Top 5 Well-Paid Jobs with Constantly Growing Salaries

well-paid jobs

If you would like to find a job that offers both high and fast-growing salaries or think about changing careers, consider reading this article. It will inform you about five jobs in different fields that manage to combine these important criteria.

You will discover the peculiarities of each one of these occupations and will find out why they are likely to bring salary growth. The list is based on a year-over-year rating of the income increases.

When it comes to job-searching a high salary is often a key factor. At the same time, the job potential and career opportunities are sometimes underestimated although these criteria are as much as important.

While it is great to follow a here-and-now lifestyle, still it is crucial to think about future perspectives and define your salary requirements. The jobs that combine a high salary with fast income growth become the most desirable.

It is not easy to find such a mix without a hint. Here is the list of well-paid jobs in different fields with rapid salary growth. Check it out if you want to have it all.

1. Customer Service Manager

salary of customer service manager

The position of Customer Service Manager is widely spread and can be found in various companies. Because of the high level of stress, plenty of tasks, and shift work schedule this occupation is usually well-paid.

This job does not require special education, but it is crucial to have strong communicational skills, and master the ability to negotiate and deal with conflicts. These skills are especially important if you are writing a career change resume.

The year-over-year salary growth rate almost reaches ten percent and has a strong tendency to increase. The salary of the worker surely grows, if only a person manages to deal with high tension atmosphere for a long time.

2. IT Specialists

salary for it specialist

It is not a surprise that in the era of fast-developing technologies jobs in the IT industry become the most promising ones.

Whether you only start your career or have some experience, working as a freelancer or for a company, you might count on a good salary that increases as fast as the new technologies arrive. If you are a programmer analyst, software engineer, or quality engineer, you have more chances for a fast-growing income.

These jobs demand a lot of concentration, multitasking, and constant learning, but the efforts are worth it. Make sure your IT resume writing can showcase all these skills.

If you think about changing careers, the IT-sphere should be something to consider as it has a lot of perspectives. In case you look for an IT resume writing service, you can contact us and one of our resume writers will help you out.

3. Accountant

Accountants take care of business finances and it does not only include bookkeeping and payroll reporting. The operations like fraud auditing and evaluation of profitability are also performed by them.

These tasks are important and needed in every company which gives a lot of opportunities to get employed. Good and fast work in this area often depends on the amount of experience and this explains the high rate of year-over-year salary growth.

Building a career in this field is surely profitable. Besides, according to feedback, this profession has a high level of job satisfaction.

Also, if you have trouble writing your resume, make sure you know both benefits and drawbacks of resume generators.

4. Attorney

In the modern world, it is hard to imagine a life without an attorney. These specialists consult both individuals and companies in litigation.

The job is known to be well-paid which makes people get the necessary education and start building a career in this field. The salary of an attorney is decent and greatly depends on the job experience and the employing company. Our legal resume writers can help attorneys with writing their legal resumes.

The growth of an income becomes highly noticeable after four years of work and continues annually. The value of salary increases varies depending on a specialty and is much faster in midsize firms.

5. Business Development Manager

A talented business development manager is a catch for every company. This specialist is in charge of different tasks such as financial planning, searching for new contacts, brand development, and others.

Business relationships demand excellent communication skills and an ability to build effective strategies.

The salary at the beginning of a career is not obligatorily very high, but there are a lot of perspectives for future income growth. If your business analyst resume is well-crafted, you will surely attract the employer’s attention. Or you can hire a professional business analyst resume writer to help you out.

The progress is especially great when a specialist reaches the position of Business Development Director or Vice President. Bonus-related payments, commissions, and other perks explain the fast-growing earnings.