Resume Friendly Name: What Is It? How to Name Your Resume?

what resume friendly name

Not every job applicant gives a resume a title, which will be convenient for an employer. It will be handy for him to use the name containing the applicant’s full name and the position he applies for.

A recruiting manager usually stores every resume on his computer after reading it. He daily receives hundreds of faceless resumes, like Resume.rtf, Resume.doc, My resume.doc, Resume with the Photo Attached.doc.

Now imagine how the manager renames it dozen times a day… Really, no matter how kind and sympathetic this person is – they will start to hate every faceless resume. And if you give your resume file an appropriate name, he will be grateful for it.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn several tips on how to give the resume friendly name listed by the top resume writing services.

Choose the Eye-Catching Name

Write your name in the resume title. This should be one of the first details you say to your employer because it is unique. Check if your name stands at the beginning of the title.

It will be much easier for your hirer to work on your resume. Check whether it is written separately from other information and whether it catches the eye.

If you forward the resume via mail, do not forget about its subject, too. It can make your mail unique as well.

Instead of a numeric identifier or code, choose the name that is easily understood and remembered by a human. At the same time, don’t forget ATS-friendly resume rules.

Avoid Widespread Mistakes

The majority does not realize that a good resume name is a key to success. People do not get that it is tiring to read the document named ‘Resume.doc’ all the day long. Here are the common mistakes of the applicants:

  • Faceless resume. When HR-Manger sees one more ‘resume.doc’ application, he mostly decides to switch to the next one.
  • ‘Resume+year’. If you point out the year, you risk looking old-fashioned. If it was a couple years ago, it looks like you were treading water and did not develop at all. If you write the current year, it looks like you change the position annually and will not stay with the company for a long time.
  • ‘Resume to /the company name/’. This variant is much better, but do not forget to change the company name when you apply to another one.

Take Advantage of Dashes, Spaces, and Underscores

This will allow you to distinguish between different words in the file name. For example, not “JackSmithResume”, but “Jack_Smith_Resume”.

It will help you elicit where the first word begins and where the second one starts.

Use the Capitals

Do not forget, that according to the rules of the English language, words in any heading or title should be written with a capital letter.

The exceptions are prepositions and articles. If you do not capitalize the necessary resume words, you may seem like a lazy or even illiterate applicant.

Specify Qualifications Needed

So now your resume name is much more promising. To improve it more, add the qualifications.

However, one should also take into account that during the preview you can also see the position at the current or last working place.

And this means that in your case, the recruiter may have doubts about whether to review the resume if the title of the vacancy and the title of the resume are from different professional fields.

Therefore, it makes sense to name the resume in accordance with the desired vacancy. And in the obligatory section ‘About myself’ explain why you want to change the career field and what skills will allow you to be successful in a new profession.

It may also be useful to mention the additional education, for example, in sales, if you have it.

The attentive recruiter will notice that your decision to change the profession is meaningful and you are already preparing for it, increasing your competence.

Also, make sure you are familiar with resume background dos and don’ts to avoid unnecessary mistakes!

Resume Optimal Length

Check if the name is visible on all the operating systems. For instance, some systems show only 24 first symbols (including dashes). So better save the resume with the short name. Then it will show up in all the systems your potential employers use.

So, the resume is not just a document. It is your representation. Show that you pay attention to details with its help.

Show your creativity. If you post your resume online, it will also be easier for HR managers to find you. Thus, for posting variant add more details to the resume name, even the city you live in.