How Do I Write a Resume for Network Engineer?

network engineer resume

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A resume is a tool to get you in an interview room. But a resume alone is not sufficient to get hired. The network engineer’s resume should accurately emphasize the technical skills of a candidate.

The best way to write a successful networking resume is to try to walk in the prospective human resources recruiter’s shoes.

Luckily, engineering resume writing professionals can teach you how to handle network engineer resumes with ease.

Usually, unsuccessful resumes are the ones, whose every quarter has not been updated. They often include information, that does not refer to the job the author is applying for. But if you want to win a job with a constantly growing salary, you have to avoid these mistakes.

Keep It Focused

Home in on your goals in the engineering field, including your background information to illustrate them.

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To show your prospective employer that you are the right match, state your goals clearly. You can incorporate some of these items, that are applicable to you:

  • networking/protocols;
  • web applications;
  • technical certifications;
  • database applications
  • operating systems;
  • hardware;
  • programming/languages.

Lay stress on your soft skills in a section called “Career Summary”.  It fills computer or software engineer resumes with the applicant’s personality.

Do not forget, that your resume should be fairly short. Despite this, it should showcase your achievements effectively. Do not write an incredibly long resume and avoid other widespread resume mistakes.

No matter whether you write a network admin resume or a junior network engineer resume, it should include course content, the duration, the institute, and the outcome.

This domain may also contain the performed projects including the platform used  (Front-end and Back-end). They will add value to the job you are applying for and all the corresponding qualifications like a marketing diploma, personality development, or in general research or studies being associated with.

Keep on Adjusting

network engineer resume template

You should always be ready to adjust your resume to fit the position you are applying for. To keep your resume fresh, update it once a quarter.

Some events will require you to update your resume even more often. One should not forget, that different positions need various resumes.

One size is not suitable for all.  Networking resumes have to be tailored to the position you want to obtain.

When tailoring the resume, incorporate recent achievements comprising:

  • involvement in a project and accomplishments;
  • cost-cutting, cost savings – amount in a dollar, which you saved the company;
  • training possibilities.

Imagine that your resume is an invitation to a party of your dream. The interview is the party. Try your best to get invited.

Do not focus on the details before the interview. Old experience is not currently important. Networking resumes should show that you are able to summarize the information.

Your recipients are busy people. They cannot spend much time reading it. So the size of the networking resume should not exceed one page.

Keep in mind that various types of people will be looking at your resume: managers and project managers, technical recruiters, potential peers, and so on. This is also the reason why a resume-friendly name is so important.

Put Emphasis on Your Accomplishments

Depict the way your work resulted favored the company’s good. Put stress on your initiatives, which increased the effectiveness, and resulted in the economy of funds or a faster working process. Focus on your best technical projects and accomplishments.

Also, make sure you know how to complete professional biography writing to impress recruiters even more!

Select Appropriate Keywords

The keywords for any networking resume depend on the job goal and experience. Specific applications and programs are frequently used as keywords when talking about a technical resume.

Don’t forget :

  • Format your experience in chronological order. Start from the most recent position and continue with the earlier jobs.
  • Do not write elementary items, like interests or hobbies. Better provide skills and experience to make the resume look corporate.

Technical recruiters are not always technical. They are the sales force for human resources. Their first role is to find the appropriate candidate. Try to match the keywords to tailor your resume to the job.

Avoid mistakes. Unreadable resumes mean inappropriate candidates. Errors extend the time of reading and make your audience frustrated. If you make no mistakes, it shows that you care about your work. What is more, it will help you avoid troubles with applicant tracking system (ATS).

СV has to be a brief introduction, that shows your objectives, eagerness, and availability. What you say can open up opportunities. Tailor each CV for each new application and write why you want to occupy that specific position.