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Resume vs. CV: Can You Tell Them Apart?

Both a resume and a Curriculum Vitae (CV) are very well-known terms for people familiar with job or internship application process. Often your CV is an obligatory document for students applying for scholarships or grants. However, even if people do know about the existence of these documents, they rarely understand the difference. The thing is, most of the times our mind perceives two of those terms as one whole. Some people do even consid

Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Tech-Based CV

Competition on the labor market these days is huge, especially for the tech jobs. That’s why you should be very meticulous when you are trying to create your CV. There is no need to list the typical CV mistakes in general as there is plenty of information on this topic on the Internet. That's why check the list of tech-based cv mistakes prepared by professional cv writers. (more…)

The Only Way to Write Your Scientific Curriculum Vitae

Being a scientist requires a whole bunch of skills and abilities. When it comes to job hunting in this field, the first thing you need to do is to master curriculum vitae science. Applying to professional cv writing service can save you so much time and energy. But why do you need a CV instead of a regular resume in the first place? Your scientific curriculum vitae should include the information about your research, teaching, publications

5 Steps to Make a Perfect Physician CV

Doesn’t matter if you are writing a Curriculum Vitae for the job of an office manager, sales executive, IT specialist or even a military man. In any case, you’ll be following the CV writing basics during the process. Likewise, if you apply for the job of a physician, those basic CV writing rules will come in handy as well. However, aside from general rules, there are also specific aspects of physician CV writing that maybe you didn’t know

How Do Resumes and CVs Differ All over the World?

Defining the difference between resume and CV and their peculiarities in different countries is crucial for everyone, especially for those, who are going to apply for a job overseas. Obviously, you have asked yourself why do people provide resumes in the USA and CVs in the UK and what kind of application papers should be provided in Australia. Resume Writing Lab Company has provided reliable information about the key differences between these

4 Tricks to Write a Scholarships CV and Resume

Applying for grants, scholarships or fellowships gives you a chance to either receive a funding for your college tuition or take part in interesting projects and get funded by the hosting organization. At this point, you’ll have a lot of competition going on. Most grant and scholarship organizations demand participants to provide their CVs or resumes along with the basic application and a motivation letter. The purpose of the first two is pres

CV Writing Peculiarities In The Middle East

One reputable CV writing service claims that CV writing has its own peculiarities connected with peculiarities of geographical location. It means that your CV should be tailored according to state, country and even side of the world! Every recruiter has his or her own requirements and demands that help them define whether this or that CV is worth reading. Every job seeker has to realize that both American and Dubai companies will accept your CV i

Get Your Dream Job with Effective CV and Catchy Cover Letter

There are lots of articles dedicated to this topic: how to write catchy cover letter and powerful CV that will manage to prove potential employer to hire you. Though, most of applicants still make mistakes in their application documents. Today we are going to overview the most typical and common problems that are connected with CV and cover letter writing. Also don't forget to check our previous article to get to know where to find promising jobs

Responsibilities and Achievements in Your CV

People have quite different attitude to fulfillment job responsibilities. Somebody sees these requirements just like suggestions. So, as a result they exaggerate the done work and wait for a great reward. Such attitude is quite strange, because these basic job necessities must be filled out as a part of routine. So, when you are in the process of job search, you should be more precise with the job requirements and your correspondence to chosen po

Lies In Resume: 15 Facts

To lie on not to lie? Probably nearly every job applicant asked himself this question writing professional resume or CV. There are numerous stories when misrepresentation led to very unpleasant circumstances. Though, as the survey of “The Telegraph” shows nearly three-quarters of hirers have spotted a lie on resumes or CVs. It proves that there are still many applicants, who use this tactic. So, if a thought to exaggerate or falsify informa