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Resume Vs. Cover Letter. What is The Difference?

By 7th February 2020

difference between resume and cover letter

A cover letter and resume is a united set of documents necessary for any job seeker. Although they go as a pair and complement each other, these papers have important distinctions.

Both resume and a cover letter give a job hunter a possibility to market his skills to the employer. However, they have different purpose, format, and writing style. The mistakes in writing these documents could show that a candidate is not aware of business etiquette. How to avoid it?

Luckily, the best resume and cover letter writing service are ready to explain the main differences between a resume and a cover letter.
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How To Write A Cover Letter For Internship

By 6th February 2020

internship cover letter

Most of the internships require a cover letter as a part of the application. It may seem intimidating at the first time however it is easier than it sounds. Nowadays a cover letter isn’t considered to be an essential element.

Unlike a resume, it gets much less attention than it deserves. Still, a good cover letter can become a convincing finishing touch to the application. Not everyone writes a cover letter for an internship position. Thus, it will impress a recruiter, if you do.

Although, keep in mind that writing an online cover letter is not as easy as it seems.

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5 Secrets of a Perfect Entry-Level Cover Letter

By 1st February 2020

cover letter with no experience

No one can argue that entry level cover letter is a must-have for anyone interested in a promising career and stable growth.

Those who look for an entry-level job have to compete with hundreds of other applicants. A well-composed cover letter can become your golden ticket to win the attention of the recruiter. At the same time, it can bring you down if you don’t follow certain rules.

Luckily, our professional cover letter writing service shared the key steps of entry level cover letter writing.

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Reasons to Send Follow-Up Letters 

By 31st January 2020

sending follow up letters
After being interviewed by the employer, job hunters often tend to make silly mistakes, which could be easily omitted if they followed simple how-to-get-a-job rules.

One of the common misconceptions lies in thinking that a process of their interview ends up as soon as they head out of the interviewer’s office. However, in fact, they’re totally wrong.

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The Secret of Stating Your Salary Requirements

By 30th January 2020

write salary requirements

Many job seekers feel experienced when they have already searched for a job for a long time. However, not everybody knows what to do when a job application asks for their salary requirements. Are you sure you need to mention them? What if they will impact your ability to negotiate in case you are offered the job? Can you leave it blank?

The main reason for so many questions and doubts is that nobody wants to go too low without telling what you are really worth, or go too high in case it appears out of the company’s target salary range.
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Essential Tips on How to Address a Cover Letter

By 29th January 2020

cover letter solutation

Even the easiest thing in a cover letter, such as greeting your employer, can become the first challenge to stand in your way. How to address the cover letter if you are not sure who is about to read it?

At this starting point, many job applicants already manage to make their first and biggest mistake – they do not research. At times when you are opened to so many resources, finding such information is the easiest thing to do.
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5 Secrets of an Outstanding Job Application Letter

By 24th January 2020
Job Application Letter

Photo Credit: Pixabay

In the last few years, an application letter for a job has become an irreplaceable element of the employment process for most prestigious companies and organizations.

Some HR managers don’t even bother to open the candidate’s resume without one. So whether you’re an experienced professional searching for new creative opportunities, or a recent college grad trying to conquer the labor market, writing an application letter for any position is a must.

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10 Unacceptable Cover Letter Mistakes

By 22nd January 2020

cover letter writing tipsDestroying your well-written resume with a terrible cover letter makes your candidacy very doubtful to the employer. Even though many of HR managers neglect reading cover letters of their candidates, some of them do; so if you didn’t do a great job with writing a good letter, your whole job application could easily get into a trash bin.

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How to Write Simple Customer Service Cover Letter

By 23rd December 2019

cover letter for a customer service

Writing a cover letter for a job in a customer service is an excellent idea. This position requires application paper like nothing else.

A good cover letter for a job in a customer service should reveal outstanding skills and reliable personality. Your experience and the ability to communicate are two things that are very important for every HR manager.
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3 Key Tips to Create a Nurse Cover Letter

By 13th December 2019

nurse cover letter tips

When you apply for a job or a position of a registered nurse, you need to provide a resume together with a one-page application document called a nursing cover letter. If you have recently graduated, you should send an entry-level nursing cover letter, which is good business etiquette.

Attaching a nursing cover letter new grad needs to be done whether it was demanded in the job description or not. This additional document not only introduces a job hunter but also explains to the prospective employers why this applicant is the best fit for the job. Our professional cover letter writers are ready to open you some secrets.
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