How to Format LinkedIn Profile Like a Pro

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Employers and hiring managers tend to spend less than ten seconds looking at applications. Reviewing your LinkedIn profile is not much of a difference. Regardless of how much time a decision-maker will look through it, the point of your profile is to make a good first impression.

Don’t worry if you feel unconfident or aren’t sure how to create a brilliant profile that will highlight your skills and qualifications. Luckily for you, our LinkedIn profile writer can help you deal with LinkedIn profile formatting without any troubles. Keep in mind that creating unique and high-quality application is similar to LinkedIn profile writing. However, there are certain differences you have to take into consideration.

Our experts understand the difference between a regular resume and a LinkedIn profile and know how to create a successful profile that will boost your chances of landing a job. These LinkedIn profile formatting tips will help create a LinkedIn profile that can make a good impression.

Itemize Everything

When you are trying to tell the potential employers how great you are and showcase all of your advantages at the same time, it can turn your profile into a mess with too much of unstructured information. This is the reason professionals pay so much attention to LinkedIn profile summary writing.

A wonderful way to make the content more readable and comprehensive is to create LinkedIn bullet points or paragraphs. Remember that less tangled and easy to read paragraphs will most likely be noticed and looked through by recruiters.

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Try not to make big blocks of text as it’s usually difficult to read them especially on a tablet or smartphone. Make the paragraphs short. Whenever it’s possible you may use bulleted or numbered points.

LinkedIn bullet points in the profile are a great solution for itemizing the content. More than that, make sure you use concise language, trim the content to only the most interesting and relevant parts, and avoid repetition.

You might as well take advantages of LinkedIn endorsements to make your profile look extra professional and appealing.

Avoid Big Paragraphs and Blocks of Text

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Everybody will agree that it’s important what things you are listing. But how you are showing these things can be even more important and decisive.

This is the reason so many job seekers look up ‘LinkedIn bullet points 2017″ in search results this year. The bullet points have become an essential tool for avoiding big blocks of text in the profile. In case you are in the process of creating your profile and want to enumerate your qualifications, skills or achievements, try using bullet points and notice the difference.

Your profile will not only look more attractive and structured, but it will also become more readable for recruiters. As a result, you will get more chances to get noticed.

Also, if you are interested in IT jobs, make sure to read entry-level IT resume writing tips on your blog!

How to Use Bullet Points in Your Profile

As you may have noticed already, there is no special bullet button within LinkedIn options. More than that, you won’t be able to italicize, bold or underline the text either. In other words, your profile is meant to be a pure dull text without any formatting. But adding some structure and separating important sections can add a professional touch to the whole picture.

There are several options for you to add bullet points to your profile. You may also use LinkedIn bullet points for job descriptions. First of all, you can copy and paste bullets from Word Doc or another document.

As an alternative option, you can hold down the Alt key and type 0149. Then release the Alt key and a new bullet will appear. If you want to add some other symbols that don’t appear on the keyboard, try the copy-and-paste method.

To sum it up, remember to add visual appeal to your profile to make it stand out and get the recruiter’s attention.

6 Responses to “How to Format LinkedIn Profile Like a Pro”

  1. Ben Cunningham says:

    You’ve made a few great points here! A lot of people don’t follow any pattern while making their LinkedIn profiles. Even worse, some simply copy their resumes without adding any visuals.

  2. Amy says:

    A lot of people underestimate formatting and think that all they need is an impressive employment history. WRONG. Noone will spend their time reading a poorly formatted LinkedIn profile so you better make the best out of yours!

  3. Ashley Jones says:

    Nowadays almost every industry uses LinkedIn to find job candidates. That is why your profile should be professionally written and can’t just be a storage unit for career contacts, so it needs to be a living, freshly record of your professional life. You showed in the article and gave detailed explanations on how to format LinkedIn profile professionally. The practical tips you described in the article could help to receive opportunities through LinkedIn. Opportunities to meet many interesting and professional people, opportunities to find the desired job. LinkedIn is the ultimate social network for business professionals who want to make connections as this is one of the keys to career success. And that success begins with the professional and marketable LinkedIn profile.

  4. Olivia Right says:

    Hello! I’m thinking about hiring a LinkedIn profile writer to help me with my profile. But I was lucky to find these tips as well. They really help to understand the best ways to format your profile like a pro. Using bullet or numbered points is my favourite part. In my opinion, this simple technique helps to differentiate information and emphasize each particular point.

  5. Julia Summer says:

    I agree that it’s significant what information you are listing in your profile. But it’s even more decisive HOW you mention these things. Avoiding big paragraphs and blocks of text is essential and that’s what I tried to tell my old friend who is struggling to find a decent job these days. I’m happy that I found this proof so I can show him this article. Perhaps he will even hire a professional LinkedIn profile writer.

  6. Gabriela Watson says:

    Your profile should be professionally written as almost every industry uses LinkedIn to find job candidates. You have just some seconds to catch the recruiter eye through your LinkedIn profile. To make a good first impression it should be clean and easy-to-read. LinkedIn is a great channel for personal branding and can help you build a powerful presence on the most popular professional social network. In the article, you described many practical tips that can help to receive opportunities through LinkedIn. You described in details how to write a professional LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn can be extremely useful for job search, networking and also for lead generation.

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