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A resume is the most critical document that helps you win over a hiring manager within 5-7 minutes. It exhibits your qualifications, skills, and credentials and makes you stand out from the crowd of job seekers.

However, making a professional resume is challenging because you have to follow specific drafting strategies for different jobs. Therefore, over 60% of executives hire professionals to write a CV.

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Resume + Cover Letter

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  • A dedicated writer and unlimited revisions
  • ATS optimized resume to pass the recruiters' scoring
  • Stylish formatting to grab employers attention
  • Cover Letter to increase your chances of landing interview

  • LinkedIn profile makeover to boost your digital presence

  • Career Coaching and 24/7 support
  • Thank you letter

Basic + LinkedIn + Distribution

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  • A dedicated writer and unlimited revisions
  • ATS optimized resume to pass the recruiters' scoring
  • Stylish formatting to grab employers attention
  • Cover Letter to increase your chances of landing interview

  • LinkedIn profile makeover to boost your digital presence

  • Career Coaching and 24/7 support
  • Thank you letter

Optimal + Interview Coaching

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  • A dedicated writer and unlimited revisions
  • ATS optimized resume to pass the recruiters' scoring
  • Stylish formatting to grab employers attention
  • Cover Letter to increase your chances of landing interview

  • LinkedIn profile makeover to boost your digital presence

  • Career Coaching and 24/7 support
  • Thank you letter

Benefits of Working with Attorney Resume Writing Service

Nowadays, the legal market is expanding, and you need to hire a legal writing service for crafting curriculum vitae for lawyers, judges, attorneys, and other legal professionals. If you are searching for a career in the legal field, ResumeWriting Lab can help you craft a professional summary using their unique strategies.


Wider Reach

Individuals using a CV written by an attorney have a higher recruitment chance than others because of a wider reach and getting noticed by the recruiters. They relate your personal information and academic achievements in such a way that it attracts the hiring managers.


High Quality

Hiring a legal professional, you get high-quality summation because they have a team of specialists. They create a unique story using particular terminologies, unique format, and structure that attracts the hiring managers towards you.



However, they always respect the ethical rules required by legal communities and courts of law. Some of these rules are false expectations, promising results, specific achievements, and compare your services with other lawyers.


Legal Resume Writers

Similarly, you are unaware of the strategies that a legal resume writer follows to make your CV stand out from the crowd. You also do not know the jargon used in preparing a legal rundown that decreases your chance of getting recruited.


One-on-one Communication

We use dynamic language that satisfies the needs of the hiring managers and let them understand your expertise. Moreover, their writers give your CV a personal touch by working one-on-one with you to prepare a document and cover letter covering your specific needs.


Quick Turnaround

Another benefit of getting your biography written by a law writing service is the timely preparation. Your legal specialty has nothing to do with your bio. Crafting your epitome will take much time as you are not aware of the prevailing trends and software being used in the market.


Current Trends

As we know that job seeking trends in the world are continuously changing so does the recruiting techniques. Therefore, seeking the best legal resume writing service is mandatory to keep yourself in line with the job market's ongoing trends. We professionally write your CV and link your profile with various social media channels to extend its reach.


How the Best Resume Writing Service for Attorneys Will Increase My Chances?

It is an admitted fact that every law agency is proud of its writers because they do the most significant task. For example, we are very proud of our engineering resume writers, as we have a 99% success rate when writing engineering resumes for our clients. Do you know that who these writers are that increase your interview chances? Let's have a closer look at the convenient drafting service for legal professionals and what kind of writers they have.

  • Education

Legal education is the first requirement of the federal legal resume writing service. Usually, these hire writers with a bachelor's in English, Journalism, Mass Communications, Human Resources Management, Law, or Judicial science. Doctors of Science of Law can also help youngsters to write an attractive work history.

  • Legal Experience  

The resume writing attorney having experience in the legal field is suitable for you because its writers have experience working in a law firm, as a lawyer, as a legal recruiter or secretary, law firm administrator, or legal services analyst. They are well versed with the jargon and strategies required to write a traditional paper.

  • Resume Writing Experience

Experience in law firms or institutions is not enough for a biography compiling service to qualify for being an ideal. Instead, hire the personnel of those attorneys that have experienced CV-making specialists. At least three years of curriculum vitae composing experience is mandatory for a lawyer resume writing service to qualify for being an ideal firm.

  • Certifications

A legal drafting service must possess professional writing certificates to be suitable for legal professionals. PARW (Professional Association of Resume Writers), NCOPE (Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert), or NRWA (National Resume Writers' Association) are some of the certifications recommended for resume writing companies.

Not only this, law agencies must have legal advisors, career experts, industry leaders, attorney career coaches, and certified career transition coaches to offer unique IT resume service to their clients.

Why Lawyers Need Attorney Resume Writing Professional?

Attorney writers possess the right kind of skills and expertise that make you stand out in the competition. They are also knowledgeable about the latest trends in the market and use those keywords in content about your credentials that improve search ranking. The best CV-making agent always tries to write such a legal document that can attract the hiring manager and pass the applicant tracking system (ATS).

Most people seeking jobs in the legal profession prefer hiring a law resume writing service because it saves time. Here, it is pertinent to mention that you should never try to write traditional legal details about yourself because it differs a lot from a typical professional document. First, the document's pitch differs from a standard business story because you try to sell your experience, expertise, or judgment. There is no need for creativity in crafting a legal abstract. Similarly, the format, the structure, the terminology, and the details required for a lawyer's curriculum vitae differ from other CVs.

However, being a licensed federal legal resume writing service, Resume Writing Lab can help you deal with your potential competitors. The competition in the legal labor market is getting severe with every passing day. A professionally written personal detail will help you stand out among competitors by a sure success in the initial recruitment steps and receiving an interview call or letter.

Apart from providing you a professionally written document, ResumeWriting Lab can offer you the following benefits.

What is an Attorney Resume Writing Cost?

The cost varied depending on the paper's quality and desired position level. It also depends on the services you are hiring from the company. The most common and entry-level position synopsis may cost between $150-$200.

However, if you apply for G7/G8 position, it may cost you between $700-$1500. But, for professional curriculum vitae for G15/G16 position, you may have to spend between $2500-$4000. The requirements and the documents required for more prominent positions are more than entry-level jobs. Buying an all-inclusive assistance package proves beneficial for most of the applicants.

Why Choose ResumeWritingLab?

ResumeWritingLab can provide the best service because it fulfills your requirements. We are one of the top-notch resume writing agencies that can write you a cover letter and give you a chance to work with legal professionals to boost your success.

Our 98% interview success rate ensures the new applicants that they would receive an interview call. We have professional writers and legal advisors, and consultants that can increase your confidence in your abilities.

Customer Reviews 4

Allison Blake
1 Review
July 10, 2021
My writer went above and beyond
I was hesitant at first to purchase a Resume and Cover Letter package but after seeing what my resume writer has done for me, I have no regrets and couldn't be happier with the outcome. My writer finished everything for me in 2 days and it was of the highest quality. He has really put me in a great position to land an amazing job and I am very thankful for his work.
Helen Allen
2 Review
July 14, 2021
Great service
Great service! Responsive, fast, and accurate captured my experience far better than I could. My CV writer was friendly, responded promptly with revisions and was a great collaborator. Thank you, I’ve recommended you to friends.
Jack H.
1 Review
October 4, 2021
I really enjoyed the result
Even though I was not aware of ResumeWritingLab before, they did a great job on my documents. The LinkedIn makeover had a great result, I got my job offer in a week.
Alex Diaz
2 Review
October 8, 2021
Top resume & LinkedIn profile
When I received my first message on LinkedIn from a company that I knew long ago, I was more than happy. Thanks to the guys from the Resume Writing Lab. The resume writer and LinkedIn Profile writer did such a great job that I would not be able to do for sure.

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