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8 Social Media Job Search Facts and Tips

By 17th February 2020

Can social media really help you get a new job? Or probably, people just overestimate the impact and in fact, we use such websites as Facebook and Twitter only for chatting with friends? Job seekers argue a lot since they have different experience and methods that helped them to win a dream job.

Therefore, to make a conclusion and help job seekers choose the right strategy Resume Writing Lab has created an infographic based on thorough research, and, as you know, facts are stubborn things.

It is up to you to work out a perfect job search strategy. Only you can decide if LinkedIn Profile writing is worth time or it is better to print resume and make the needle move.

Thus, if you want to know which social media is the most effective for a job search, how many recruiters use social media and how many companies are googling candidates, pay attention at this infographic:

social media and job search

So, are you ready to be one of these 2% of applicants, who is going to be invited to the interview? Then follow the tips mentioned in this infographic.

No need to spend hours trying to check every existing social media (in fact there are lots of them), as now you know which websites will give you maximum results and you can become a job search champion.

At the same time these numbers prove that if you do not care about your online presence at all, you really miss lots of chances!

Modern recruiters think differently and value every minute, so online resources are their best helpers. Thus, check this infographic once again and start polishing your profiles. Be the first and good luck with your job search!