Top 9 LinkedIn Profile Updates to Become More Hirable

how to boost linkedin profile
The role of social and professional networks can’t be underestimated. The biggest and most popular professional network on the web is LinkedIn. It’s priceless for establishing professional connections. LinkedIn makes recruiters, potential business partners, people from your industry find you much easier.

When you’re a job seeker, LinkedIn has much to offer. Just make sure to take a moment to update your profile. To avoid mistakes and make sure your page is flawless, learn from Resume Writing Lab LinkedIn profile writers!

Make the Profile Recognizable

Try to understand that simply creating a LinkedIn profile is not enough. Update your LinkedIn URL in ‘Public profile settings’ – ‘Edit’ adding your name to the link to make the profile more eye-catching and easier to find by potential employers.

Catch Their Eye with a Photo

Photos draw more attention making your profile look more personal. professional and impressive. Add a clean and up-to-date picture into your profile by clicking the camera icon.

Underline Your Strong Points

linkedin profile updates

Update your ‘Skills and Expertise section. Try using professional slang. An accurate description of your experience can make you the person the potential employer is looking for. Don’t hesitate to add the skills required for your job of interest to the profile.

Get Rid of Clichés

Clichés won’t single you out. Add a bit of creativity to the description to stand apart from the other members. While it is important to rely on the LinkedIn profile sample to avoid mistakes, you have to show qualities that can attract the attention of the potential employer.

Reach out to Someone. Make Contacts

Stay active trying to get more links. Send a personal email instead of the standard LinkedIn message to stand out from the crowd and reveal yourself as a more creative personality.

If you are looking for a job in some specific companies or organizations, check if your LinkedIn associates have professional connections there. They might put in a word for you. This is one of the basic tips to start your job search properly.

Stay Remembered

Update your status from time to time. Do not let people forget about you. Share posts, thoughts of the day, or website links that might be interesting for your LinkedIn connections to demonstrate your interest in the field you are working in. And don’t forget about LinkedIn endorsements that make your profile more effective.

Be sociable, and friendly, and use your sense of humor to stay composed and professional at the same time.

Mind Your Grammar

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Make sure not to make any typos or grammar mistakes in your profile information and statuses. Remember: if you don’t look professional then you might not be the one.

Use the Power of Groups

Make sure to become a member of one or more LinkedIn groups. By joining the industry-specific groups, you can become a part of the community of soul mates or professionals with similar interests and goals.

LinkedIn groups allow users to share their experiences, find answers, make contacts and become industry experts. Watch out: sooner or later the potential employer might also join in!

Be Eye-catching and Unique

For example, the Job Seeker Premium service provides you with an opportunity to have a larger photo and header in your profile, more background images, more room for your information, the statistics of profile visitors, search keywords to find you, pieces of advice from a group of experts and professionals.

So as you can see, LinkedIn is a powerful business channel aimed to help you to succeed and put you a step ahead of your competitors if you use the technics above to take care of your profile. Remember: ‘You never know who may be looking!’