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Top 5 LinkedIn Headline to Boost Your Job Search

By 16th February 2020

LinkedIn title to find a job

When it comes to using LinkedIn, most of the job seekers face difficulties they could easily omit. Try to consider the issue connected with LinkedIn profile titles for unemployed. The first and essential tip provided by professional LinkedIn profile writers lies in choosing appropriate job titles.

Being successful on LinkedIn is about stating the current position. Otherwise, your ranking will drop and a findability decrease. Being on the top is important and best LinkedIn profile title will help you to achieve this goal.

While you have a flawless summary written independently or produced by reputable resume writing companies such as Resume Writing Lab, it’s important to manage your LinkedIn profile making it complete and catchy! Check Linkedin headline examples for job seekers before you start.

Targeting your profile with a help of keywords is essential. Don’t forget to include these keywords in your job title and headline to make it work. Still, there are lots of pitfalls connected with LinkedIn profile title writing for the unemployed, which we are going to reveal to you!

Target Your Job Title to Your Aim

The job title is about being brief and substantial at the same time. It must reflect your goal and outline your approach. It’s important to use a job title similar to your headline to show your potential recruiters the reason why you added a job.

Example: “Professional with a goal to be hired; experienced in Customer Service, Office Support, Insurance, Collections, Sales”


Create a Strong Headline

linkedin title for job seekerWhile LinkedIn profile title for the unemployed is an important option that requires the right approach, headlines influence the traffic too.

Your headlines mustn’t be the same thing as your job title, even though they must support each other.


Creating a headline is about showing your ROI that includes stating your desirable position, skills, and abilities. One brief sentence must speak loud! Also, be sure that your LinkedIn profile picture is appropriate and doesn’t scare away potential recruiters.

Avoid Using Non-Working Activity to Your Job Title

Best LinkedIn profile title is the one that absolutely reflects your dream job. While mentioning volunteering, nonprofit activity, job fairs, you lose your potential employers! Firstly, this strategy will decrease a traffic and attention to your profile. Secondly, recruiters will likely get confused why you are using this unrelated information to your job title for LinkedIn and why you are applying for their position.

Example: “Senior Specialist at Roads and Transport Authority”

Example: Human Resources Professional. I Align Personnel Development with Operational and Financial Requirements.

What is more, you should be aware of common LinkedIn profile mistakes to avoid them for sure.

Don’t Overdo with Dates

resume title numbersWhen it comes to stating clear dates in LinkedIn profile, it’s important not to overdo them.

Actually, your potential employer doesn’t need to know which month exactly you started being unemployed. It’s okay to state a year only.

Generally, more recruiters pay attention to your skills and abilities rather than dates simply because they have no time. If your profile attracts them, they will create favorable conditions to specify this information.


Also, be sure to make use of free resume editing for students to make your job search successful!

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Emphasize Your Skills

Some job seekers tend to be too honest in their job titles in LinkedIn relying on LinkedIn profile title examples provided by laymen. Therefore, they state at the very beginning, in their job titles that they are unemployed and currently looking for a new job. That’s a horrible mistake:

  • Firstly, because recruiters simply don’t use the word “unemployment” as a keyword.
  • Secondly, because this word carries a negative meaning and sets a negative approach to your profile.

The best solution to this issue is mentioning your skills related to a particular position in your job title for LinkedIn. You are not desperate, you are looking for better opportunities! Be sure you know tips to land a dream career. Stay determined and try to attract your potential employers and boost your job search in LinkedIn.

Example: “Jobseeker Advocate | Resume Writer | Career Coach | Business Coach | Social Media | Public Speaking | Human Resources”

Creating a profile in LinkedIn is difficult while you have only two choices – create an account “for a tick” and having no benefit from it and spend time and efforts to create a substantial effective and professional LinkedIn profile that will really work. Make a decision and start working!