxiety, rising tempers, ego clashes, and inefficient vendors helped me understand that I like working in a team and do not panic under pressure. As a result, the team organized a smooth fest. This experience helped me understand that a united team and personal determination are the main keys to success.

It is possible, be sure to write about your summer job, internship or personal event that you arranged.

Engineering students may describe a live project they worked on while studying.

You can describe your input, the problems you encountered and how you dealt with them. It will be even more impressive if someone writes a LinkedIn recommendation for you. It will hook a potential hirer to your profile.

Make Your Story Appealing

To create a good LinkedIn summary for students, one should pay attention not only to the quality of the content but on its presentation as well. This may seem like an easy task since recent graduates are usually skillful at writing answer papers and career goals essays.

However, don’t forget that you are writing a LinkedIn summary not for a teacher to mark you. Thus, include indentations, sub-headings and bullet points. Don’t forget to include keywords both in your summary and taglines.

If you choose the right keywords, your LinkedIn profile will appear in searches of your prospective hirer. But do not use too many keywords, as they may have the reverse effect on your LinkedIn profile.

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Power Up with Multimedia

Include graphics to make your profile more interesting for a potential employer. To create a successful LinkedIn summary, a student should include the following items:

  • Videos – you may have participated in some college events such as debate competition, presented your summer project, spoke at a seminar or helped organize a blood donation drive, etc. You can include those videos to make your profile more impressive.
  • Pictures – in case you took photos while participating in live projects, organizing some college events, etc. Photos of your certificates can be put up as well.
  • Documents – this can be any report made while working on an internship or project.
  • PowerPoint presentations – a smart sequence of images and facts can perfectly showcase your achievements.

Also, pay attention to skills anyone should list on LinkedIn to attract potential employer!

Use Those Characters Wisely

Do not waste your 2000 characters by copy-pasting some information from the Internet. Think about the way you want to present yourself to the audience and format your LinkedIn profile properly.

Once you have decided this, consider the ways to describe your achievements, quality traits, value creation, and potential.

It can be a life experience, a project or an anecdote. Your aim is to waken the interest of the audience and make it check out your profile.

It is also good to include statistics in the LinkedIn summary for students. If you have a degree in management, include the following items to your summary:

  • Good grades (in case you have them).
  • The way you contributed to a company during your internship.
  • If you conducted research when working on a project, don’t forget to include data and conclusions.

These are some LinkedIn summary tips that are a vital part of a dynamic LinkedIn summary for students. We hope that all the given pointers will help you write an impressive LinkedIn student summary and find the dream job. Good luck!