How to Write a Resume on Microsoft Word?

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Creating a powerful resume in Microsoft Word gives you a variety of options and tools to make your application look professional and customized, however, you will spend a lot of time on that. Our resume professional writers will make the process easier and much faster for you! Doesn’t matter if you are willing to know how to make a resume on word 2013 or on 2010, the guideline remains similar:

  • Open the MS Word and meanwhile create a new document, type in a search engine “resume” and you will end up with many available templates to select from.
  • Look through the list of templates appeared on a screen and choose the one according to your situation. For instance, if you are a recent college grad, first check how to write a resume as a college student and then choose the appropriate one. You can even find several templates for specific job titles, therefore it’s important to go through EACH template and choose the one that seems best for you.
  • After you have chosen the template, it’s time for editing. To do that click on the field (contacts, name, education, employment history, skills, achievements etc.) you want to change the data in.
  • If you really wonder how to make a good resume in Microsoft Word, then remember about going away from basic templates and customizing it on your own to make the application unique and yet professional-looking. Experiment with several appropriate fonts, margins and may be even SmarArt graphics, but DO NOT overdo with such tools.
  • Proofread the text, click on File and Save As to save the document in PDF file if necessary.