Great LinkedIn Profiles You Should Look Up To

best linkedin profile

There are so many significant aspects of your LinkedIn profile that make it look professional and distinctive out of millions of other users. If you learn how to apply all of them in your profile and make them compliment each other, it will help you gain credibility among recruiters.

Here is a list of LinkedIn profile elements you’ll need to work on to achieve this goal:

  • Profile picture (preferably your portrait);
  • Brief and persuasive profile headline;
  • Well-written and thought out summary;
  • Concise list of your professional experience;
  • Skills and Achievements;
  • Recommendations from credible persons;
  • Educational background;
  • Accomplished projects;
  • Publications/other awards.

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To provide you with the object lesson of creative, we found 7 examples of great LinkedIn profiles that may give you some great ideas on how to craft own profile.

1. Brittney Borowicz, Marketing Manager

example of LinkedIn page

Brittney has implemented all the basic requirements of a well-developed LinkedIn profile, starting from the concise headline and a bulleted list in her summary and finishing with a great volume of information in each of her profile section.

Besides, she leaves signs of her profile activity by publishing some relevant posts and videos.

2. John Crossman, President of Crossman & Company

linkedin page examples

One of the first things to pay attention to in John’s profile is his headshot. The Crossman & Company head uses his positive image to attract more people and highlight the importance of teamwork.

Other honorable mentions regarding his LinkedIn profile are credible references, recommendations, and tons of visual content. Along with it, he shares a long list of his experience, skills, endorsements, honors and awards.

3. Anthony Gioeli, International Business Executive And Author

winning linkedin page

Anthony Gioeli’s profile managed to combine all of the fundamentals present at all the best LinkedIn profiles. Herewith, we can highlight several new elements that we didn’t see on the other people’s pages.

For instance, as an author of a book on International Business Expansion and an associated online course, Anthony attached the links to those two right in his LinkedIn summary. He actively uses a Skills & Endorsements section to emphasize the most important and current ones.

Besides, Gioeli confessed he developed a strong LinkedIn profile to boost his online presence and promote his book.

4. Xand Griffin, Marketing Strategist, And Automation Expert

LinkedIn best pageThe center of Xand’s profile is certainly her contact information as if she wants people to reach her through every possible mean. It’s a great strategy for everyone who wants to network much easier. The other outstanding details of her profile are:

  • The bulleted summary is written in the first person;
  • Positive references and recommendations from clients;
  • Long and comprehensive list of achievements, including courses, honors & awards, publications, certifications, projects etc.

5. Melissa Heisler, Stress Reduction Expert

linkedin specialists page

Melissa made everything to focus on her recent publications and their promotion. She used her professional experience to attach the links to her books.

They are placed almost at the top of her profile to increase their visibility. Her profile is constantly updating and the irrelevant information is quickly removed.

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6. AbbiWhitetaker, Owner at The Abbi Agency

captivating linkedin profile

From the marketers’ view, Abbi’s profile has numerous winning points. We can highlight her easy-to-understand and yet impactful summary, as well as detailed descriptions of her professional and volunteer experience.

She has a compelling amount of both given and received recommendations and one of the best LinkedIn profiles pictures.

7. Tim Peters, MBA

best of linkedin pagesTim managed to create a great LinkedIn profile that covers all the key elements from the previous examples. Among those elements are:

  • contact section right at the beginning of his summary;
  • respected third-party references;
  • 35 media files attached to his summary;
  • The detailed description of his experience;
  • Comprehensive list of recommendations, projects, honors, and awards;
  • Professionally made headshot.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned profiles will give you a clue of how exactly you should craft your own LinkedIn page.